Foxfire Kitsune Oracle 2/2/2023

There is a possibility that you need to be cautious and careful at the moment – for what looks like a good situation, a friendly person, or an offer too good to refuse is disguised. There is no need to fear but take your time and do not make commitments until you have investigated all that you can and received good advice from a trusted source. Kitsune, in the main, can be trusted, and this particular Kitsune is coming to you to advise you to take care, hold back, and think before you act. “Think” does not mean to worry or to fret, but to rely upon wisdom, rather than what you would like to be true. Do not be naive, do not act rashly and foolishly, and examine carefully what is before you. You may find you will be very glad that you hesitated and took stock, rather than simply going with what you wish.

This is going to be challenging, for many of us are overcoming our own mistrust of the possibility, but in order to be a whole being, we must acknowledge that not all that takes place is in our best interests. And in this situation, there is a possibility that there is a person who is acting in a way that will only benefit them, without taking into consideration your needs. So be wary, think carefully, act wisely, and seek out advice that can be of assistance before coming to a decision.

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There are times when we must retreat from the world as it seems to be, for we are more caught up in its oppressions and illusions than we know, and in time, we can lose that wilder part of our soul. The childlike part that draws nourishment from the natural world is overwhelmed at present, and if we do not attend to this inner wild one’s need, there will be a high price to pay. So, when this card comes, know that the world in which we are tested again and again against harshness and endurance can only be borne by finding of its antidote – a hidden place where we can go and replenish the wild child within us, so they can come back to life in our everyday world once again.

You will know of the need to do this when you have not felt happy, truly happy, for some time, or when what we call work dominates the precious moments of your life. It is when our mood sours and curls up, and a quiet hostility and shard of resentment have worked their bitter way into our souls. These are your signs that you need the blessings of retreat, of silence, of solitude, of safety, and peace. There is too much in the world that you have felt you must endure – this card asks you to treat yourself with more sensitivity and to gift yourself time out from the hammer of the world.

Whether this place is within, through meditation or quiet contemplation, or outside, a place where you can go and be for a time without criticism, know that you are not too thin-skinned. You are not weak. You are a delicate being, and you must address the pain within through the finding of a safe space – which the Kitsune realms are full of – to bring the wild one, the strong one within back to life so it can take its place at the center of your beautiful existence once again. Let the Kitsune guide you to a safe space. Do not neglect your own soul. Do not forsake your own precious self. You are a treasure, yes, even in all your fragility and you are loved beyond you means.

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Sleep no more, soul child. The time for rest is done – and now you are awakened to action by the great Golden Dragon of the Day, ancient friend to the Kitsune. In the realms unseen by most humans, forgotten by nearly all humans, there are great dragons who stand at the edge of the day’s birth and death, helping all within the realm to arise and awaken to the blessings of each day – and when this card comes to you, you know you are being called to arise and awaken to a new day within your life. You are called to awaken to your own belief and your own knowledge, to the truth of your own soul, and to rise up and embrace it all – to know your worth and your beauty and to shine it our through the day before you.

Treat this as a new time, even when it contains old stories, as it is still a great and beautiful opportunity to take all that is within you and make the very most of all that is. When this card comes to you, it is a reminder, too, that there are parts of you which are asleep or resting – dormant, and under-loved, under-lived – and they must now be awakened. Think now, Seeker, on the dreams and wishes you sent to sleep over the years. Let them now gently awaken, one by one, as the days before you unfold, so that they come to life again, not as dreams and ideas any longer, but as events and experiences that become your life. Awaken to your power. Awaken to your sleeping soul. And arise like this great Dragon of the Day and call out to the world that you are coming into it this day, fearlessly, ready to live fully and embrace the adventures of this gift called life.

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“I work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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