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It’s okay to feel uncomfortable emotions: sadness, loneliness, fear, anger, resentment, anxiety, depression, etc. These low vibrational emotions are meant to show us what isn’t working in our lives, to give us incentives to grow spiritually into a happier, kinder existence. They are lessons in human reality, not feelings to stuff away to emerge later as dis-ease.

However, we give so much power to these low vibrational emotions, we do all we can to avoid feeling them. We seek relief in alcohol, recreational drugs, pharmaceutical drugs, sexual experiences, anything we can find to take our mind off of them. We seek professional counseling for some of them. Diversions and distractions become our way of handling any feeling that make us feel bad or the scare us.

The more we resist lower emotional feelings, the more they persist. When we sit with them and allow them to just be without getting more upset and involved with them, we take their power over us away. They are not punishments or signs that we are slightly crazy. They are just our conditioned responses to different circumstances in our lives. The conditioning comes from different sources, our parents, society, friends, television shows, teachers and anyone who has some sort of influence on our lives. It doesn’t matter who or where they come from. They are not innate ways to handle situations. They are all learned.

We can learn different ways to deal with uncomfortable situations. The first step is to really become aware of our reactions to them. Awareness leads to putting a halt on them before they really get activated. Once we are aware of how we conditionally react to events, we can change our habitual behaviors. It does take a concentrated effort on our part; we must really desire to change our reactions. The effort we put into change is worth every step we take.

It’s okay to follow your dreams, what you desire to experience in your life. You did not come here to live another’s expectations for you. You do not have to follow in someone else’s footprints if you are not called to do so. You did not come here to live someone else’s version of you. You are here to live and experience life how you envision it, to live your dreams, to make mistakes and learn from them, to love, have your heart broken and heal to love again. Your life is yours to create however you see it. Do not another person lead you off on the wrong path for you.

The problem begins when we are young children. We look up to our parents, grandparents, teachers or anyone else of influence in our lives. We simply don’t know any better than to follow their guidance when we are young. We are sponges ready to soak up any information we are given, regardless of whether it is true for us or not. We take on the teachings of the society we are born into as truth and it is usually not until we reach adulthood that we make better choices for ourselves, when we begin to question what we have been taught from infanthood.

As we grow, we begin to form our own opinions, our own desires and likes and dislikes. It is important to follow our personal desires and dreams. They are a huge part of our life experience on planet Earth. We are given the ability to choose what is right for us, what we want to experience and how we experience those choices. Hopefully, we experience happiness from our choices and if we don’t, we can make new, better choices for our lives.

It’s okay to go against the control of societal rules yet do no harm to others in the following of your truth. Society wants us all to be the same, following the same set of rules on how to behave, how to dress, what to do for work, what to eat, who to associate with, what pastimes to follow and who to believe in. Society likes cookie-cutter people who abide by the dictates of a few who think they have the moral authority over everyone.

Be prepared to meet with resistance to following your truth. Know that there will be some who will openly criticize your choices. Know that you may be ridiculed for the clothes you wear, your hair style, your new friends. Understand that your personal beliefs will be questioned and mocked by those who follow another’s philosophies.

Allow no one to take your truth from you and replace it with what they consider to be ‘the true and righteous path”. Stand strong in your convictions. Be brave enough to walk away from those who would hijack your thoughts and feelings. There is never a need to explain yourself to those whose minds are already controlled by self-proclaimed leaders who seek power over the populace.

It’s okay to live a life of your choosing, as long as it doesn’t infringe on the rights of anyone else and harms no one by the living of it. Never listen to the naysayers. When you take a good look at their life, are they happy, successful, loving life or are they miserable, working at a job they hate just for the money and have no true friends? Why would you listen to someone who obviously has not tasted success in being human?

You didn’t come into this life to be a copy of another person. You came with your own dreams, your own personality, your own way to learn and experience life on planet Earth. You have your own talents and gifts. No matter what someone else says or thinks you should do, they are yours to be brought forth and shared with the world. All that is important to you should be part of your life. If it makes you happy in your heart, it is yours to claim.

There are many famous people who followed their dreams to great success. It depends on what your definition of success is. Society says many things about success; you have to go to college to be successful; you need to have just the right job, marry the right person and so much more. This all works in a cookie-cutter world where everyone is expected to be a round peg to fit in a round hole. But now all of us are round pegs. Some of us are square or rectangle or triangle shaped. We are meant to fit into what society says we must do.

There is great freedom in being who you are once you move past trying to please everyone and what they say you are. Deep down inside, you know who you are and what you came here to do, be and have. Follow your heart, follow your dreams and follow what makes you happy. In this way, you will contribute to the well-being of the planet and yourself.

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