Earth Warriors Oracle 3/13/2023

Have hope, for you are pure of heart, and White Buffalo Woman appears as the divine sign of rebirth and harmony. She is the way-shower who lives a sone with Great Spirit. She teaches the practices that will free and empower us all. She heralds the birth of the divine upon a new Earth. You are held in her heart, and you will recognize her beautiful grace of spirit in your own.

This oracle signifies hope and reunion after a challenging or dark time. There will be harmony and a coming together in sacred purpose after putting pain and conflict behind you. A birth of something pure and true shall happen under the auspices of Great Spirit. Forgive yourself and others and lay claim to the purity and goodwill that is your heart’s true nature. Spiritual blessing is bestowed. Your actions are in accord with heaven. Complete release and renewal shall take place. The good and true will triumph in the end. Have faith, for your prayers are being answered.

For those of us that love the light and labor with great passion and perseverance, we need legitimate signs of hope to help us keep the faith in our progress and trust in the value of our contribution, for the evidence of good works is not always seen straight away. That the spiritual worlds love enough to send us saviors is a testament to just how closely we are held and known in the divine heart. These divine beings help us when we are struggling to make the transition into the next stage of our spiritual evolution, individually and collectively. Savior beings are our spiritual midwives, the birthing mothers and protective fathers who are guiding the human collective into spiritual maturity. White Buffalo Woman bring you the saving grace to progress spiritually and to know in your heart and soul that you shall see the sacred restored to its rightful place and spiritual harmony between heaven and earth.

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The light is powerful enough to survive exposure to the darker side of humanity and remain pure, empowered and effective. Trust in your spiritual purpose as a light in this world. Trust particularly in your ability to bring purity, order, grace and light to disorder, chaos and destruction. The Divine is ever by your side and ever within your heart, assisting you with this higher purpose in all ways.

All issues can be healed through the unlimited recourse and creative resourcefulness of the Divine. You are destined to be part of a creative solution for any issue that you have in your life or that exists in the world and touches your heart. The issue only exists so that divine genius can resolve it! Struggles are sometimes the best way for us to learn something we need to understand for our life journey. Trust that when you ask for help, even apparently impossible situations can be turned around. With willing human engagement and divine grace, there is more than enough light, healing, creative innovation, wisdom and energy available to keep Mother Earth and all her creatures, including humanity, thriving. Never give up your hope and trust in what is possible – nor your willingness to act upon that hope and trust.

Along with the power of your divine connection, you have the intelligence and ability to find information, to educate yourself, to try out new behaviors so as to become an active part of the solution for any matter that moves you deeply. Taking these steps will boost your self-esteem and your energy levels, helping you to feel good about yourself and your presence in the world. It’s not about being perfect, it’s just about taking that next step for you. Trust in divine timing, realizing that there is far-reaching good that can happen through you as you continue to be actively engaged with life and your inner divine relationship. Believe in what we can and will accomplish together, through our passionate love affair with Great Spirit and our adoring devotion to the Earth Mother and her children.

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Condor swiftly brings the will of Great Spirit to earth, through the gift of powerful medicine. Despite great odds, even in the face of what may appear to be an inevitable defeat, extraordinary triumph is at hand. This is the prophecy of resurrection, of the rising up of what was thought to be lost. It shall happen with unexpected and surprising swiftness. Your divine destiny is now held in the guiding hand of a great spiritual master.

Condors are born with their eyes open, but do not have vocal chords to speak. You have always seen clearly – trust in this, even if you struggle to find the words to express all that you see. Condors reveal emotion through changes in their skin color. This is a reminder to trust what your body is telling you. Your bodily intuition is a form of wisdom. You have a spiritual connection to the cosmic Christ Consciousness, the universal Sacred Heart seeking to awaken itself in humanity. Your divine life purpose involves assuming the role of leader, guide, healer and Earth Warrior for love on this planet, in your own unique way. An inviolable spiritual protection surrounds you.

Condor is the medicine of the shaman or yachack, the Andean healer, or ‘one who knows’. In the Andean shamanic worldview, Condor rules the superior spiritual world, the first plane of pure spiritual beings, known as Hana Pacha. The sun of Hana Pacha is the shamanic Christ. In human form, this being is known as Yeshua or Jesus. In the language of spirit medicine, it is Condor.

The oracle of Kuntur Yachak brings a message straight from the universal Christ Consciousness, beating as the living sacred heart of Great Spirit. It is an offer of absolute protection that is strong enough to sustain your purity, integrity and effectiveness as you navigate the challenges inherent in the earthly world of Puma, known as Kay Pacha, and much need protection over the unconscious world of Snake, known as Uhku Pacha. This protection ensures that your passionate purpose is not distorted or derailed by unconscious forces. As you accept this blessing, you shall know only protection, empowerment and grace as you manifest the spirit medicine of Condor, helping to bring hope, conscious and creative collaboration, dynamic sacred activism and miraculous restoration to the earth through her evolving human family.

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“I work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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