Foxfire Kitsune Oracle 4/6/2023

When a blessed and fortune gifting Kitsune reaches one hundred, they receive a tail – and the ability to shift into other forms, even that of a human. With each year that passes, they gather to themselves more energy, and with every hundred-year period, they receive another tail and when they reach the stage where they have earned nine tails, they are at a whole different evolutionary level to the other Kitsune. They are so powerful that they can take any shape they wish, and they can move between heaven and earth, into visibility and invisibility, and they can store the energy they have gathered in a pearl, which can be released and directed, and shared with other beings.

The Ninetail Fox has now come to you to share some of the energy of their many lives – the stored energy which you are able to use at this time. There is no cost to this process, for the is the duty of this Kitsune – when they see someone falling just ever so slightly short of their potential, they can direct and share this stored energy and it flows into you, and you know you have become more than you once were. You have earned this energy through your actions, and you have deserved this chance for some time now. But it was one particular act of kindness which brought good fortune to another that turned the tide for you and brought you to the attention of the Ninetails. Take a moment now to feel the gathering force within you, flowing into all of your cells, expanding your potential, enlarging your very being until the true potential of your being is reached and when that point comes, reach for what it is you have dreamt of doing. No more holding back for fear you are not enough. You are more than enough – you are the new version of your own self and you are beloved of the magickal ones.

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For now, dear Seeker, even while you are on this adventure, the Kitsune ask you to consider that it is time to be still awhile. you have traveled far and experienced a great deal. Now these wise foxes say it is time to rest and recuperate and be still, still as the earth beneath the snow, quiet as the seed beneath the soil, and allow the energy about you to be rewoven and reweaved and the energy within you to be restored and received.

This is a time to pause and to breathe and to take deep space and time for yourself. In a world that encourages an endless doingness, this time of nothingness will seem difficult and strange at times, even frustrating. Yet there is a purpose, and there is so much that needs to be done in the stillness. Nature is not always in the process of growth – she moves and dances in a cycle of season for you now is winter, a season to be soft, and quiet as snow, to rest as the trees do, and to prepare silently, with patience, for the gateways and tests that lie ahead. You will move forward again, but for now, dear one, rest awhile in this space with the Kitsune of Inari, and know you will be all the better for this time of graceful, soft, and peaceful pause.

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There are times in our lives when we are mired down with problems and issues, and we can feel as if we are swimming through thick, unyielding mud. We feel stuck and bound, completely captured by dilemmas that come with this earthly experience and we can lose our sense of Spirit, of the Divine, and of the heavenly self. This can be the exact moment at which we receive a visitation from the extraordinary Celestial Fox, this heavenly one who as transcended the earthly realms and becomes on of the galaxy’s messengers. Kitsune at this time are so powerful they can become planetary bodies, new stars or even a second moon.

In this card, celestial energies are being delivered to you so you can remember that, while you are in this lifetime human and there is much to learn, there is also the heavenly part of you. This part, which is celestial and unbound and free, can help you at this time to gain perspective and to know you will transcend whatever problems you are working with, and come to a place where your own divinity can come to the fore again. This is a strong message from the realm of the Kitsune to never lose your hope and belief in your own soul – for all of us, there will be times when we feel we have lost that beautiful sense of the Divine, and with it, our joy can slowly dissipate.

But know this – you are more than your job, your role, your bank account, your age. You are a transcendent being, and you are galactic as much as you are earthly – and you will now begin to move through the mundane issues which have blocked your way to feeling the joy that is inherent in your nature. You are celestial. You are one of the heavenly beings. You are a divine one. And with time and with knowledge, and with the blessings of the visitation of this transcendent fox, you too will transcend the beliefs and the limitations of the physical self and remember once again the cosmic origins of your soul. The result will be that you can live this lifetime knowing you are both star and stone, celestial and terrestrial, and your time on this planet, in this form, is just one of the lifetimes you will experience, not only here, but within the cosmos. Take a higher perspective, dear, one – for you are blessed by the very stars and their energies now pour down upon you.

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