Foxfire Kitsune Oracle 3/27/2023

The Shadow Dancer moves through the forest, finding those who have a strong belief in who they are, how they can change, and who they can become, revealing to them the hidden self they have shunned and avoided. When the shadow dancer comes, you will slowly come to illuminate the unknown within, and, in this way, the lost and unloved parts of yourself will be able to come home to you, and in time, become a part of you that will offer you so much richness and creativity. This mysterious being brings to you the blessing that so many of us refuse in this lifetime – the opportunity to work with their shadow. So many flee from her wisdom – but those who stay find many blessings, more than if they had practiced avoidance.

To dance with the shadow, to know the shadow, is a great challenge. It is not as simple as acknowledging our less-than-pleasant qualities – it is to acknowledge that within us there is much that we are unaware of, and that in order to come to know the shadow self, we must become humble and feel our way into our own deeper self. In this way, our own tendencies become illuminated, over time, and with patient, steady work. This work takes deep self-love, compassion, and often self-care. It can be troubling and can raise shame, guilt and fear, as we begin to know what we have previously been unable to see. This is a process of seeing the unknown that lies within our own souls. This is not a process of self-condemnation, but one of self-discovery and deep self-love.

When this card comes to you, prepare to dance with the shadow, to discover the hidden self within, who is so very different from the self you have created over time. This shadow self will be a great teacher, and will come to you in moments that can shake our foundations . . . but when we dance with the shadow, we can become closer to whole than we once were. But in order to do so, we must be prepared to explore the strangest, wildest, most avoided aspects of ourselves. In this way, though, we become travelers of the soul. Stronger, authentic, with a wisdom that is born out of Knowing Thyself, when your work with the shadow dancer is undertaken (for it is never truly finished), you will be more whole, with a truer sense of who you are here to be.

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There are times when all is tranquil, and beautifully so. And there are times when all is simply too still, and nothing has changed – because nothing has been done. Too much for too long has stayed the same – and now this denizen of the seas of energy which surrounds the realm of the Kitsune is urging you to call forth the waves and to stir the world around you into action. For there is much to be done, and many things which are bringing discontent, and yet all is remaining the same, so much so that it seems that this stasis is natural, simply the way things are. But she, this being of the sea, is here to tell you that this is not how things must remain – and she will show you how to call up the waves of pure energy from within, the emotional energy which sustains and feeds you, the watery energy of memories, and the psyche which gathers is strength and pours through the world and lifts up all that has stayed too long hidden so it can be seen, and changed, with pure, raw energy.

Call forth the waves, now, friend, raise them high, and let us see what power there is in initiating change, being active and courageous, and immersing ourselves in the pouring forth of the energy that has been too long held within, restrained, tethered for no good reason. Call forth the waves, connect to this great primal tidal force, and know that no matter how formidable change may be, it is a living thing, unlike the stasis and the quiet of intimidation. Rise up and see who joins you as you dare to take the ride of your own life, and upon the waves that you called up you shall dance. Know that you are a free and powerful being filled with instinctive energy. Others will rise to join you, and as you do this, your life will be filled with a new and cleansing energy.

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Hope is the offering that carries us forward into the darkness, unbowed and unbroken, despite the knowledge of the true challenges which face us. Hope allows us to see the beauty and exquisite shifts and changes within the natural world without becoming frightened of what they are omens of – the winter of the soul. When this card comes to you, you are asked to be receptive to hope, and to allow its gentle, uplifting sweetness to bring joy and comfort into the days that grow cold. Hope will allow you to be realistic, but to also stay present and without fear, which can cripple and inhibit our pleasure in the turning of the wheel of the year.

As your life moves into a time that will bring some challenges, you are given the gift of hope, which will stay with you, helping you to see the gifts in all the moments in which others will allow the challenge to steal the meaning from them. Allow the changes to take place and treasure all the time you can spend with loved ones and with the natural world and give yourself the time to relish the ever-changing world all about you. Reach out and take the gift of hope, carry it within your heart, and let it warm you, even as the days become harsher, even as people grow cold. Know that this time is impermanent, and that all will change, again and again. You are within a beautiful time that will not last externally, but the offering of its beauty will stay alive in your energy for all time. Give yourself time in nature, observe the changes, and watch others as they change, too.

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