Lightworker Oracle 2/18/2023

You are a talented soul. Over many lifetimes, you have developed your spiritual abilities to channel higher awareness, attract healing energy and radiate light to uplift the consciousness of those around you. Your divine talents are many, and uniquely expressed through you. Your talents do not have to resemble those of another to have their own inestimable value. Do not be afraid to use them!

Divine talents are a way in which the Universe reminds us of what we are here to do. Divine talents are unlimited. They include the ability to channel spiritual guidance and healing energy, to perceive clairvoyantly, and be psychic and empathic. Other spiritual talents are the ability to release earthbound spirits, earth-healing techniques such as working with energy grids, as well as healing ability with crystals and the many and varied technologies of light.

There are other spiritual talents, too. These include writing, performing, sound healing, dancing to awaken awareness, creating art, photography or divinely inspired tools and jewelry. Cooking food that heals body and spirit is a spiritual talent, as are the abilities to bring people together, to offer comforting and inspiring words at the right time, to help others overcome fear and feel more at peace in moments of importance and more.

You could use your divine talents in your career as a healer, in your work in the corporate world or in your stay-at-home role as a parent, helping to raise more conscious, secure and empowered children – in a world that is in desperate need of strong, spiritually- grounded leaders for the future. You can use your talents to create a vocation that truly inspires you and brings your light to the world. You can use them in the live at the grocery store. The point is that you use them.

This oracle comes to you with a message. You have spiritual talents, some of which have been developed in other lifetimes and will simply and suddenly ‘spring back to life’ as if from out of the blue this lifetime. Others need a little more attention, patience and effort to be brought to life in the world.

Sometimes there is fear in sharing talents. You may have a subconscious or a very conscious past life recollection that involved shame, isolation, ridicule, fear or even torture or death as a response to your sharing your talents for healing and helping others. Maybe you fear your spiritual talents will not allow you to meet your material needs, or that others will reject or deny your talent – even if you know it to be authentic and helpful.

Or perhaps you need to acknowledge your talents, yourself. Believe in yourself, in your abilities and in your capacity to use those talents in a constructive, healing way. Keep developing your talents until your own unique expression comes to life. Don’t give up in the early and possible awkward stages, dismissing your abilities as less than those of another. Trust that there is something very real and worthwhile in you. Do not dismiss or diminish your potential. Treat yourself as an investment worthy of development! Give yourself a chance – enough time, attention and practice to discover what you are really capable of. The Universe knows! Soon, you shall, too.

This oracle also reminds you to do what makes you happy, to chase your sacred bliss and express yourself in the world via the unique and special abilities that the Divine has bestowed upon you. When you follow what you love, you are more on your life path, and you shall succeed, beloved.

Invocation: All-loving Universe, teach me to realize and trust in my divinely given talents. I ask for your unconditionally loving assistance releasing any block or obstacle to the full development and joyful expression of my spiritual gifts in the world. Help me find the courage and boldness within that I need to believe in myself and be completely empowered to make my loving contribution to the world. Through my own free will, and divine merciful grace, so be it.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

You have been growing spiritually and your consciousness is expanding. It is transforming your experience of the material world from something you must control or conquer, into a living expression of the radiant Divine. As your appreciation and love for the material world becomes more unconditional, so too does the light that can flow into your aura, chakras and physical body. As you psychically expand, you may need more rest, healing and meditation than usual to integrate this increasing degree of light and the consciousness it awakens within you.

The ‘rainbow bridge’ is a term for the channel of light that moves through your chakra system and along your spine, allowing Spirit to enter your body and stimulate the development of your soul. This bridge comes to life as your consciousness is raised. it draws in higher energies that nourish and awaken your body, mind and soul through your chakra system.

As your chakras become stimulated by the increasing influx of spiritual light, a clearing process begins which supports the consequent expansion of your consciousness. This clearing is like a spiritual detoxification. It clear blocks from your mind, emotional body and physical body, as well as from your soul (such as unresolved past life issues). As these blocks are broken down and processed, emotional trauma stored in your organs and nervous system can be released, and your energy field becomes more spacious. This creates room for an increase of spiritual light. As a result, you feel clearer about who you are and why you are here, and others see more clearly when they are in your field. You become more powerful.

Your energy field continues to clear itself, attracting more spiritual light, becoming more visible beyond physical limits. Others can be supported by your light, even if they cannot see your physical body. You are growing as a lightworker and helping humanity in increasing ways, whilst enjoying your own spiritual growth.

