Earth Warriors Oracle 2/10/2023

Totemic Puma: I am Puma. I awaken within you the vigorous energy, fierce power and ability to act without hesitation when the moment is right. My patience and strategy, my preparation and precision, my fearlessness and decisiveness are now your own. Allow my sacred medicine to fill your soul and bring courage to your heart. You have come into your power.

You’ve got this. Don’t let fear or hesitation hold you back. Apply yourself fully to the task. Let go of old ways of viewing yourself as incapable, scattered or wasteful of energy. You have the ability to focus intently, to generate clear intention, and to achieve your ambitions through methodical steps and an applied will. You have the internal sources you need for successful completion. Even if no one else recognizes your potential and believes in your future success, in due course they will understand differently. By then, you will already be moving on to your next task. Trust your sense of timing. Have patience. When you know it is the time to leap, do it without hesitation.

Puma moves through your soul as guardian and guide. When Puma appears, it is a significant sign that you have come into your power. Puma moves with stealth and silence. Observing, being patient as she narrows her focus, she cultivates energy so that the correct amount of inner power for the outer action is there when needed. When she strikes, it is with precision and effectiveness. She doesn’t waste energy. She chooses her opportunities. Hesitation is not in her nature. There is no time or energy for doubt and uncertainty when one is fully engaged in conscious participation in the moment.

Puma might bring us the power we need to step up into a new role, seize control of a failing project, cut off a toxic situation in our lives or cease unhelpful negative self-talk in our own mind. She indicates that a changing relationship with power is available to you now. If you have been repelled by negative uses of power by others, or even yourself, recognize this and let it go. Forgive. Give yourself the chance to open up to using your power in a safe and wise way. Know that you are smart enough to learn from what didn’t honor your soul in the past. When you ask for Great Spirit to guide you from within your heart, your movements in the world shall benefit more than only yourself. This right use of power – surrendered and in service to the great power of the Divine – will help you overcome your reluctance and lay claim to your will. You need your will to transform inspiration into action. The world truly needs this from you. Whatever it is that you dream of attaining or desire to do in this world, Puma arrives with this message – you have the power.

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Medicine of the Rainbow Jaguar: Ixchel protects you now, as you transition from one life phase to the next. With her rainbow light, this guardian goddess instructs you on how to use great power with wisdom, to nourish only what is worthy. Using Jaguar medicine, with perfect timing, she confronts that which is unworthy of her devotion, eradicating destructive forces and creating space for healing relief and rebirth. Her presence is the wild power of the jaguar, the renewal promise of the rainbow and divine feminine creativity. All darkness shall be overcome.

You are going through a transition. Cultivate hope and stay true to your intentions. Let nothing divert you from your true path. If you have a new project, vision or lifestyle that you are seeking to bring into the world, Ixchel is guiding and guarding you for a healthy birth. She also brings a message that there are times when fierceness is necessary. It is important that you cut off negative sources completely at this time and do not allow yourself to be used or exploited. This is not the time to indulge someone else’s ego or go against your own inner knowing in order to give someone the benefit of the doubt. Trust your instincts and break immediately from what isn’t right for you. This will bring you new opportunities and situations that are worthy of your passionate devotion.

Ixchel teaches us of the need to confront what isn’t working in our lives, including the influence of negative people, honestly, without fear or compromise. Jaguar is not a half-way medicine. If we allow unworthy influences to take up residence in our minds, our heart, our souls – even just a little – they will eventually be our undoing, eroding our happiness, self-esteem, vitality and ability to fulfil our passionate purpose. Ixchel brings Jaguar to remind us that exploitation, abuse and disrespect are unacceptable and must be dealt with effectively, according to correct timing and with absolute certainty in our hearts. This is not about harming another but about cutting off their influence in our souls.

Jaguar medicine is a great power and can be used for good or ill. Purity of heart and mind becomes increasingly important as spiritual power grows. Make yourself unavailable to negativity, gossip or ill will in any way. Seek out the honest and the constructive. Share your power and devotion judiciously, and only with that which serves your true values.

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Nourishment of the Soul: You are granted the gifts of fertility, creativity and earthly abundance to support all needs – for nourishing body, mind and soul and to live your life fully and be capable of manifesting your divine purpose. Give yourself permission to be nourished. This includes your body and also providing your heart, your mind, your soul with what they are hungry for – meaning, sweetness, divine love and permission to be authentic. When you feed yourself that which truly nourishes you, wisely and generously, you shall become one who can also feed the world that for which is truly hungers.

Explore and experiment with nutritional wisdom which suits your body at this time. Understand that it may change over time. Remember that caring for the needs of your body is more important and spiritually mature than trying to force your body to meet the expectations of a belief system outside of yourself. Don’t starve yourself of what you need on any level of your being, including, peace, solitude, love, time spent in spiritual communion, artistic expression and nutrition. Answers are coming for your questions about all forms of nourishment, including nutrition, so do not give up when you are so close to finding your way. If you have been struggling with your needs being met on some level, a blessing is given to help you into more nourishing and abundant situations in all areas of your life.

Food is a matter of spiritual importance. Without proper nourishment, which heals the body, illuminates and informs the mind and fortifies the soul, we undermine a healthy relationship between the spirit, the mind and the body. If the body is out of balance and the mind filled with fear, then the attempts of the spirit to move your life in the correct direction will be met with resistance, anger and defiance. Denying the need of the body out of a misplaced sense of spiritual consciousness is not going to further our spiritual cause on this planet.

Your sacred companions for your spirit this lifetime – your body, mind and soul – cannot fulfil their part of your divine destiny if they are not properly nurtured. This requires unlearning the social pressures to dominate the body and mind, and practicing guidance and responsiveness that has, at its heart, discipline balanced with loving relationship. Step by step, with moderation rather than fanaticism and by experimenting with what suits you – rather than what suits another – are ways to work with nourishment wisely. This may include changing our habits of food consumption to ethical, organic, local and sustainable produce as much as we can. It may be about the willingness to redefine convenience to include that which contributes to health, rather than that which only saves time. It may also include noticing what we consume in the form of entertainment and information, and figuring out if it is really helping or hindering our spiritual growth. True spirituality is joyful and playful, it’s not hour, and it’s certainly not about no longer having any fun! What you will find as your spirit grows more present in your body and mind is that your sense of what used to be fun may not be so anymore. You may need something that brings more joy into your heart and your world.

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“I work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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