Sacred Rebels Oracle 2/27/2023

You are being asked to honor the legacy of light that is your sacred birthright. Take nourishment and support from those that have come before you – your ancestral lines not only in blood but also in spirit. Perhaps these are the beings that have inspired and motivated you to live as a sacred rebel, from your heart and with belief in yourself. The more you are nourished by this legacy of light from your past, the more you become a bearer of the legacy for those that will be supported by your light in the future. This is a sacred endowment from the great universal source of light to humanity. it is the light of wisdom, creativity, radical courage, love and respect that is passed down from the heart of each generation to the next. The legacy of light is your spiritual birthright to refine and shine your essence into the world … to be like a sun, radiant and unapologetic of your nature.

The oracle of the Legacy of Light comes to you when you need confirmation that a creative choice you are making, or have made, or soon will make, is one that is in alignment with your sacred purpose and spiritual path of healing and growth. The legacy of light cannot be ignored without some detriment to your sense of wellbeing. The energy at this time is relevant to your sacred birthright to shine. Perhaps you need to trust more, to know that all is well, no matter what appears to be, and to ask for help, and believe that you deserve to receive it.

The legacy of light also asks you to call on the unconditionally loving support that exists for you, every day. This light will offer you all manner of assistance. To not call upon it is like starving because you believe you have no means to acquire food, whilst a feast lays before your eyes – if only you would partake of it! Perhaps you worry that you are asking too much of those who wish to assist you. However, this is a mistaken belief. Those beings of unconditional love who assist us spiritually each day need to shine just as we do. When they are embraced for their purpose – to assist with the spiritual growth of humanity through unconditional love – they too become part of the legacy of light, shining bright with love and helping to illuminate the world. Although you may doubt your goodness at times – and being human does mean there will be some very dark moments on your path – this oracle affirms that you are coming from love, with the pure intentions to simply live your life and do your best in the circumstances in which you find yourself. You are being asked to avail yourself of the help that is awaiting your request so that your own light can become a part of the greater shining legacy of divine brilliance made manifest upon the earth.

This oracle is also guiding you to something in your family history or spiritual ancestry that is relevant to you now. Your spiritual ancestry can be recognized through the traditions and cultures that you are intrigued by and interested in. They do not have to be the same as the spiritual traditions that you were raised with in this lifetime, although they may be. The influence of your family history and/or spiritual tradition may be encouraging and constructive but is may also be holding you back. Sometimes we unintentionally absorb the hidden fears of our parents or our religious upbringing, such as the belief that dreams cannot manifest or that we have to compromise to the point of losing what makes us feel truly alive.

Finally, if you need a jolt to recognize that you are a creative being, entitled to explore your ingenuity – perhaps through taking a class or pursuing your own artistic interests at home – then this oracle brings the particular guidance that, “Yes, this is a part of your life path,” and you are encouraged to take it further.

You are also acknowledged through this oracle as having some special creative and healing offering to make to the world in this lifetime. You will leave a legacy of light for the greater good upon this planet and you will be lovingly supported in many ways by the great creative universal intelligence when you ask for help.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

It is time to hold on to yourself and let go of another. Even if for just a time. You have gained all that was meant to be from that connection. At least for now. You have given and you have received. The need to let go does not deny the value of what has been acquired, it is more that the time has come for greater productivity, creativity, abundance and consciousness in your life.

You have completed many cycles in the vibrational frequency of consciousness that you are now being asked to release. You have been in that vibrational frequency for some time now. You have earned the right to step out of that frequency, out of the habits, relationships and the possibilities that are limited to that outmoded frequency. It is now time to expand into higher frequencies of experience that will bring enhanced love, empowerment and peace into your life. You will take the wisdom of what you have learned with you into something new – new connections, new relationships, new life experiences – at a higher turn of the spiral of life.

But first – you!

Trust that you can step into solitude for a time without being consumed by loneliness. It is time to reconnect with yourself. Perhaps you have had a period of outward orientation where your energy has been diverted away from the inner journey of self-discovery and creative self-expression and into the world of lists, schedules and demands. Trust that you may need to step back momentarily even from your healthy relationships and commitments, to refresh your spirit by reconnecting with your own nature in solitude. Perhaps you have been diving so deep into creative waters that you have lost your bearings or your energetic connection to the earth, your own life and your need in the here and now. Either way, you need to come back to the ground of your own body.

