Lightworker Oracle 3/7/2023

Archangel Michael loves you unconditionally and serves your soul journey. He brings you a spiritual gift now, the Key of Light. This key allows you to open any door, clear away any obstruction and free yourself from any prison or enslavement – physical, emotional or psychological. There is no need for you to feel trapped or locked out of a situation you want to get into. You now hold within your hands a divine key that will assist you in many ways.

Archangel Michael has a message for you. You have the power of the Divine in you. You have the ability to free yourself, no matter whether it seems that another person, a set of circumstances, or the entire world holds more power than you. Your power of freedom is unconditional. It doesn’t require that outer circumstances change in order for you to be free – though as you choose freedom, outer circumstances often change radically.

For now, to be free, use the Key of Light. This means staying true to what you know for yourself. Gently and lovingly assert your truth now. Do not cave into naysayers and fear generators; most especially do not collapse under your own old fears or doubts. Gently and persistently cleaving to the light within will bring you through any apparent obstacle, free from any apparent prison and ensure your divine destiny is fulfilled. All doors shall be opened to you. You are being given a gift of unconditional grace.

Step back and radiate love from your center. That is your way. You do not have to betray your spirituality to fight. You can fight with love and trust and that can be your way as a spiritual warrior. In each moment you choose love and trust, you are fighting the good fight. You are learning that love is expressed in no as much as in yes – for when you fight against those who want to deny the truth, you are standing clear and strong in loving truth. Michael helps you realize the strength that you already have within you to do this.

This oracle is a message for you to trust in your own ability to triumph, right now. You must believe in yourself. You don’t have to force a door to open. In perfect time, according to divine grace, all doors will open for you.

Your dreams and actions will prove themselves in time. No person, place or thing has any power to hold you back. The Key of Light is spiritual permission from the Universe to succeed in life mission. You shall not be kept back from your divine destiny. You shall be empowered to succeed.

Refuse to give up on your dreams. This may mean freeing yourself from situations or relationships that have enslaved or controlled you. When you are ready, this can be done with great gentleness, compassion and strength. Free yourself with love, not fear. You may need to lock doors to the past behind you. With divine empowerment, you can completely and utterly allow the past to be over. You will find that new doors can then be unlocked for you.

Invocation: I call upon Archangel Michael and the Key of Light. I give thanks for the divine gift of liberation from any restraining circum-stance. I give thanks for the opportunity to completely close any door I choose and open any door I choose. I am grateful to the loving encouragement of the Universe reminding me that I will be successful in fulfilling my divine life purpose. May I be assisted by unconditional love to use my power of freedom with wisdom. May all beings be blessed by the grace of the Divine, so that the past ceases to hold them in pain and new opportunities of love can be accepted. May humanity open the door to light and love within. Through my own free will, and the unconditionally loving guides thar serve human evolution, so be it.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

You long for the free and open worlds of Spirit and light, yet you also yearn to experience the healing power and divine joy of sacred sound and living color. You are meant to bring joy, beauty and comfort to this world, to share the spiritual light. To do so, you need grounding. Your dreams want you just as much as you want them. Grounding helps you bring your dreams to life in your world for the benefit of many.

When a reminder comes from higher guidance to ground oneself, it is a loving encouragement, never a judgement. Grounding is a spiritual version of ‘remembering to call your mother.’ It is a chance to check in with what is happening in your physical life and make sure you are giving appropriate time and energy to what really matters to your heart. It is a chance to appreciate the beauty of the natural world and the love in your relationships. It is a chance to make sure your spiritual work is being applied in your life in ways that feel good for you. It is a chance to speak your prayers, rather than only think them. You might even dance them or create a colorful flower offering for your altar or sing them from your heart.

We are guided to ground ourselves when there has been an increase of light to the head. This can occur through meditation, prayer or conscious connection with Spirit. You might be on fire with ideas and inspiration but struggling to express them all practically. You may even feel congested or tense in parts of your body where the energy needs some help to flow. This is a sign to move in a way that feels freeing, strengthening and expressive and to add healthy relaxation and exercise into your lifestyle to allow for healing to occur. Then the light can move through your entire body, bringing vitality and helping you translate your ideas into your reality.

