Foxfire Kitsune Oracle 3/1/2023

Within the world you dwell in, a storm is brewing. It is visible to many so far, and most are completely unaware of its approach. They no longer notice the fall and rise of the air about them, the tightening of the pressure, or the release of rain, for they dwell within their glass towers and no longer feel a part of the elements and the dance between them. But you do, Seeker, and you are aware that there is a force gathering. What its outcome will be, how it will break, and what it will do are still mysteries, but you can prepare for this storm approaching. Others will not listen. Others will see you as “negative” or “fearful” when you inform them of what it is you are preparing for. Regardless, prepare anyway. Watch. And take care of what it is you need to do. This is nothing to be fearful of. It is simply advance knowledge of a storm – and storms can damage, or they can pass by overhead and clear the air. It is wise to prepare. The Sentinel of the Skies, this dragon being, has come to you, and you are invited now to see things from this magickal perspective – to go high above the buildings and the everyday, and see the implications of the change that is coming.

This gift of foresight from the friends of the Kitsune will see you well-prepared for the gathering storm and will give you foresight and enable you to look out for those who will listen. Make wise choices, preserve, take care, observe, repair, and prepare, and consider what you will do to be sure you are cared for in the future. Know that when the storm passes – for they all will – you will be standing strong and able to help others, if necessary, and continue with your life. You are being watched over – the Sentinel will stand with you, always.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

The Shadow Dancer move through the forest, finding those who have a strong belief in who they are, how they can change, and who they can become, revealing to them the hidden self they have shunned and avoided. When the shadow dancer comes, you will slowly come to illuminate the unknown within, and, in this way, the lost and unloved parts of yourself will be able to come home to you, and in time, become a part of you that will offer so much richness and creativity. This mysterious being brings to you the blessing that so many of us refuse in this lifetime – the opportunity to work with their shadow. So many flee from her wisdom – but those who stay find many blessings, more that if they had practiced avoidance.

To dance with the shadow, to know the shadow, is a great challenge. It is not as simply as acknowledging our less-than-pleasant qualities – it is to acknowledge that within us there is much that we are unaware of, and that in order to come to know the shadow self, we must become humble and feel our way into our own deeper self. In this way, our own tendencies become illuminated, over time, and with patient, steady work. This work takes deep self-love, compassion, and often self-care. It can be troubling and an raise shame, guilt, and fear, as we begin to know what we have previously been unable to see. This is a process of seeing the unknown that lies within our own souls. this is not a process of self-condemnation, but one of self-discovery and deep self-love.

When this card comes to you, prepare to dance with the shadow, to discover the hidden self within, who is so very different from the self you have created over time. This shadow self will be a great teacher and will come to you in moments that can shake our foundations … but when we dance with the shadow, we can become closer to whole than we once were. But in order to do so, we must be prepared to explore the strangest, wildest, most avoided aspects of ourselves. In this way, though, we become travelers of the soul. Stronger, authentic, with a wisdom that is born out of Knowing Thyself, when you work with the shadow dancer is undertaken (for it is never truly finished), you will be more whole, with a truer sense of who you are here to be.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

You are not as they expected you to be, are you, dear one? They thought you would be one who was more like themselves, who would be a part of the predesigned patterns and the wave after wave of people who keep the world traveling in the same direction. But you, friend, were different. It was not intentional, nor was it a reaction – it simply was that something new was born into the world when you were brought forth. So now you are releasing the special light and qualities that only you can bring to this planet. And you will find that there are others like you. Beautiful souls who seem at times to not belong and who are sometimes rejected.

But this card comes to tell you that part of your creation, and part of your soul’s journey, is not to come here to be a part of what already existed. It was to come here to change what already was. And not you are at the moment where you will show who you are, all of it, without shame or fear. You will no longer fear rejection or scorn or even the fear of disappointing those you love. You, all of you, are here to give to the world something that is needed, to offer it medicine, so that we all, human, animal, winged ones, all beings, are released into the freedom to be who they came here to be. You are flying free, now, and in turn, you will free others. So bring to us your own unique vision and energies and experiences, and teach us how to become who we are all meant to be.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

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