Lightworker Oracle 2/4/2023

Self-doubt can be a habit that is hard to break. It can slow down your spiritual progress and the fulfillment of your life purpose. Ultimately, it won’t stop you, but it can make your progress seem more challenging. It’s easier to fulfil your purpose when you acknowledge your own goodness and talent and do what you love to the best of your ability. Realize that you are enough, that your work is good and that you have something of value to offer. It is time to let go of fear of failure, concern about your ability and your right to live a happy and fulfilled life of success. The Universe believes in you.

You are being called to service beyond that which you have accomplished thus far. The is because you are ready, capable and willing to step up to another level of spiritual responsibility and freedom. Your mind, however, may question your ability. You may be afraid that you cannot perform well enough, that you are not skilled or experienced enough, that you are not as good as others or that you do not have enough value to offer. These are nothing more than wounded beliefs about your self-worth. It is time to recognize this wounding and not empower these beliefs as truths anymore. Be kind to your mind. It will be happier without such beliefs. You can free yourself from the pain they cause and become more realistic about your gifts and your potential. Now it is time for you to trust love more than your wounds.

As you release these old beliefs, you create more space within you to receive impressions of how you can most joyfully serve the greater good. No longer hampered by undermining and draining beliefs in self-doubt, you will have more energy to act on your intuitions and guidance.

If at any time you find yourself blocked by fear or performance anxiety, it can be helpful to release these blocks by simply asking yourself how you could best serve the greater good at this time. The answer to this question will never be to shrink back in fear! It will always be to choose belief over doubt. It will be to move ahead. To take the opportunity offered to you are a vote of confidence from the Universe. This realization will bring you peace of mind so you can resume your progress and share what you have with the world.

If you have been working hard, taking the opportunities that have come to you and are still feeling as though you are not quite where you wish to be in terms of fulfilling your life purpose and divine destiny, you are now asked to acknowledge all that you have attained so far. Acknowledge all the people you have assisted in your own special way, all the positive influence of love that you have added to the collective human soul through your willingness to take your spiritual journey, open your heart and care about life on Earth. Your spiritual service has been noticed by the spiritual worlds, and you will be empowered to serve in increasingly beautiful ways. Your service is already successful and will only increase in potency, power and peace.

Invocation: Universe, I love you. How can I serve you? I accept love’s protection and love’s purpose in my heart, in my life. Love empowers and protects me, gives me purpose and passion, peace and play. I believe in love. I am love, and I believe in me! May the joy of helping others give me energy and courage to continue to serve and grow spiritually. May all beings receive your love and be healed through your grace. May all those who want to serve be empowered through mercy, compassion, joy and love to do so for the greatest good. Through my own free will, so be it.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Being open to receive is a way to gain empowerment, strength and all manner of assistance. To enhance receptivity, it can be helpful to de-clutter and cleanse your energy field. This allows for that which is not rightfully yours to be shed. Sometimes, this will include the disowned thoughts and feelings of others. When you release these thoughts and feelings, a spaciousness will grow within you. Then you can receive more of what is rightfully meant for you – your divine good, in all ways.

An open, sensitive persons can easily become energetically overloaded. From physical pain to emotional and psychological tension, an overload does not feel good! You may even feel like you are carrying others on your back – or in your head! The added weight can drag your naturally light vibration down into anguish, doubt, fear or despair. your inner vision, too, may be obscured by the overload. That can make it hard to discern what is yours and what belong to another.

Whether experiencing overload to your system is an unusual occurrence for you, or you have a tendency to absorb and process others’ energies (common for healers, psychics and mediums, artists and other sensitive, open people), you will benefit from a spiritual cleansing. Afterwards, you may feel less inclined to connect with particular people or work on certain ideas – even if they seemed very important before the cleanse. This means that you are freeing yourself from other’s input and discerning the true priorities of your own heart.