You are opening to new consciousness, now. With this comes new insight, awareness and an awakening or deepening of your soul talents such as healing, clairvoyance, channeling or telepathy. Your channels are being cleared and activated. Rest. Open up and allow. Be patient and trust in your process. If emotional content arises, and you are concerned you might be falling ack into old habits, do not be afraid. Find ways to express what you are feeling through writing, therapy, dance, music, and art, sound and conscious movement. Explore your personal expression to allow for spiritual expansion.

This oracle brings an additional message from Spirit. Hold on! Ascension can be a wild ride! Anything is possible. The past in not an indicator. The future is not set. This is a moment to cultivate your deepest feelings of spiritual love and peace. Simply allow the genius of life to flow through you in whatever way it chooses. During ascension, your life can change quite dramatically. The rainbow bridge empowers us to rise from one reality to another. Even if your outer world doesn’t change radically, internally you will feel as though you are living a different life. Eventually, the physical world changes will follow. Enjoy crossing the rainbow bridge into new consciousness, dear one. You have everything you need. You are ready for this. It is meant to be.

Invocation: I call upon the unconditionally loving guidance that can assist me, with mercy, grace, protection and support, through my ascension process. I accept this opportunity to grow spiritually and shift from one reality to a higher vibrational reality. I accept the opening of my chakras into a more loving consciousness. I accept the changes happening to me and in my life due to this spiritual growth. May I be held in tenderness and compassion as I release lower vibrational patterning and embody my authentic divinity. May the beings of unconditional love who assist the anchoring of a loving rainbow bridge of light upon this planet, for the greatest good of all beings, be empowered and invited to do so now. Through my own free will, so be it.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

As you meditate, remain true to what inspires your heart and commit to your spiritual path, you become an increasingly powerful healer. You are here to live your own life, to be true to what genuinely moves you. The unconditionally loving guide and Ascended Master Serapis Bey comes to you now with a blessing of master healing to further your success on your path.

The master Serapis Bey is a beloved guide for those who feel a strong connection to ancient Egypt, for healers who are developing their own modalities, and those who love to work with high frequency concepts. He also assists with the translation of spiritual inspiration into practical worldly plans. He comes to confirm that the ascended masters are aware of you. You are an integral part of a powerful team that has taken physical incarnation to help awaken consciousness into love.

You are asked to tune into your heart. What do you love enough to overcome any obstacle to attain it? What motivates and inspires you? Not what seems possible or practical, but what is authentic? We are most powerful when we serve authentically from the heart. A bird might learn how to dive under water from time to time, but it is never going to be at its most powerful if it has to live underwater. It would struggle to thrive if it were to force itself into such unnatural expression of its life energy. The bird yearns to fly because that is its divine nature and purpose. You too have divine nature and purpose, and your heart holds the clue. What feels most like you?

It is difficult to access the truth of our own nature when we believe we should live up to the expectations of others. If we are attached to an outcome or afraid of an answer, we can unintentionally block our perceptive faculties – a spiritual version of sticking our fingers in our ears and shouting, ‘blah, blah, blah!’ The blessing of Serapis Bey includes his clear flame of divine cleansing light. This can assist us in letting go of whatever blocks us from knowing the truth of our nature.

When we are willing to be who we are, the Universe can more easily guide us to fulfil our destinies. Serapis Bey will help you see yourself truthfully. You may gain feedback from others that helps you understand the value of what you share. Or you may simply find it easier to view yourself objectively, with a compassionate, appreciative and discerning inner eye. As you learn and accept who you are, you become a more powerful vibration for master to put to use in the plan of love.

If you have a dream in your heart, know that it has been placed there for divine purpose. What you dream and desire contains the seed of divinity. It is meant to help attract your life mission and fulfil it with love, joy, creativity and pleasure.

If we are willing to go through what is necessary for an outcome, it will happen for us. The details may appear different from what we imagined they would, but the truth remains: If you ask for something and are willing to go through the process required to have that come to life, it will happen for you. The Universe is that generous, unconditionally supportive and loving of you. It is your creative partner. It will provide you with all that you need to manifest your dreams, desires and destiny.

Invocation: I call upon the loving master Serapis Bey and his master healing through the clear flame of truth and grace. I ask to know, in the perfect time and the perfect way, according to divine wisdom, the truth in all matters of importance to me and my divine life journey, now, including (here you may ask any particular questions). I ask to be lovingly shown my true nature, my deepest desires and most inspired dreams. Please help me know myself so that I may know how best to live my divine destiny. May all beings on the path of self-knowledge be assisted and supported with unconditional love. Through my own free will and divine grace, so be it.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

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“I work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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  1. Good morning, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with us.
    This one goes more deeply for me than any thus far. I’ll need to sit and reread this again and think about it a little at a time.
    Have a glorious day.

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