The Crystal Oracle 4/3/2023

Wisdom from the Stone People

Better With Time: A long time ago, when the mountains were oceans, a cephalopod called an ammonite made its home in a spiral shell on the ocean floor. Its shell was much like the shell of a snail or conch, lovely in its spiral form but otherwise unremarkable. When the ocean receded, these cephalopods failed to recede with it. Their remains were fossilized in what became a mountainside. The pressures of time and the soil matrix of the mountain caused their chemistry to shift, becoming opalescent and sparling. Time changes everything. Ammolite knows. What in your life needs spaciousness and time so it can become a jewel?

Transmutation: We tend to think that animal stay animals and minerals stay minerals. But this is the short view! Geological time knows otherwise. Pine trees fossilize and harden into jet; lava’s liquid fire solidifies to glassy Obsidian; your own bones turn crystalline, growing a mineral called Apatite.

Medieval alchemists distilled, evaporated, powdered, and heated in an effort to understand how one thing transformed into another. Alchemy was both a physical science and the medieval version of self-help as alchemists applied their studies metaphorically, seeking the elemental steps to transform a person and help them burn off the dross to become more than they were. Begin consciously noticing transmutations in your everyday life. Watch water become steam, paper become ash.

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Ebb and Flow: Mama Moon rules the waters, pulling the tide and singing to the ebb and flow within our own watery bodies. As the moon’s acolyte, Moonstone holds the mystery of water, teaching us to swim in our own depths and find our own rhythm of waxing and waning. When you feel disoriented by new places or experiences, or when the pull of modernity has taken you away from the mysteries of the natural realms, Moonstone will guide you back. She is the stone for the journey – from dark to light, from inner to outer, from winter to summer – steadfast in her gentle assertion the everything comes around again. Flowing with life’s tides, she assures you, will lead to renewal.

Fluid or Crispy: A person once put a willow leaf on their altar and set a Moonstone on top of it to keep it in place. Over the next few months, they watched in awe as the willow leaf opened and curled around the Moonstone in time with the phases of the moon. They kept a photo journal, noting the moon phase and weather, keeping close track of the mini-mystery.

They wondered if it was the Moonstone that was causing the leaf to curl, or if the leaf would normally do this with the moon phases. Was it the Moonstone’s connection with water keeping the leaf fluid? A few months later, they wanted to take the Moonstone with them on vacation. They gently unwrapped the willow leaf and set it down again with a piece of Amber on top of it. The leaf curled tight over the Amber, turned crisp, and never moved again.

What in your life makes you feel fluid and flowing? What makes you feel crispy and dried up?

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Envision the Future: Were the ancient oracles always accurate? Nope. Time is fluid. Open knows, making the prophecy business rather risky. But when the priestesses of Delphi donned Opals, their ability to make sense of the swirling waters of what-is-to-come sharpened. Unlike most stones, Opal knows how to hold and work with water. She feels the ways in which the waters of time can be channeled or dammed, creating different outcomes and new visions. Since the future is not a fixed destination, naming the pathways you might walk to gt there begins to craft what comes next. Choose your road and name your path, Opal encourages. That’s how the future emerges out of the swirling waters of time.

The Fluidity of Becoming: Most opals are not actually crystals. Crystals have a regular arrangement of atoms, whereas the majority of opals are amorphous, having no regular internal system. Precious Opal is the exception. In this stone, flow has found a stable structure.

But Precious Opal remembers the freedom that comes from having no pattern. She knows that fluidity allows you to find your way out of the ruts of daily life so you can explore new ways of being, alternate futures, and new possibilities.

Do you let yourself break out of daily patterns? How does it feel when you do?

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