To accept a spiritual cleansing now, repeat the invocation below and then relax for as long as you need. You can repeat the invocation daily, for three days or up to three weeks, if you feel that you need it. Your rest can be for several minutes or up to a half hour for even deeper clearing.

Pay particular attention to what you sense immediately after your cleansing. It is a time when you may become very aware of just who or what has been draining you, and be able to lovingly but firmly say, “You must leave my energy field now, and not return without my express verbal permission. Of my own free will, so be it.”

This oracle is also confirmation for those of you who have been questioning if a relationship, person or situation has been draining you or transferring negative energies or thoughts into your energy field. Your insights are correct, and you can now use this energy clearing process to remove the cords of attachment and release any negative energy from that person or situation.

Invocation: I call upon unconditionally loving divine protection. The sacred chamber of light, the merkaba of divine light, is around me now. I choose of my own free will, under divine authority and grace, to release any and all connections, content and contaminants that do not serve me, through unconditional love. I choose, of my own free will, to take my life journey in the most joyful and loving way possible. I open to divine grace for cleansing and protection of my integrity at all times. I am free to simply be in the truth of me. May all beings be blessed and protected! May all beings be happy and free. Through my own free will, so be it.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Archangel Michael loves you unconditionally and serves your soul journey. He brings you a spiritual gift now, the Key of Light. This key allows you to open any door, clear away any obstruction and free yourself from any prison or enslavement – physical, emotional or psychological. there is no need for you to feel trapped or locked out of a situation you want to get into. You now hold within your hand a divine key that will assist you in many ways.

Archangel Michael has a message for you: You have the power of the Divine in you. You have the ability to free yourself, no matter whether it seem that another person, a set of circumstances, or the entire world holds more power than you. Your power of freedom is unconditional. It doesn’t require that outer circumstances change in order for you to be free – though as you choose freedom, outer circumstances often change radically.

For now, to be free, use the Key of Light. This means staying true to what you know for yourself. Gently and lovingly assert your truth now. Do not cave into naysayers and fear generators; most especially do not collapse under your own old fears or doubts. Gentle and persistently cleaving to the light within will bring you through any apparent obstacle, free you from any apparent prison and ensure your divine destiny is fulfilled. All doors shall be opened to you. You are being given a gift of unconditional grace.

Step back and radiate love from your center. That is your way. You do not have to betray your spirituality to fight. You can fight with love and trust and that can be your way as a spiritual warrior. In each moment you choose love and trust, you are fighting the good fight. You are learning that love is expressed in no as much as in yes – for when you fight against those who want you to deny the truth, you are standing clear and strong in loving truth. Michael helps you realize the strength that you already have within you to do this.

This oracle is a message for you to trust in your ability to triumph, right now. You are the key to success! You must believe in yourself. You don’t have to force a door to open. In perfect time, according to divine grace, all doors will open for you.

Your dreams and actions will prove themselves in time. No person, place or thing has any power to hold you back. The Key of Light is spiritual permission from the Universe to succeed in your life mission. You shall not be kept back from your divine destiny. You shall be empowered to succeed.

Refuse to give up on your dreams. This may mean freeing yourself from situations or relationships that have enslaved or controlled you. When you are ready, this can be done with great gentleness, compassion and strength. Free yourself with love, not fear. You may need to lock doors to the past behind you. With divine empowerment, you can completely and utterly allow the past to be over. You will find that new doors can then be unlocked for you.

Invocation: I call upon Archangel Michael and the Key of Light. I give thanks for the divine gift of liberation from any restraining circumstance. I give thanks for the opportunity to completely close any door I choose and open any door I choose. I am grateful to the loving encouragement of the Universe reminding me that I will be successful in fulfilling my divine life purpose. May I be assisted by unconditional love to use my power of freedom with wisdom. May all beings be blessed by the grace of the Divine, so that the past ceases to hold them in pain and new opportunities of love can be accepted. May humanity open the door to light and love within. Through my own free will, and the unconditionally loving guides that serve human evolution, so be it.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

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“I work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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