Do Angels Ever Cry?

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As I was meditating this morning, a question came to my attention, and I am still wondering about it. Do angels ever cry? Do they ever shake their heads in despair over the human condition and all that humans do to avoid growing, to avoid the pain of healing themselves?

I imagine one standing before Creator, head bowed with tears running down their face, saying “I’ve tried so hard, Lord, to do the best I can on my mission of being a guardian angel, yet they still are so headstrong and obstinate. They do not see my signs nor hear my whispers of guidance, of encouragement, of love. I feel that I am not fulfilling my mission. They cannot see the truth when it hits them in the face.”  

Creator answers, “I know, I feel your frustration. It is because I have given them freewill that they do not hear or see the signs. Most of them don’t even believe in the fact that they do indeed have a guardian angel to guide them. You could drop a boulder on them to get their attention and they would think it came from an evil power because they had been bad in some way.”

“But Lord, is there nothing we can do to alleviate this situation in some way? Will they ever learn, will their attention ever turn within to see how much assistance they are given on a daily basis to help them?” the angel asks.

“Keep trying and have faith that someday, somehow, the Divine Light and Love may awake within them and show them the truth of their lives, that they are divine beings who are brave enough to be born onto a planet that is a school of higher knowledge with many, many lessons to learn over many lifetimes of experience. Changes are happening right now, and many are discovering the truth and experiencing a more productive way to go through their life lessons.

“I know that you are doing the best you can, and humans are a hard-headed lot. But you know the truth. You must also keep your faith strong and trust that the Divine Plan is being carried out across planet Earth. I love you.” God replies.

“Thank you, Divine Creator. I will remember your kind words and continue to do my best at all times, no matter the circumstance.” The angel steps forward to receive a hug from the creator of all things.

Guidance is available to us at all times. We hear it when we can quiet the ego mind’s chatter enough to experience the silence within.

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