Dragon Oracle 4/8/2023

Connects you to the highest Christ Light. Develop Your causal chakra. Bathe in the ninth-dimensional Christ Light.

Lyra is the cross-shaped 12th-dimensional stargate through which Archangel Christiel and the unicorns enter our universe. The light from Lyra pours down through the moon, allowing scintillating seventh-dimensional dragons to step through into the vibration of Earth. These white-gold dragons embody the highest frequency of the Christ Light available to everyone on this planet. They work closely with Archangel Christiel, who is in charge of the development of the causal chakras of humanity. This is particularly important now, as our causal chakra is our connection to the higher dimensions of spirit: the dragons, angels, unicorns and masters. The white-gold dragons from Lyra help to clear and develop our causal chakra and illuminate our highest possible ascension path.

Guidance: These white-gold dragons are attracted to you now because you already carry Christ Light in your aura. Ask one to take you to the ninth-dimensional pool of Christ energy, held in Lakumay. Visualize yourself bathing in the pool, which shimmers and swirls with pure love and light. Feel yourself absorbing all you are ready to receive.

When you return, continue to feel the white-gold light in your aura and practice pure unconditional love in your daily life. Your aura will radiate the incredibly high frequency of white-gold, and the white-gold dragon from Lyra will support you by continuing to pour Christ Light into you. Take time to find a quiet place where you can listen to its wisdom and guidance.

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Helps you flow easily round obstacles. Christ Light and love are flowing. Develop your psychic abilities. Go with the flow.

Fourth-dimensional water dragons are a soft green color and very beautiful. The undulate with the flow around them and help everything to move forward with grace and tranquility. Their service work is to maintain the constant movement of Christ Light in the waters of our planet. They also help us develop our psychic abilities and intuition.

Guidance: The message the elemental water dragons are bringing you is to flow round your challenges with loving intent. If you ask them, they will help you look for an easy way to circumnavigate your challenges and to deal with people lovingly.

To enable this to happen, they will help you to develop your intuition and psychic abilities by touching your third eye and allowing the petals of this psychic center to open. When you listen to your inner wisdom and trust that the water dragons will guide you, the course of your life will run more smoothly. Ask them to cleanse the cells of your body, for this will enable you to shine your light even more brightly.

Then your guidance is to relax, so that they can access your energy fields and pour the golden Christ Light of pure unconditional love into them. Consciously absorb this golden Christ Light and flow with it. This will bring you love, wisdom and healing and enable you to travel effortlessly on your ascension path. It will also allow you to direct and helps others with calm and integrity.

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Prepares all your chakras to embody higher love. Accept and radiate higher love. Touch others with its flame.

All the stars in the constellation of Andromeda embody a beautiful love and acceptance beyond our current understanding. The seventh-dimensional dusky pink dragons from Andromeda carry the vibration of transcendent love. If we are ready for their light, they circle round us, and when they pour this special energy into our chakras, our aura is illuminated by a glorious pink light. This enables us to radiate love and light at many different frequencies and transform the people we meet without them even being aware of it.

These dragons also work with crickets, who come from the same constellation. Their song carries the codes of higher love from Andromeda and their mission is to bathe the natural world in this vibration.

Guidance: Receiving this card indicates that you are ready for higher love. The dusky pink dragons from Andromeda are suggesting it is time for you to carry this luminous light in all your spiritual energy centers.

Touch your Stellar Gateway, soul star, causal, crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, naval, sacral, base and Earth Star chakras in turn, breathing in dusky pink and affirming, ‘I accept and radiate higher love.’ As you do so, have a sense of these dragons breathing pink into all your chakras. You become a flame of ineffable pink love.

Be aware you now have the power to touch everyone you meet with the flame of spiritual love. Know that when you work with the dusky pink dragons from Andromeda, you can make a huge difference to the ascension of the planet.

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