The Fifth Tarot Reading 2/5/2023

The Ten of Feathers card depicts the feathers of a sun conure on a golden mean spiral. The golden mean is the ratio that is found in all living things. It is a mathematical proportion that underlies the beauty inherent in nature. In the final card of Feathers, this beauty is evident in the new reality created through the lessons learned in this suit. The colorful feathers of the sun conure are beautiful rainbow prisms dancing in the dazzling light of the sun’s rays.

The sun is the emblem of the Solar Logos, which is the source of life and light. Like God, the sun eternally gives forth from itself without ever being diminished, establishing itself as the perfect symbol of the ineffable First Cause. The Solar Logos represents the heart of the cosmic pattern and the source of existence. The cosmos itself is a reflection of the logos, which exists here and now in the manifest world. Without the power of mind or the power of light, the created world is unaware of the higher realities even though it mirrors them.

Herein lies one of the higher truths of this card. When we give the mind power over the heart, we will never be able to perceive these higher realms. We simply cannot experience them because we vibrate at a different level. Only when the mind is governed by the heart will we resonate to the frequency of love that radiates from the Solar Logos.

Beauty and grace are found when you turn your mind and attention towards the light of the Solar Logos. You have been asked to step up to the highest sanctum of the cosmic mind and into the Christ consciousness within yourself. The cosmic Christ unites the psyche and the cosmos, merging the higher intellect with the heart.

The name “Christ” means “the anointed one.” All of us are anointed one. We are all cosmic Christs, other Christs. But what good is this if we do not know it? Everyone is a son or daughter of God, but very few believe or know it. We are all called, like the cosmic Christ, to radiate the divine presence to, with, and from one another.

You are of royal heritage, given your divine inheritance as a “sun” of God. Let the light of the Solar Logos shine through you and be the brightest light you can be.

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In the Five of Shells, we see a starfish, whose arms harbor five moon snail shells. As Fives are about change, this imagery suggests our inner emotional world is going through changes.

The Solar Logos, or universal mind, is bringing us into the fifth dimension, making us more and more connected to all that is. The Solar Logos, greater than our sun and at the center of our universe, is changing and so are we. As beings of light, we are stepped down energetically to incarnate in the third-dimensional realm. Yet we are never separate from what happens on a cosmic level.

Now as the Solar Logos is changing, we have seen a rise in solar flares. We can relate this to the flaring of emotions on our plane. When we remember that all emotions which come to the surface do so to be released and cleansed, we can move through the changes of the Five of Shells with grace and ease. In so doing, our vibrational energies are stepped up, allowing us to enter into the fifth-dimensional realm.

As the Five of Shells comes around, you are asked to look at what needs to be released for your continued growth and inner peace. As you release misconceptions from the old paradigm, you connect to your ancient encoding that is awakened in this cosmic moment. Through your connection to the moon and the stars, you are returning to your cosmic center. You feel great as you move closer to the truth of your divine being while still feeling deeply connected to the Earth Mother. By realizing unconditional love and compassion on this level, you may evolve even faster and rise above the sands of time.

You have chosen to be a part of the grand scheme evolving at this time. You are strong, resourceful and accumulate new information fast, which you then integrate into your crystalline structure. Your whole being becomes a filing system which, when viewed, shows your place in the whole of the cosmic beauty.

Your emotional life is at peace with what seems unknown, trusting that all is in divine order, and nurtured by the Mother. The Tao te Ching tells us that first there is the void, then chaos, and then nothing again. We are in those between times where all occurs. Slow and deliberate movement of this kind of sea life shows us the way to access the truth. The starfish at the center is a promise of new beginnings. The time of release is at hand for the unfolding of the ever-expanding universe. The view of the cosmos is changing, as scientific evidence shows that the earth may not be part of the Milky Way. This again asks us to let go of old concepts and embrace new possibilities.

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As Fives are about change, the Five of Feathers calls for openness to new ideas and experiences. The hummingbirds in this colorful mandala bring us a message of joy. They tell us not to fret; the change will lighten and brighten our life. Hummers are fast flyers, suggesting the change will be swift. And isn’t it true that everything seems to go more smoothly when we hum a little tune?

Hummingbirds can be quite feisty little creatures and are experts at defending their territory and protecting their nests and their young. This is important for us to understand when living our joy. Setting healthy boundaries, protecting our sacred space and nurturing our inner child allows us to be in our joy. From this place of joy, we blossom and radiate our joy to the world. Approaching life with the zest of the hummingbird we experience bursts of high energy that increase our frequencies. These higher vibrations, brought about by being in our joy, enhance our health and wellbeing.

Quantum physics tells us that when we focus on the object of our joy, it appears in a certain place. However, when we are not looking at the object, it exists in about three thousand places all at once. Coincidentally, there are approximately three hundred species of hummingbirds. When we share out joy, all we share returns to us tenfold, bringing us back to the principle just described – we can feel the joy exponentially. The hummingbird drinks the sweet nectar of life reminding us to do the same.

The Five of Feathers brings you an amazing message to be in your joy. Change is in the air. It is up to you to choose that which gives you the greatest joy. Like the feisty hummingbird, find the courage to live in joy and the blessings will abound.

What makes your heart sing? What brings a smile to your face and a skip to your step? It is important to give expression to that which brings you joy and allow that joy to radiate from you. Find the song you were meant to sing in life and sing it!

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