The Fifth Tarot Reading 2/16/2023

The Seven of Fire is a powerful card that brings about activation on many levels. This is happening simultaneously with new activations occurring within ourselves and the planet Earth. The Earth, like all other heavenly bodies, has taken such a journey before, and as ancient cultures have shared with us, this journey is cyclical. Collectively, we have come to a point in space and time where such shifts are happening now.

The focus is on a clean and clear Earth Mother whose inhabitants support her activation and vice versa. As within, so without. You can feel the activation of your whole body and soul upon connecting with the essence of the planetary grid. The Seven of Fire is foremost a spiritual card that ask us to hold the greatest vision of a new heaven and a new Earth, right here, now. This mean opening to the cosmic energies all around us and allowing them to flow through us as the story unfolds.

When the Seven of Fire appears, you are about to feel a sudden burst of new-found energy. You may choose to put this towards any creative project or activity you are involved with. Undoubtably, it will lead to greater insights into your spiritual journey as well, as all is connected. Be prepared to experience powerful activations within your physical and spiritual body as you move forward. These activations may bring about sudden changes in sleeping patterns, eating habits and areas of interest. Be open to where these new energies take you and you will discover new gifts that expand your sense of who you are and your place in the universe. You may choose to get involved in an environmental project at this time as well, attuning to the changes occurring on our planet, connecting with others who are resonating with the same frequency.

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The image of the Seeker of Feathers depicts a Native American dancer performing a sacred hawk dance. The dancer honors the hawk with his magnificent regalia. He seeks a vision and calls upon hawk for assistance. With every step of the dance he comes closer to being one with the hawk. Overhead, the spirit hawk imparts his medicine and wisdom to the dancer.

The dancer is not in a ceremony with others, but instead has sought out a personal space to go deeper. In the stillness of nature, he communes with his totem. He seeks guidance and insight from hawk, famed for his keen vision. With great reverence and respect, he summons hawk with every movement, every tone of his incantations.

The Seeker of Feathers comes at a time when we are all asked to widen our scope, clear our eyes of old perceptions, and awaken to the vision of the new reality we collectively choose to create. When we use the mind as an extension of the heart, we combine knowledge with love to find the wisdom that lies within the teachings of the court cards. Wisdom does not come from a book, but from the lived experience of the journey into the sacred.

The Seeker of Feathers has shown you the path to wisdom that goes beyond knowledge. In the past, you may have been told what to believe. Now you will connect with the wisdom that lives within. Your vision and scope of the world are about to expand in brand new ways. This is the gift and the challenge of the Seeker of Feathers: to reach higher and go beyond what you think you can.

How you are viewed by others is not important. Your connection to Spirit will help you to gain greater understanding of your place in the universe. Your search for truth will not be found in the pre-fermented thoughts of dogma, but in the inner sanctuary of the divine mind, where the spirit is free to soar. This viewpoint may set you apart from others who may see you as a loner. Just remember, as a Seeker in the suit of Feathers, being a bit “air-y” is a good thing.

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The Eight of Shells shows an octopus with eight tentacles that has let go of eight Sun Volute shells. Oxygen bubbles float upward between the kelp on the ocean floor. The image suggests the key to this card which is detachment.

The in and out breath of a person and of the universe can be felt emanating from the Eight of Shells. The octopus with its nimble body move through tiny spaces with the movement of the tide. These amazing beings can change color and defend themselves through an outburst of ink, which they spray to confuse their predators. Here we do not see ink or defenses. Instead, we see the octopus floating peacefully.

It is a known fact that some of the Masters can sustain themselves only on prana and what is given to them by God. Like the bubbles of oxygen coming up from the bottom of the sea, one’s thoughts become more aligned with cosmic grace with every in and out breath. The sea is calm, the bubbles go straight up unhindered by emotional upheaval.

You are in a blessed space on your journey. The Eight of Shells asks you to understand the lesson of detachment. Your ability to see what holds you back and to let go of old patterns serves you well, keeping you focused on that which is holy and sacred. Through detachment you rise above your ego self and nourish your spiritual self.

Like the kelp that supplies oxygen, prayer and meditation can supply the spiritual nourishment that brings conscious awareness. Connecting with other “light”-minded people enriches our ocean of consciousness. Join a group that will assist in your ascension or simply let go and let God. In these ways, you will gather the spiritual nourishment, the “oxygen” to breathe freely.

Choosing to eat lighter fare will also help increase your vibrations. Raise your frequency through ingesting life-giving joy and the freedom of emotional detachment. In letting go, there is smooth sailing ahead. Splendor evolves on the calm seas you choose. Even with your outer radiance and beauty, nothing gets to your head. You understand that the source of emotions is the ego. The source of bliss is the soul,

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