Dark Night of the Soul, 1/9/2023

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( Freedom )

Another dark night of the soul. Such BS!! I am tired and shaky within my body this morning. Yet the realizations are sinking in; people can only love us from their level of understanding. They cannot give to us what is beyond their capacity to give.

There are innate things all humans require; touch is one of them. We cannot touch ourselves and elicit the same response we feel from a hug, having our hand held or a kiss. If we become angry or feel hurt when a person cannot/does not give us what we need, whose fault is it? The one who cannot give or us who is not receiving what we need?

Anger can either destroy with intense flames or burn cold, causing us to change how we perceive another’s actions. In the end, it is our perception that causes us pain. It is the only thing we can change in a relationship. We cannot make another do what we need them to give to us willingly if they don’t have it to give.

So, what is the lesson here? Do I keep expecting someone to give me what I need or walk away? I can go for quite a while without this being an issue and then wham! Out of the blue, there it is again. Same pain, same anger, same emotional response to my innate needs not being met.

My life has been progressing quite well. I have no major complaints or issues other than this. I am engaged in satisfying service to the collective. I have wonderful close friends who are loving and supportive. I have been extremely happy. Is it time to move on, giving up on others and changing how I respond to their lack of actions? Perhaps it is.

Life is a learning experience. We learn through our daily experiences, remembering that we are in charge of how we respond to these daily experiences. I choose to be free and to accept what I cannot change. I will do what is right for me and my personal happiness, my joy in living. I can love myself unconditionally even when another cannot.

This is all within my power as a divine sovereign being, created in pure love that only comes from my Divine Creator. I am enough and so is this love.

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There is nothing freer than a young foal learning how to jump and run as fast as it can.

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