Foxfire Kitsune Oracle 3/21/2023

This card speaks to you of your own inner nobility, the desire to be not only a good person, but also your wish to be an honorable one, and you are reminded of your own desire to bring good deed to the world. You will keep calm when all about you fall into patterns that are of no use to any, except the howl of their own inner, wounded child. You will tend to your wounds, get the help you may need, and become a better person when this card comes to you. You are a part of the new day for the world, and you are to be recognized for your goodness. You have chosen right action and stood by a code of honor, which has led you to offer the world a series of acts of nobility.

Every act of nobility is no act of martyrdom – you continue to speak your truth, but without rancor and bitterness. Instead, you shine with the possibility of what it could be like to be a great being. Through this process, you grow and nurture your own good luck. While you work on your own flaws and challenges, others see you as evidence of goodness within the world. They will seek you out and your services will be sought after as you have developed a reputation that shines and will remain untarnished. You are soon able to open up, share who you are, and welcome more affection and true intimacy into your life because you have done the work your soul required of you, thanks to your sojourn within the realm of the Kitsune. Your own deep self-love has created a field of energy all about you that is attractive, resonant, and full of noble empathy. This could lead to a rise in your influence, even your status. At this time, connect and pray to your own Higher Self, and be reverent of the very simple truth of being alive and awake.

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To be a lightworker is to be the person through whom the lightness of being, and elevated, tender, kind, and loving perspective, can come through to the world, in part because of us. All work and energy that carries a significant measure of grace is calming, gentling, and soothing to so much of the world’s suffering and harshness. And within the realms of the Kitsune are beings who tend the flowers of that offer us light – for not only does this lotus open to offer perfume, and beauty, and fertility, but its very presence offers light, a ray of light that can change the energy field with which it interacts.

So when this card comes to you, you are currently being offered the grace of pure light, the ray of unconditional self-love, the vibration of compassion for the self and of self-awareness without harsh self-judgements. You are available for your own soul, and you are tending the garden of the inner self, and within that garden the lotus of peace and of the sacred is blooming, and as its petal open, you are showered with inner light. Enjoy the surrender to the beauty of your own self-love and know that you are in turn bringing this light to others, as it radiates out into the world from the deep and holy garden which flowers within. You will now care for yourself, you will create beauty, and you will bring grace to the world around you.

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There are times to be active and walk into the day and be present and a part of all that is. But this is not that time. For coming to you now is the Dragon of the Night, the one who shares the energy of rest and recuperation with all the denizens of the Kitsune realm. For although there are Kitsune who walk by night, who intertwine with your dreams to teach and explore, there are those who must truly allow themselves to be at rest, without resistance, once the stars reach their highest point. And this time is here for you now. Take a step back and consider ways in which to restore your energy levels. Create a sleeping space which is designed to maximize a truly nourishing sleep experience. Reduce the light – even the moonlight – which can enter and give yourself over to the darkness as your blessed eyes close and the sun’s eye dims for a time.

In this way, you will feel stronger, calmer, more alive and ready for all that the waking hours bring. Without this rest, you will feel stretched and thin of aspect and temper, fraying around the edges until such time as you can rest once again. Take time to establish a routine, exclude the light from radiant devices from your space, establish a prayerful, soulful ritual that will slowly ease you into the in-between world of sleep. Within your waking life, too, take a moment to step back and see how you can create a restful approach to all that takes place. This is not the time for effort, for reaching, but for cultivation of calm and creative space within your life. Force nothing, allow space for doing barely a thing at all, except creating energy and experiences which feed your every cell, your every living moment.

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