Isis Oracle 3/16/2023

Divine Sisterhood: Community of the Spiritual Sisters and Brothers of the Light; In community that is based in equality, respect, healthy boundaries and personal freedom, with a mutual desire for spiritual growth and honoring of innate wisdom, great miracles occur. You are part of this community of light. At one time it existed only in the spiritual worlds, yet now it is being born on the Earth. It is part of your destiny to help create and nurture a conscious community that empowers all of its members and is based in truth.

Letting the Divine Feminine nourish you now into new relationships, collaborations, community and friendships is very wise. There are many souls with whom you have spiritual contracts decided upon before you were born who wish to help you, and whom you can help too, as you grow together in peace and light and wisdom. Your light has value on its own of course, but it is also of deep service when it is visible to others, lighting the way.

You are guided to allow the Beloved Isis to help you now through community. There can be strength in numbers. Community can help you gain the added power of group effort to rise above the old patterns and lift each other into the new patterns that are so much more real and beautiful. In unity with the Divine in each other, we grow and we become capable of such wonders!

Mother Isis says that there is so much light awakening within out planet, and so much spiritual light gifted to Earth from celestial beings at this time, that it makes sense to build a large enough container to receive it. Groups that are willing to learn to connect at heart level, honoring each other as Divine beings, can become capable of calling in and receiving tremendous forces of light in service to humanity and the Earth. If you had enough electricity to power a city, you wouldn’t try to fit it in one house. Likewise, with all this spiritual electricity becoming available on the Earth, groups are needed to help it to circulate and flow.

You are wise and grounded enough within yourself not to lose yourself in a group, and instead to help a group become a community of honoring individuals. Your leadership by example is important as groups can sometimes descend to the lowest energetic vibration if the members fall into their egos rather than staying in their hearts. Yet if the members can stay in their hearts, the group can lift each other up rather than pull each other down.

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High Priestess: Mysteries Revealed in the Eyes of Isis: Beloved Isis gazes upon you now and behind Her eyes, mysteries are unveiled. A new clarity around your direction is unfolding. Be willing to wait for the full reveal but also recognize what is happening at this time. You will be gaining valuable insight into where you are being led and for what purpose. It is an exciting moment in your unfoldment. Have reverence and an open heart and mind and wait patiently for the grand revelation that is on its way.

Currently you are being offered assistance in unveiling your Divine Destiny. You will be shown your purpose in a broader and more meaningful way than ever before. You can expect to have many ‘aha’ moments where your life experiences and journeys suddenly make sense from a much bigger perspective, helping you understand how everything that you have gone through has brought you to where you are today, which in turn helps you trust even more where you are being led!

You are guided to trust in the reveal, whether it seems prepost-erously magnificent and you have no idea how it could possibly all happen, or whether it seems not nearly grand enough as yet. In time, with your patience and willingness to trust in the unfoldment of your life, you will realize the inherent beauty, perfection and sublime loveliness of your life unfolding and that your purpose and destiny are truly exquisite. You will feel even more joy and peace and trust within you, growing into the serenity of the High Priestess who accepts all with a wisdom born of great insight and understanding. Rather than being passive, She is actively surrendered in absolute trust in higher wisdom.

The High Priestess Lady Isis and your own Divine Soul are calling you to trust in the unfoldment of a mystery into revelation right now. Pay attention to sacred signs, dreams and intuitions right now as they are accurate and more prophetic than usual. Provided the guidance in these spiritual insights is guiding you deeper into love, which you will recognize as a feeling of deep trust, safety and knowing, even in the most unfamiliar circumstances, then you can trust them completely.

The Oracle is also indication that if something completely unfathomable, bizarre or strange is happening right now, provided you feel love in your heart, trust it! It is the hand of the Divine guiding you, and you just don’t know enough of what is happening in the bigger picture yet to make sense of the situation, but you will, in time and possible much sooner than you realize.

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Queen of Heaven: Blessing from the Divine Empress of the Skies; The Queen of Heaven, the Divine Empress of the Skies, acknowledges your feminine authority now, as a man or a woman, you have a Life Path of spiritual leadership to bring qualities of mercy, compassion and wisdom into the world.

The Oracle of the Queen of Heaven is a confirmation of your feminine leadership and spiritual authority whether in male or female body this lifetime. Isis means ‘throne’ and in Her presence and blessing, as Divine Empress of the Skies, She offers Initiates of the light, men and women, great feminine spiritual power. Feminine spiritual authority occurs when power is tempered with mercy, wisdom, compassion and love. It is inspired spiritual leadership through the heart and a model of power and authority that is based in empowerment rather than force or control. Isis, Queen of Heaven, calls you to ascent to the Throne of Feminine Leadership within your own being, that you may fulfil your life mission and serve the Divine Feminine on this planet from a place of inner spiritual authority.

This Oracle is confirmation to step forward in leadership if you have been considering doing so. It might be in connection with others, especially if the card of Divine Sisterhood has shown up, but you are to realize that you are a capable spiritual leader in your own right as you trust in the Divine Feminine values within. This new model of power is not about assuming authority over another, but about living your truth and integrity and leading by authentic example. There is great power here, and no false sense of responsibility for another which could drain you and create dependency rather than growth in those you seek to empower through your leadership.

You are encouraged to contemplate how you might step more fully into your own authority. Often this requires that we make peace with the authority figures in our lives, past and present, and how we have experienced those relationships – whether as supportive, truthful and empowering or as disempowering, shaming or perhaps minimizing or inflating of our sense of grandiosity. Healthy relationships with authority figures help us recognize where we can learn and perhaps be mentored by another, and where we too can help others learn and grow.

Through the eyes of the Divine Feminine, authority is not a question of hierarchy, with one more authoritative over another who has less authority. It is rather more like a Circle of Life where we all have different awareness, ability and mastery to share with each other, together guiding each other into greater wholeness, each of us with our own spiritual responsibility for our growth and our own capacity to help others to the degree that we are willing and able.

Making peace with authority figures past and present often involves pulling back the unconscious projection of our own authority, divinity and strength upon those persons, seeing them as belonging to ourselves and allowing the other to be more human. It may involve recognizing the gifts and the human failings of the authority figure and within ourselves in that moment, seeing the grace involved as two people with limited consciousness attempted a relationship. There will always be gifts and learning on both sides of the relationship. Allow the release of forgiveness that comes with compassion and the freedom that willingness to grow within brings so that your relationship to authority within and externally can be healed and transformed.

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