The Fifth Tarot Reading 2/11/2023

The Elementor of Fire is the ultimate expression of Fire. Completely transformed through the trials by fire, the Elementor has lifted off, no longer bound to the old paradigm. Like a bright comet in the night sky, the Elementor skyrockets upward into the expanse of the cosmos. His inner light burns so brightly, he has become a living torch of passion and creativity. He has let go of the cycle of death and rebirth, and enters a place of illumination. From this clear and unobstructed position, inspiration is as infinite as the stars in the sky. Creative visions emerge like a fountain of joy from the energizing force of the Fire that is never lost, nor ever consuming.

Being free to do whatever we feel passionate about gives us a surge of creative life force. The Elementor of Fire teaches us how to use this energy to manifest heaven on Earth. This reality is accessible to all, not just the happy few, for we are all part of the creative life force, each of us aglow with divine light. Unity with passion is the essence of sustainability. A sustainable world, imbued by the Elementor, breathes life into the community and honors all life on Earth.

The energies of our time are opportune for Elementors to arise. The solar flares and cosmic vibrations are sending powerful surges of energy toward the Earth. All who feel the intensity of this life-force are called to transform it into wonderful expressions of divine light. We are asked to become the Elementor of Fire, and light up the world like a comet in the sky. To those who answer the call, we say, “Flame On!”

Through the transformations that have taken place in the suit of Fire, you radiate the greatest expression of your passion and creativity. You are an endless source of inspiration. Your creativity knows no bounds and new creations continue to manifest in this most wonderful of times. With the flow of divine grace in you and through you, you become the sacred flame that is never extinguished.

When the Elementor of Fire appears, it is a time to celebrate the life-giving force in all creation. We are experiencing the ultimate cleansing in our world today, as the old paradigm is breaking up. Use your passions and creativity to advocate respect for all life on this planet. Others will be inspired by your shining example. Together we create a new world that will take its place as the most luminous planet in the galaxy.

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In the Eight of Lotus creatures of many kingdoms and beings of many realms gather in unity consciousness. The dragonfly, the turtle and the fish coexist amidst the floating lotus on a tranquil pond. In the sky, a craft hovers over the peaceful scene, offering its universal greeting of light. The birds connect the heavens and earth, bridging the realms. The setting is the perfect stage for fairies, elves and other magical beings, whose presence is felt between the realms. All the elements of earth, water, air, fire and ether are represented in the surroundings. The whole atmosphere is on of inter-connectedness, the key for the Eight of Lotus.

Each of the beings in the image bring their medicine to share in the spirit of inter-connectedness. The dragonfly and the turtle are beings of the transitional realms. The dragonfly dances at dusk and dawn, lifting the veils to assist in our travels to other realms. The turtle easily moves from land to water, also assisting us in going from one world to another. The craft brings us a message of love and support for our efforts in inter-connectedness and unity consciousness.

When the Eight of Lotus appears, it reminds you of your inter-connectedness with all life. Be aware of synchronicities, as everything is connected. People enter into your life at just the right time; you happen upon a book with just the right message; a new job opens up in just the right neighborhood. Notice how the universe responds to all that is occurring in your life.

This card indicates it is not a time to retreat into isolation. Your inter-action with others is important in the dance of inter-connectedness. You may be the universe’s response to someone else’s request. It is all a matter of perspective. Be open to your connection with the realm of fairies, elves and unicorns. There is magic to be found in these connections. Likewise with extra-terrestrials. Once again, they may be desiring the interaction with you, as much as you with them. In all ways, walk in unity consciousness, remembering we are all interconnected.

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Anyone who has traveled to the Southwest will feel a strong connection to this card. The magnificent rock formations at Acoma, New Mexico, of Sky City as it is called, seem to be alive and welcoming us home. To see the Stone People in the formations and to hear them calling, one must be as silent and still as the desert night sky.

Native Americans refer to the stone people as grandfathers and grandmothers. The weathered faces of these spiritual beings, and their once hard edges made smooth over time, attest to the wisdom of their years. The Apprentice of Stone has found a teacher in the grandfathers and grandmothers that surround her at this sacred place.

The Apprentice of Stone reminds us that to give is to receive. This happens on many levels. On the physical level, when we give of our material wealth, the universe responds with abundance. On the mental level, when we share our knowledge, a new teacher shows up. Emotionally, when we offer compassion, our heart is filled with Love. And in the spiritual realm, when we guide someone along their path, we receive the light of the divine.

When the Apprentice of Stones appears, listen to the ancient ones that are calling you. Sit in stillness to hear your own wise counsel. You have much to share from the lessons you have learned in your life experiences on the sacred path. It is time to share that which you have to share. This is a time to give as well as receive. And receive you will. That which you extend to others will bless your life in countless ways.

The Apprentice of Stones encourages you to find your sacred space on the physical plane as well as on the inner plane. It may be in the woods, at the beach, on a mountain, or in a canyon. Wherever it is, it will assist you in finding your sacred space within. Through the Earth Mother you will get more in touch with your intuition. Let your intuition be your guiding force as you move forward on your path.

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In the Six of Lotus, we feel the universe reverberate with the sound of the sacred aum (Om). The sound is celebrated by six lotuses and a swirling form of energy the originates from a place of oneness, the center of the universe from which all else stems. The Maya call this essence Hunab Ku, another name for God, Creator or Great Mystery. In this card, we sense the depth that comes from this Source. It is the Source of all and the nothing, the void and the everything, the Source of oneness.

Aum is also the amen of the Christian faith, amin of Muslims and the hum of Tibetans. In Mayan, aum represents the trinity: A = Ahau, the father; U = the mother, and M = Mehen, son. The sacred syllables or sound frequencies represented by the letters call upon Source to light the way for us.

Through the sound of aum, universal thought and form flow through the ethers. Through the ethers we connect with our true spiritual essence as children of the One. Through our connections with Source, within oneself and the cosmos, we are able to look upon all with the compassion and understanding of the pink lotus.

How then do we bring this oneness from the ethers into our physical realm? Simply by choosing it to be so. When we choose in every moment to be in oneness with all, rather than separating ourself, we go a long way in establishing peace on this plane. When we use our light and voice to help others, aum reverberates through the ethers and peace prevails on earth.

The Six of Lotus indicates a time of peace and harmony. Oneness is the key for you at this moment in time. Find the common ground in relationships, rather than the differences that keep you apart. You use your diplomatic abilities to foster harmony in all situations. These situations include the realization of Oneness on multiple levels of who you are. You realize the inner earth being, you, and the space being are all one. You already understand Oneness on the Earth plane with all you relations, now you are asked to expand your sense of Oneness with other realms within yourself as the multi-dimensional being you are.

The procession from the third to fifth dimension brings the movement from duality to Oneness. In the third dimension we have extinction and genesis occurring simultaneously; now in the fifth dimension we gain insight into the expression of the creative force of the Aum-niverse.

The power of the universe is flowing through you in powerful ways. Use this power to be of service. The things you enjoy and share will brighten many people’s lives and bring them closer together. Anytime you bring people closer, you breathe the sound of the aum and the Six of Lotus.

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