This is a time for self-love, for paying attention to yourself, for nurturing, holding and being with you. It doesn’t mean you can’t love another, it just means you need to turn your attention inwards for a time, for some quality time, with you. You will emerge renewed, refreshed and clearer about your journey and your relationship as a result of this.

This oracle is also confirmation that the work you have been doing on yourself is working for you! Your level of self-love is growing and your ability to love consciously and healthily is increasing as a result. Some connections in your life will mature along with you and your regard and affection will deepen and blossom. It will be revealed that other relationships are no longer relevant to your life journey. You will know which is which because you will feel it. You will feel it most clearly when you have some time to be with yourself, in reconnection.

If you have been contemplating a change in lifestyle, enrolling in a class or joining a group, starting a project or setting aside time to focus on your inner work, then this oracle comes as confirmation that these things would be supportive, healthy and helpful for you.

This oracle also comes with particular guidance. There is a situation that has recently arisen, or will arise soon, where you need to back yourself. Don’t be put upon or hoodwinked into backing down by the emotional reactions of others! Stand your ground and stay aligned with what you know to be true. No matter how wonderful something seems logically or on the surface, if it doesn’t feel right for you, it is not for you at this time. Perhaps that will change and it will be right for you later. Perhaps you will step away and realize, with relief, that you had a lucky escape from a situation that would have ended up unnecessarily costing you. Either way, backing yourself and not giving in to the opinion of another, no matter how highly you would have rated that opinion in the past, is important. It is highly likely that you are breaking with tradition, with a role model or belief system that you have outgrown. You must be there for yourself because you are doing well, you are on the right path, and you are growing. Well done.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Sacred vision is awakening within you. You are becoming blessed with the ability to truly see. To see what is real rather than what appears to be. This is true insight.

What was once considered consequential may soon be found to hold little consequence after all. What was once dismissed as an irritation or irrelevance may be seen to have great spiritual significance. As mundane as something once appeared it could now be worthy of absolute attention. The gift of genuine vision takes you into the being of the universal creator. This is sacred terrain, beyond logic, convention and that which is limited in any way. The more open you are to receiving true vision, the more love you will fee and recognize within and around you. Something may appear to change form, to be shed, to be lost or to die but there is love within it always. This realization doesn’t remove the pain of the loss. It does provide a way through which it can be healed and eventually transformed into peace.

The vision of love, the truth of all that is, can move us more than anything else possibly can. If you have been wondering about your life path or whether you should take action on a project or you need inspiration to really move you out of a slump you have fallen into, then this oracle brings you a message of hope. You will receive your vision. You will be graced with a way out of the stagnancy. You will be able to see things differently and more accurately. Any confusion or uncertainty you have felt is going to pass and you will be left with clear insight. The stories you have been feeling, feeding yourself or telling yourself may end up looking different to how they appear now. This may surprise you, but the vision that is coming to you will be more truthful and therefore freeing. It will be worth the shock, surprise or the moment of embarrassment when you realize you have been operating under a false assurance or deluding yourself about the truth of a situation. Those moments will pass and they are not something to feel bad about. They signify that you are leaving behind a smaller view for a more expansive one. They are a sign that you have outgrown your old vision in order to live in a bigger one. This is good! There might be a moment when your ego feels a bit dented, but sure enough that too will pass.

This oracle comes with additional guidance for you. You are being watched over by life and held in protection. Whatever has been bothering you will not be able to harm you. You will prevail. If you are concerned that someone is getting away with something or blocking your path and it seems there is nothing you can do about it, don’t worry. The All-Seeing Eye of Life perceives everything, without exception. It is the universal mother with eyes not only in the back of her head but in every living cell of life itself. She misses nothing! And the truth of her vision will always be met with justice, mercy and wisdom.

This oracle also is asking you to shift your perspective and look at an issue of concern a little differently. If you don’t know how to do this, simply say the following statement, “I call upon the Universal Eye to show me the most helpful way to see this situation of concern now.” In shifting how you look at things, the energy in what is beheld changes. You can see this with people. When you shame and judge someone they react differently to when they are loved an encouraged. They may succeed nonetheless, but the journey to that success will be different. Looking at something through the eyes of love rather than fear, can help us find our way more quickly, easily and enjoyably.

This oracle comes with the additional message that your ability to perceive is expanding into truth. Your ability to be inspired and see the light in all things is unfolding. It must be nourished in your heart with loving acceptance because you are going to help others through your vision, your art and how you choose to be in the world.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

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