The Magic of Unicorns Oracle 1/19/2023

OPEN YOUR HEART, Love yourself. Dare to be vulnerable. There are 33 chambers in your heart chakra, all containing lessons of love. Your heart is open to the extent that you have mastered these. A warm and loving heart enfolds other people so that they feel safe and loved, and in return they love you. As your heart opens and you feel free to share your feelings, you also allow yourself to be vulnerable, so people immediately trust you and feel close to you.

This card reminds you to be generous and giving of yourself. Your guidance is to breathe into your heart and ask your unicorn to illuminate this center with its horn of diamond light. When it pours pure love into all the chambers of this chakra and lights them up, this dissolves any old hurts or block you may still have.

Most important of all, appreciate yourself. Be kind to yourself. Feel your heart becoming warm and expansive. Your unicorn is reminding you that when you love and value yourself, any lower emotions dissolve in the glow of your inner worth. Then you become caring and compassionate towards humans and animals. You radiate unconditional love and acceptance towards all sentient beings, and they respond with kindness. You see the loving essence of others and your path becomes happier.

Opening your heart is the greatest possible way to light up your journey, for an open heart attracts help, kindness, true friendships and all the support you need from the human, animal and angelic worlds.

Open your heart: Close your eyes and focus on your heart chakra. Rub your chest and sense it becoming warm. Visualize the spiral of 33 chambers. Ask your unicorn to illuminate them all. See the light spreading until your entire heart chakra is ablaze. Breathe into the experience. Thank your unicorn.

Affirmation: ‘My unicorn lights up my heart.’

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

COSMIC SAPPHIRE: Act with honor and integrity. Speak your truth. This card brings a message of personal empowerment and calls on you to decide what is right for you. Be true to yourself, no matter what. Archangel Michael and your unicorns will merge their energy in order to illuminate you.

While physical sapphires are powerful, cosmic ones hold Archangel Michael’s light at an even higher frequency. They are the palest translucent white-blue and carry the light of higher communication, power and integrity combined with wisdom, knowledge and the ability to take action. They also radiate Source love.

Archangel Michael is in charge of the development of the throat chakras of humanity, so when you visualize a cosmic sapphire in your throat, it expands and illuminates this sensitive spiritual center. Its facets cut away old fears and patterns and allow the highest qualities of your communication center to blossom. The ultimate lessons of this chakra are: “Trust in God” and “Trust in yourself”.

A cosmic sapphire brings you into alignment with your God self, so choose something your wish to say, do or accomplish. Then invoke a cosmic sapphire and sit or stand within it, knowing that it brings you total protection, courage, and the strength to speak your truth. Say what you need to say. Do what you need to do. Truth and integrity have such a high resonance that others will feel your honesty and respond accordingly. You will also have the courage and power to protect those who are vulnerable.

Work with a cosmic sapphire: Breathe in and out of your throat chakra. Ask Archangel Michael to place a cosmic sapphire there. See your unicorn illuminate it with beautiful love. Sense the cosmic sapphire growing bigger until you are inside it. You can speak or act with honor, courage and truth. Visualize yourself doing so. Picture a positive outcome beyond your greatest expectation.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

BE A BEACON: Be an inspiration. Light the way for others. This is the card of the way-shower, for you are a beacon, a light who illuminates the path for others and gives them hope. As a spiritual flame, you hold within your energy fields the keys and codes of the knowledge, information and wisdom that you have earned on your soul journey. Without you being consciously aware of it, your aura reaches out and awakens gift, qualities and hidden possibilities in those around you.

When your unicorn illuminates your aura, your light sparkles and your presence alone can lift people energetically and make them feel better. You will find many are drawn to you. You don’t have to do anything. Just be yourself, for you are already helping many to wake up spiritually.

This is an important task and your guidance is to shine your light more strongly. To do so, make sure you are properly grounded. Be positive. Smile and be happy. Ask Archangel Gabriel to pour shimmering diamond light into you and your unicorn to fill your aura with Christ Light. Then radiate this divine light. When you do so, the heavens can see you and not only will unicorns and angels bestow grace upon you, but many great masters and illumined guides will approach you in order to help you or work with you. You have every reason to be delighted with your spiritual progress.

Become a beacon: Relax and invoke your unicorn. See yourself near the top of a hill. You are standing tall and straight, with roots going down into the earth. Your aura is a bright flame around you. Your unicorn is igniting it and it is becoming enormous. Your flame is lighting the way for many. Fingers of energy are reaching out from you to touch others. How does this feel?

Affirmation: ‘I am a beacon of light.’

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

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