Mother Mary Oracle 3/19/2023

I have many names and faces. Beyond those names and faces, I am your loving mother always. I come to you in light and darkness, through joy, and even, my beloved, through loss and tragedy. I am always your loving mother. I am seeking you. If you can know this, then great peace and spiritual power shall be yours and you will help me bring love to this world. Remember me. I am your loving mother always.

The eternal light dwells in my heart and as you enter into my heart, held safe in my love for you, that light become visible to you. It will show you the way through any darkness, and help you understand the purpose of past suffering, so that you can let it go and be at peace, free from confusion, shame or doubt. There is a divine purpose within all that is. You have been struggling and now it is time for rest. Step into the light of my heart now, beloved and let the darkness go. The time is drawing near for your resurrection and release.

It is a strange paradox that when we are truly open to life, we must be prepared to die many deaths before it is time for our physical life to end. We might suffer deaths of relationships, of ideals, of identities, even of certain hopes and dreams. If we can mourn these deaths, give them proper attention and due acknowledgment, grieving in whatever way is respectful and truthful, then even those deaths become sacred sacrifices on the altar of new life.

The Oracle of Our Lady of the Resurrection is about discovering the light after the struggle, about life after death. Perhaps the deaths you have encountered have been literal and you have lost a beloved one through death, or perhaps by a parting of ways through separation of some kind. Perhaps your endings have been more subtle, internal or symbolic. Perhaps you are going through that experience right now. Whatever the case, the Divine Mother speaks to you now about the promise of her light, about the resurrection, about the fact – decreed by her – that you shall indeed rise again.

As you await the grace of her light to permeate your consciousness, and help you rise up out of the ashes of your own suffering, reborn, you are asked to take a moment and connect with the wisdom of the owl. This nocturnal creature can help you ascertain what it is that the darkness of death, the night-time of the soul, has brought to you. Sometimes it is only in letting go that we are able to open up to receive. Sometimes the death opens us up to new life in a way that no other situation could do. The blessing hiding in the death doesn’t make it easier to bear – we must grieve honestly – but it does bring another perspective. One of hope, of emerging light, of the realization that just as the sun breaks through the darkest night at the dawn, so too will Our Lady of the Resurrection lift us from even the deepest sorrow and gently urge us into new light, new understanding and new life. Take heed, beloved, your time of darkness is swiftly drawing to a close and a new day is soon to be upon you. The Holy Mother is with you and together you shall celebrate.

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You have my power within you and you are free beyond wildest imagination. Do you know that you are a slave to no thing and to no one? You are a divine being. With the power of creative choice, you can create worlds, my beloved. Even the smallest choice contains great creative power. Do not cast your power aside, my child. Choose to trust me, to live with an open, vulnerable heart, and to let my grace flood through you in rapturous waves of light. Choose wisely, creatively and well. Yet do not fear your power, for I will guide you to use your power to create healing difference in your life now. You have at your disposal the power of heaven. I will guide you to use it.

One small stone tossed into a lake can create seemingly endless ripples. So too do our choices create an impact far greater than we might at first expect. Our Lady of Creative Choice has come to you with a message. No matter what situation is happening in your life, no matter how powerless you may feel to change it or control it, you have so much power here. If you knew how much power you had, you would laugh with relief, and wonder, and reverent joy! You would realize that you don’t have to control anything or anyone in order to feel empowered. Your power doesn’t come from controlling outcomes; it flows from your endless capacity to make choices.

This oracle comes to you as a reminder. You have the power of heaven within you. You don’t need to control life, beloved, but you can choose whether you dance with life responsively, of resist its flow and feel pushed around by it instead. Through paying attention to what is happening for you in the moment – whether it be feelings of happiness or sadness, a feeling of letting go, or moving on, or staying put and learning something – you can make a choice about how you wish to respond. Your responses to your life circumstances are your choices to make, and a source of great power within.

Our Lady of Creative Choice comes to you in this oracle with a special message. There is a situation in your life where you are contemplating make a decision. Perhaps it is even a bold choice and you are not sure about it. You are encouraged to be bold, and to give yourself permission to choose whatever feel most authentic to you. If you are stuck in a situation and don’t believe that you have a choice, this oracle brings you this particular message: you have a choice available here, but you must surrender your way of looking at the situation to the Divine Mother and allow a new perspective, and therefore more options, to become available to you. There is always a creative way forward available. Sometimes we need prayer to help us become more flexible and receptive to access that solution.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

My initiations are sacred, and no matter what appears to be happening in your life, I am behind it. I am always guiding you towards your heart, for within that sacred temple, the most precious treasure is kept. To obtain that treasure, you will need courage, trust and faith. I bestow my grace willingly upon you, my child, without restraint. You must provide the trust in me that gives you courage to take the journey. Your rewards shall be riches beyond all imagining.

There is a teaching that it is easier to be grateful during a feast than a famine. It a similar way, perhaps judging on appearances alone, it can be easier to feel the presence of the Divine behind the happy events of our lives, or strokes of luck and good fortune, rather than in the challenges and loss. Yet the Mother instructs us that she is just as much behind the challenges, as she is behind the more obvious causes for celebration.

How can this be? In her wisdom, she knows that of which we are capable. She knows what our heart can handle, how much heartbreak we can bear, in order to grow our heart into a powerful vehicle for divine compassion, bliss and wisdom. She knows that sometimes the happier path will be of great benefit to us. She also knows that at other times, being granted all that we want, in the way we think that we want it, would actually prevent us from fulfilling our divine destiny and receiving our full spiritual inheritance.

Our Lady of the Inner Gate comes to us with a message. We are being initiated into the power of our own hearts. The heart creates a powerful magnetic field that can be felt within us, and around us. As we grow spiritually, the electromagnetic field of the heart grows too, and our energetic influence can become important, not only to immediate family members, but to whole communities with which we are involved. We can continue to grow in that heart power and become influential and sustaining to the world around us. This can even operate to the point that a country we are traveling in, at any given time, will be impacted by our heart field, through which the Mother’s grace can flow.

This oracle heralds a time when you are growing in spiritual power. Whether you are aware of this consciously or not, you are becoming a person of increasing energetic influence. If you have some natural sense of spiritual responsibility, you may worry about this, wondering if you are always putting out constructive vibrations! Do not fear. You do not have to be perfect; you just need to be yourself and trust. It is your trust in the Divine that brings the most power to your heart emanation and the most healing to the world around you. It is your willingness to experience your life with growing trust that empowers the Mother to act through you, and for others to be nourished by your presence.

It is your trust that paves the way to the inner gate, opening it wide and allowing you to discover the treasure within your heart. It is the riches within that you are looking for always – even if you fantasize from time to time that you are desiring something else. Without the riches of the heart, anything else obtained soon enough shows itself to be an empty vessel. It is the fullness of life itself, and all that it offers, that shall open up to your heart, as it becomes even more capable of receiving that precious gift.

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