Dragon Oracle 3/18/2023

EARTH AND WATER DRAGON: Creates the foundation for new growth. A fresh start is coming, with new opportunities. Nurture your ideas and harvest the abundance.

Fourth-dimensional brown and greed earth and water dragons bring the blessing of a new opportunity. They synchronize the energy and timing to ensure it blossoms. The element of earth enables us to ground our projects, while the element of water enables us to flow with them. When combined in the earth and water dragon, these are very auspicious qualities. When mixed together in the physical world, earth and water create mud, which is excellent for the growth of seeds.

Guidance: If you are planting a tree, you place its roots into the soil and make sure it has a good foundation. Then you activate its growth with water. In due course, you harvest the fruit. The more effort you put into providing the perfect conditions for the tree, the better the crop. This card is showing you this is a good time to create. With the gracious assistance of the earth and water dragons, you can lay a strong foundation for your future.

This card suggests it is time to start a new phase of your life. Fresh opportunities may be presenting themselves to you, so be ready to nurture any ideas or visions that come to you. The earth and water dragons will enable you to know intuitively what is right for you and to harness your creativity. They will help you to generate the right conditions to succeed. They will motivate you to put in the necessary work, for this is an important step, and then you can harvest your abundance. Most importantly, they will help you to take things lightly. So listen to your inner wisdom. The time for action is now.

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GOLDEN CHRISTED DRAGON: Brings you higher love so that you can embody the Christ Light. Absorb the Christ Light. You are protected. Expand your heart and remain fifth-dimensional.

Golden Christed dragons are fifth-dimensional dragons with huge golden energy fields. Theycan access the Christ Light of unconditional love at a ninth-dimensional frequency, which is the highest facet of love energy that is available to us at this time, and pour it into us at the maximum level we can absorb. They will come to us on our birthday or special occasions or celebrations and flood us with the cosmic gift of their special light.

They will also come to us if we call them. They will then surround our aura with their protective golden light, enabling us to remain fifth-dimensional.

Guidance: You are blessed to receive this card, for the luminous golden Christed dragons will automatically flood you with the purest Christ Light. They will remind you that your heart is incredibly powerful and will pour pure love into the center of it in order to open it further. Be ready to accept this love and then to spread it to others.

The dragons also come to remind you that you have a special connection to the Golden Era of Atlantis. This may have been in incarnation or in your spirit body. It is time to remember who you truly are, so ask the golden Christed dragons to help you bring back your gifts and talents in your dream state.

What the golden Christed dragons give to you, you can pass on to others, so radiate the golden energy of the Christ to those with whom you are in contact today.

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EARTH AND FIRE DRAGON: Works with you to clear the fifth-dimensional ley lines. It is time for service. When you give, you receive.

This is a card of service, for the fourth-dimensional brown and orange earth and fire dragons are calling on us now to help them clear and light up the new ley lines of our beautiful planet.

The original ley lines were called dragon lines, for they were maintained by the dragons of old. Now a new fifth-dimensional ley-line system is being placed into the Earth to carry golden Christ energy and prepare the planet for the new Golden age. The dragons of earth and fire move through these lines, creating a path of light through which the higher love frequencies can flow.

Guidance: humbly invoke these dragons and have a sense of the power of the flaming orange fire combined with the grounding brown earth. Reach out a hand to touch the dragons. Then visualize Earth being crisscrossed with lives of golden light. Picture these dragons anchoring this golden Christ energy wherever there are sacred placed on the globe. Mentally place a golden flame at each of these sacred portals until you sense our planet lighting up.

Whenever you out walking or driving, ask the magnificent earth and fire dragons to trave along the ley lines below you. Bring the Christ Light down through you so that they can distribute it where it is most needed.

When you give, you receive. The earth and fire dragons will illuminate the challenges on your route ahead and as soon as you have acknowledged them, they will dissolve them. This will smooth your path. It will also allow you to step lightly into your role as a master as the new Golden Age approaches.

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