Lightworker Oracle 4/7/2023

You are in the midst of a heart healing – a healing of the fears and anxieties that have held you back from enjoying your full magnificence. Lady Nada is here with all her gentle power, washing you in soft pink light. All anger, fear, sadness, bitterness, disappointment, and hurt are soothed and loved into peace. She brings you a sign of your future blossoming into deeper love.

The Pink Rose of Lady Nada is a spiritual gift from higher guidance. It brings love, healing, strength, and compassion to your heart. you may be burnt out, or feeling anger, fear, depression, chronic fatigue or compromised wellness. Perhaps your heart is so tired that you struggle with ‘compassion fatigue’, finding it difficult to care, even though your nature is one of deep compassion and kindness. Or perhaps you have put your heart and soul into something or someone and feel your efforts have been cast aside or taken for granted. Perhaps you are processing a great loss. Your pain will pass and your suffering will be alleviated, sooner and more gently than you might expect.

The Pink Rose of Lady Nada unfolds as an energetic gift, gently pulsing with love and beauty, within your heart chakra. It brings comfort, gentle emanations of divine love and reassurance that you are so wonderful just as you are. Lady Nada is saying, ‘How much I like you, dearest child of light. How deeply I love you. I send love and acceptance to you now so that you may come to love and like yourself with all the compassion, kindness and unconditionality I feel for you.’

If there is anything or anyone you need to forgive, this gift from Lady Nada will empower you to do so. Your ability to forgive won’t make you a doormat for others. It will free you to leave the past behind. So let other people’s choices be about their learning (rather than your value) and choose to love yourself.

If you are at a troublesome point in your life, remember that, despite the thorns, the rose has an exquisite perfume. It is a powerful and wise soul that chooses a path that has truly challenging moments. But out of those challenges, great empowerment can be developed. Do not despair if you seem far from the light. You are simply travelling through darkness for a time. Your inner light is strong enough to see by, even in darkest times. Still, that time will end soon, and you shall realize exactly how much you have grown through the experience. You will find your way into peace and happiness. Trust in your own light within, and the loving kindness of Lady Nada’s blessing now. It is enough to lift you into the light of love and peace.

Come back to that love, to the pink rose unfolding in your heart, whenever you feel lost. Some challenges are meant to help you to grow in your ability to love without condition, to surrender to the Divine even when things don’t seem to make sense. You undergo such challenges because you are capable, powerful and wise. The Universe loves you so much. It is guiding you into your most beautiful destiny every day. Release guilt and fear. Know that you are love – always have been, always will be.

Guidance is sharing with you now that, whatever your struggles may be, they will soon reveal themselves to be nothing more than steps along your path to the sweetest blossoming of your soul. Be patient. Rest with this rose light in your heart, dear soul, for healing energy is flowing into you, now. Trust your heart to overcome any pain. It will indeed heal, open up and love even more powerfully than before. Such is the courage of your heart.

Invocation: I gratefully receive the rose light, the blessing of Lady Nada in unconditional love. My heart softens and opens. The pink light of her rose blessing fills me with a sweet perfume. I let go. I feel safe and held. I know that I am loved always. I am grateful now and always for love’s protection, intervention, guiding hand and tender grace in my life, in all ways. May I know myself to be worthy of love and love myself truly so that I can truly and freely give love to others, to the world. May all beings truly know love. Through my own free will, so be it.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

The Second Ray of Wisdom is a consciousness of loving wisdom straight from the heart of the Universe. It amplifies the magnetic power of attraction, empowering you to pull into your life all that is needed for your life’s work. It brings the opportunity to heal, restore and understand through the power of love and the light of ancient wisdom. The spiritual master known as the Buddha is with you now, to help you fully receive and integrate the blessing of this ray of light from the Universe.

The Second Ray of Wisdom is the energy of the open and loving heart of the Universe. It is inclusive, drawing all things towards it with an invisible magnetism. It is gifted to you at this time to help you attract into your life the people, opportunities and teachings that will help you succeed in your life mission.

This ray will help you focus your consciousness in your heart. It will bring to consciousness any unresolved matters of the heart for healing. This includes not only issues of relationship, but also any issues around trusting your heart to lead you. This ray will help heal your heart in an affirming and nurturing way.

The challenge with this ray, given that it is so magnetic and attractive, is learning to discern and say no when you need to. Imagine a fisherman who casts a very wide net and catches most of the ocean in it! Not everything is useful or even desired by the fisherman. While some things are gratefully accepted by the fisherman, other things are best returned to the ocean where they belong.

