Magic of Unicorns Oracle 1/30/2023

This card suggests that you are ready to start on another phase of your life. Before you take a step forward or possibly look for a new direction, your guidance is to open your heart and mind to all possibilities.

This is important, so take some time to think about your future. What makes your heart sing? What gives you true satisfaction and fulfillment? Reflect on these questions before you commit to the next part of your journey. Ask your unicorn to touch your third eye with its horn of light to enable you to decide exactly where you are going and what you really want to create or accomplish.

Consider or write down the attributes you require to bring about your dream. These may be charisma, determination, strength, inner peace or any number of other qualities. As you focus on developing the positive energies you need, your unicorn will light them up in your aura. This will attract a cornucopia of good things to you.

Your vibration and that of the planet are rising, and time is speeding up, so be prepared to accelerate towards your goal with the assistance of your gracious unicorn. Everything is unfolding in divine order.

Receive unicorn qualities for your vision: Sit quietly and invoke your beautiful unicorn. Sense a magnificent shimmering white horse in front of you. Gentle reach out a hand to touch it and feel the connection between you. Tell it about your vision with enthusiasm. Your unicorn nods to acknowledge it has heard you. It bends its head and touches your forehead with its horn of light. Feel pure unicorn qualities pouring in to support your dream. Picture your next step as if it has already happened. Relax and integrate the energy. Thank your unicorn.

Affirmation: “My unicorn leads me towards my dream.”

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This is a card of self-discovery. Your soul is unique and special. For thousands of years, you have been on your own individual journey and developed your gifts and qualities. You are naturally drawn to doing the things that make you feel good. you may derive soul satisfaction from gardening, for example, or singing or writing. You may express your soul through playing sport, composing music, flying a plane or designing a house.

In the Golden Era of Atlantis, a baby’s aura was examined to discover the talents of its soul. Then the child was encouraged to do what it loved and was good at. This meant it felt confident and satisfied at a deep level. Currently you have to discover your gifts for yourself, so your unicorn guidance is to look within. If you cannot find your gifts, be aware that your unicorn knows what they are. Ask it to bring them forward. It will help reveal the individual magic of your destiny, so that the sun can shine in your life.

However little time you have for yourself, create space to do more of what you truly enjoy. Express your soul. When you do so, the universe brings forward new possibilities.

Find your soul gifts: When you were a child, what were you good at? What did you want to do when you grew up? What do you enjoy doing? How can you do more of this now? Close your eyes and invoke your unicorn. Tell it you wish to find true soul satisfaction. Ask it to touch your forehead with its horn of light. Sense your third eye lighting up. Trust that your soul gifts are being brought forward. Thank your unicorn.

Affirmation: “I am satisfied at a deep soul level.”

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Receiving this card draws your attention to the eagle. It prompts you to soar high like an eagle, see everything from the highest perspective and be ready to take action in a moment. It also reminds you to be a master and take full responsibility for your life and everything you attract into it.

Your unicorn guidance is to rise above any challenges or difficult situations. So, rise high. Move beyond the mental and emotional into the spiritual. Respond to everything according to the spiritual laws of the universe.

The card of enlightenment also calls on you to use discernment and discrimination in all things. Enlightenment is a function of the third eye chakra, which holds 96 lessons in a spiral of chambers. Unicorns are fully enlightened being and pure light radiates from their third eye. They use this light to awaken you. Call on your unicorn to touch your third eye with its horn of light and illuminate it.

We all go through the Veil of Amnesia when we incarnate. Your unicorn will help you to dissolve any of the seven Veils of Illusion that are still in place. Ask it to do so.

Remove the Veils of Illusion: Ask your unicorn to stand in front of you and illuminate your third eye. It touches your third eye with its horn of light. It dissolves the red Seventh Veil so that you see things from a higher perspective. It dissolves the yellow Sixth Veil so you can believe in and trust the unicorns and spiritual realms. It dissolves the pink Fifth Veil so that you open your heart. It dissolves the blue-green Fourth Veil so that you truly understand the natural world. It dissolves the deep blue Third Veil so that you believe in Oneness. It dissolves the violet Second Veil so that you achieve enlightenment. It dissolves the crystal-clear First Veil so that you experience mastery.

Affirmation: “I act as an enlightened master.”

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