Beyond Lemuria Oracle 3/8/2023

Seeing the Divine in the eyes of another, relationships with deep bonds, karmic connection, clearing illusory projections, life-changing connection, transmuting dissonance, removing heart armor, being ‘seen’, teamwork.

This powerful image represents the Divine we see when we look deeply into the eyes of another and our armor drops – when we meet another being, present in the moment, with no stories, judgements or insecurities.

When we see the person standing before us as the gods and goddesses they are, it is a reminder that we are what we perceive in others. But also, when we drop into the mindless space of pure essence, we might see the world seeing us seeing them seeing the infinite eternal allowing all that is.

Many people are seeking their twin flame. As life-changing, world-rocking and unfathomably beautiful finding this soul can be, it is quite possibly one of the most intensely confronting, trigger-provoking and, sometimes, painful connections we can have. Those who are most dear to us can bring us to our greatest growth. That is why spending extended periods with our family can be challenging.

When we can see and be seen, disarmored and trusting, we can come to deeper love. However, this deepening process can trigger the release of outdated and unhealthy patterns. Thus, shadows may be brought to the surface to heal. When we feel safe in the arms of our beloved, our defenses yield so we fall further into our hearts. However, fear-based reflections or projections can surface in this place of deep vulnerability. Subconscious behaviors, including childhood patterning, can also present themselves.

It can seem as if our partner is provoking difficulties, bringing things up, and making it feel like our whole world is about to fall apart. At this point, we may want to retreat, but if we can be truly present, our fears can fall away, and this becomes an expansive experience.

When we have a profound, twin-flame connection, that feels beyond worlds and lifetimes, we bond with the other person so strongly that we choose to face the fire when we would usually walk away. Our passion drives us to seek resolution, to heal ourselves, to overcome barriers, no matter how confronting it may seem, because our partnership is worth it. And, when we can rise, we rise together.

Somehow, incredibly, the universe seamlessly aligns the places the twin flames need healing. Their triggers may be synchronized so that when they feel uncentered, or there is co-dependence or imbalance, it can be a very volatile space. If they find safety in love, and they are willing to see and be seen, their triggers can blossom into deep transformative healing for them both. This healing can forge the foundations for long-term companionship. Alternately, this completion could mark an ending. As the intense potency of a connection neutralizes, the relationship may transform into a different kind of unconditional love.

Harmonic Flight shows us that when we harmonize our energies with that of another, in any form of relationship, we can soar to the sky. We can guide each other higher and higher, by encouraging all that has been weighing us down to drop away.

Divinatory Meaning: What you see in the eyes of another is a reflection of yourself. This card may be encouraging you to look at the bigger picture of a close relationship. A perceived challenge may be an illusion or projection. This card may relate to family, teamwork, community and ways you can harmonize dissonance for deeper growth. The bonds you share give you the power to transmute your fears. Put time and awareness into resolving karmic connections, or they will continue to play out. There may also be a life-changing connection on the horizon.

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Trust, letting go of control, free flow, receptivity, yin energy, inner knowing, intuition, synchronistic opportunities, getting out of your own way, the path of least resistance, allowing who you naturally are to flourish.

Surrendering can be one of the hardest things to do. Trusting that we can achieve more by loosening our control can take great courage. Sometimes the most constructive way forward is to stop forcing things into being. Rather than allowing, inviting and drawing a project into being, the energy here is of frustration as if you are pushing something heavy up a mountain. At these times, gravity or ‘flow’ don’t seem to be on your side. Use this awareness as a guide when you start to detour from your path.

When control is released, so too is resistance. One of the biggest skills we can learn is to get out of our own way. When we are in a receptive place, we are open to a world of opportunities and the great mysteries can unveil themselves. The mind love to control the outcome, but this only creates limitations. It can feel scary, but when we allow ourselves to be ‘caught’ by the universe, myriad possibilities open to us.

This image is called ‘A Star is Born’, and its message is about becoming the star you came here to be. You can reach your peak life experience through surrendering and allowing who and what you truly are to flourish. Today, be more, by doing and trying less. This advice goes against the grain of our striving culture that encourages us to source from outside ourselves and to busy ourselves out of a natural state of all-knowing bliss. Surrender is a key element in the creative process. When we let go and flow, allowing intuition over, direction, we find we create far more powerful works.

This is not to say our lives should be left to the slipstream. The message is about freeing ourselves from the paradigm of control and force. Yes, we can achieve with this mode, but we also lose opportunities for magic. A synchronistic meeting, following out intuition and being in the right place at the right time, can outweigh months of careful planning.

Divinatory Meaning: Loosen your hold on the reins and know the universe will catch you. Trust, even though things are not as you imagined. Stay poised and aligned with your purpose. At the last minute, the situation will reveal its magic.

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Shadow work, addressing dissonance, seeing downfalls as the flipside of superpowers, loving yourself back to wholeness, the beautiful lotus that grows from murky waters, disempowering triggers, bring light into your dark corners.

When we discard any part of ourselves, we are throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Often our greatest strengths are our greatest weaknesses and vice versa. When we reject or deny parts of ourselves, we end up feeling hollow, lost and detached. When we take them out of the trash and work with them through compassion, gentleness, honesty and non-judgement, we can shine a light on these shadows and see them for what they are. Incredibly, perceived weaknesses vanish as you peel layers further and further back, to explore past experiences that accompany them. Accepting the shadows enough to bring them into the daylight usually is all it takes for them to dissipate. Their power dissolves and you can see them for what they were, or rather were not.

Paradoxically, self-love is a catalyst for transformation. Alchemizing painful triggers is an opportunity for awareness that helps us reclaim more of ourselves. As the dense spaces begin to evaporate, we can be filled with more light, more love, and we create an upward healing spiral.

Shadow work and self-love are practices to implement on a day-to-day basis. When we merge this awareness with moment-to-moment consciousness, densities don’t even get a chance to form. We can then live and love even bigger! And, this is true freedom, self-empowerment and where authentic love and light can radiate. A true light bringer shines light in all the corners so shadows can be acknowledged and released.

Divinatory Meaning: Take a look at any unconscious patterns that may be running you. Are there elements of yourself you need to take out of the trash, dust off and reabsorb? Shadows can be painful or tender to the touch. ‘Sensitivity’ in an area can be a ‘trigger’ that shows us where we might want to spring clean some of our darker, forgotten, ignored or hidden corners. Accepting our shadows is the first stage in restoring ourselves to wholeness, in self-love. Peel back the layers where there is shame, guilt or fear and bring them into the daylight. Under a loving and compassionate light, they will resolve and reassimilate so you can re-engage with your superpowers.

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