Being able to trust in future abundance is important. You will not need to hold on to every opportunity, person or situation out of fear of loss or lack. Instead, you are learning to live in true abundance and flow. Practice feeling comfortable in letting go, as well as receiving. Trust that the Universe has all that you want and need in unlimited supply. The Universe will truly provide for you dear child of light.

This is a very different way of thinking to how most humans are conditioned from an early age. But it’s never too late to change one’s mind and open one’s heart to a more loving, abundant and enjoyable way to live.

When the Buddha comes into your world, he brings the gift of wisdom. That includes openness to all that is without judgement. This might be the struggle that will eventually be revealed as a blessing in disguise. It might be the challenge that causes you to grow in readiness for the next phase of your divine life mission.

Finally, as the Second Ray of Wisdom relates particularly to teachers and education, you are encouraged to trust that you have a message to share that is helpful and educational for others. Whether your involvement in education and teaching is formal or less obvious, you are encouraged to honor the energy of the teacher in your life. In some way, your soul purpose likely involves helping others to learn through wisdom and love.

Invocation: I now accept, of my own free will, the blessing and grace of the Second Ray of Wisdom in my life. Through unconditional love and divine mercy, I open my heart with joy to the magnetic and creative field of attraction. I gratefully open up to abundance in all ways with trust, wisdom and serenity. The Universe provides all that I want and need with grace, love and perfect timing. Thank you Universe! I call on the loving assistance of the genuine ascended master known as the Buddha in all aspects of this process so that all beings can receive the loving benefit of this spiritual gift, according to divine compassion. Through divine grace, so be it.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Part of your divine purpose is to develop the power of your mind and use if for healing purposes. If you change your mind, you can change your world. Guidance and healing inspiration can come to you daily, helping improve your own life and the lives of others. Healing and opening the mind to new realities and possibilities are the gifts of Ascended Master Hilarion and Archangel Raphael.

The mind of a lightworker needs spiritual light, information, understanding and wisdom, in the same way that human bodies need food, water and clean air. The hunger for wisdom can push you to seek knowledge, and this can be a healthy impulse. However, if you love knowledge so much that you keep seeking, without taking time to digest, integrate and apply what you have learned, you may end up confused or mentally exhausted. If you are forgetful, stressed, mentally fatigued or plodding when you are usually bright, you need some mental ‘time out’.

The mind rarely rests except through meditation, and even then, rest is not guaranteed. Resting the mind can be a tricky thing for intellectually oriented or highly creative people. Learning to switch off mentally will help you remember and apply what you are learning, so that you grow not only in knowledge, but also in wisdom.

You have been absorbing a lot of new information. You may feel you have so many tasks to do that you don’t know where to start, or that if you stop to rest you will never get through it all. This is causing you mental stress, which is diminishing your productivity. It is time to slow down and cleanse your mind with the assistance of Master Hilarion and Archangel Raphael.

Sit without distraction of telephone, computer, mobile phone, music, television or radio. Take a few moments of silence. Say the invocation below and then imagine, intend, visualize, or feel a fresh, pale green energy wash through you. Focus on this for a second or two, then just relax and enjoy the mental cleansing.

You will recognize when you have had sufficient mental rest, because you shall feel a peaceful sense of vibrancy and inspiration. When you let go in this way, switching off and taking a step back, new approaches and ideas come to your mind, so work according to your own creative rhythms. You may find you work best in short, productive bursts punctuated by mental rest. If this is how you need to live for a time, honor that. Be kind to your mind! It can help you accomplish your divine journey.

This oracle comes with a message for you. If you are interested in healing that involves the mind, whether this be psychology, psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnosis. NLP, philosophy or a course of study, you are encouraged to explore it. If you feel inspired to work with your belief systems through affirmations or other techniques for mental reprogramming, such as guided relaxations or meditations, you are encouraged in this too. Your mind is developed and powerful, and you will work well with such techniques.

Invocation: I call upon the healing practice of Master Hilarion and Archangel Raphael, who love me unconditionally. May my own mind now gain rest, clearing and refreshment. May I be assisted through unconditional love for mental healing, and the development of my mind in service to my spiritual life purpose. Please help me let go mentally, to allow for positive healing changes to happen. I ask for the grace I need to access all helpful knowledge, understanding and wisdom necessary for me to fulfil my divine purpose. May my mind become peaceful, clear and refreshed. May all beings be free from mental anguish, through the grace and unconditional love of the Divine. Through my own free will, so be it.

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If you desire a personalized oracle card reading about a situation, questions that need answering or clarity on anything, please contact me through this blog at or through the contact page available on the home page.

The energy exchange and investment in yourself is $50 USD for 1/2 hour or $100 USD for 1 hour. Readings can be done by phone, email or Zoom. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, a time can be arranged for both our convenience. I am in America, PST.

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