To do so, take care of your body. Be sure to get plenty of hydration and rest. Spend time in nature. Use salt baths to cleanse your energy. Eat foods that strengthen and nourish you. Ground yourself by releasing emotional content if you are either swinging from one extreme to another or retreating to your head to analyze rather than express. You can ground emotional energy by writing in a journal or by creating art, poetry, music or dance to express your feelings. You can also ground emotional energy through physical exercise or being in nature.

Practice soothing and calming yourself so that you can return yourself to a contented, trusting and peaceful state of being. This can be done by talking to yourself in a gentle, loving, encouraging voice, reassuring yourself that everything is working out according to a higher plan and that you are very loved. Guided meditations and relaxations that help you feel connected, peaceful and loved will also be helpful.

Choose what works for you. You’ll know when you are grounded because you will feel very connected to your body, aware of your emotions and clear, energized and present, with a sense of wellbeing. If you are not feeling that way, this oracle says that you can. Your energy and wellbeing can improve, and you can feel good about who you are and how you choose to live your life. Grounding will help you and help the Universe to help you too.

Invocation: I call upon the loving genius of the Divine and my own spirit. Please help me now, through unconditional love and divine mercy, to ground all levels of my being so I can manifest my highest and most lovingly joyful destiny now. I enjoy being present, in the here and now, with my body and my breath, receiving spiritual light and shining it through my heart into the world. I love my body and my senses, my soul and my heart. They are all avenues for my spirit to experience and express in this world. I love my body and my senses, my soul and my heart. They are all avenues for my spirit to experience and express in this world for the greatest good. May all living beings feel helpful grounding through unconditional love, for the highest good. Through my own free will, so be it.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Your spiritual growth is changing your mind, body and soul. It is very real. It is helping you fulfil all aspects of your divine destiny. It is awakening spiritual talents and attracting in new energies. This process will bring tremendous joy and satisfaction.

The body changes as light enters. Alchemy is catalyzed and transformation happens. Sometimes, the appearance of the body changes. There will be change in how the body feels, responds, acts and creates. Radiance increases. If you have clairvoyant vision, you will see the increase in light, as though the person is actually lit up from within (they are!) Spiritual abilities become grounded in the body, and the person can channel healing energy just as naturally as they would set the dinner table. The spirit becomes a living reality in the body, and the material world is experienced as an extension of the divine light.

This alchemy is an empowering gift of love. Symptoms of this process can at times be challenging. They may include headaches and other aches and pains, flu-like symptoms and inexplicable and nearly overwhelming fatigue that last for days – then suddenly vanishes along with a new surge of energy. We may also experience pinging in the ears, increased sensitivity to light or sound, hormonal imbalance and hot flushes, excessive sexual energy, mental obsessions or mood swings, aggression and unintentional harsh reactions to people.

If you have been experiencing any of the above and wondered if these, or other unusual symptoms, could be a direct result of increased spiritual energy affecting the body, then the answer is that this very likely. You are encouraged to source whatever professional health support you need to take care of your body. Also, consider using the following simple practices to ease away the side effects of divine alchemy taking place in you.

These simple practices include getting regular rest. Additional sleep is a powerful way for the body and mind to heal and repair, integrate and re-organize. Allow time for physical exercise, which can help release excess energy, especially if you tend to feel mentally congested. Take some time away from meditation, spiritual studies or discussions and energy work. Instead, simply be in nature or rest. If you work with colors, then take a break for a short time, only working with very soft, subdued white or colorless light. If you have a tendency to push yourself with spiritual work, learning to take some time off on regular occasions will help you recover more quickly and suffer less.

Finally, working with cooling energy, not cold, but refreshing, as a way to discharge excess heat, can be extremely beneficial to body and mind. You can do this by sitting in the shade or in a room that feels cool and relaxing, or even by cooling your hands before an air conditioner or fan, and then using your fingertips to transfer cool and healing energy by lightly touching your chest, back of neck and back of your head, ears and forehead.

Invocation: I call upon the beings that love me unconditionally and ask for divine grace, protection, information, assistance, intervention and healing in all ways now, as I change alchemically. May my body and mind be supported and recover with divine assistance. I celebrate the alchemy that the light creates, and with kindness I allow for it to unfold in my body, mind and soul according to the guiding hand of divine love. May all those on the path of love and light be assisted to walk their path with as much joy and as little suffering as possible. Through my own free will and divine grace, so be it.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

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