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Awareness, Acceptance, Authenticity

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Awareness comes to us when we begin to realize that we are more than just a human being. Through the daily living of our lives, we gain knowledge that there is more to this life than we can see through our physical eyes. Perhaps your culture contains at its very core the recognition that we all are an individual soul, that we are all part of a greater reality and that we are intimately connected with our Creator. Awareness brings to us the understanding that everything is sacred, created by the Divine Spirit out of love for the act of creation.

The desire for awareness of who we are and of our place in the cosmos allows us to grow into greater consciousness as a soul having a human experience. When we see everything as sacred, we are kinder, gentler with our environment, the people we share life with and most importantly, more compassionate with ourselves.

It is the understanding that we are more than just humans each having an individual experience of life on earth that brings us the truth, that we are here to grow and learn as souls. Acceptance helps us to realize that all paths followed are valid for growth. We cannot judge another for their actions when we do not know what their life lessons are. This does not mean that we tolerate what people do out of spiritual ignorance on this earth plane. Their actions are more about them than about what they do to us.

Acceptance is recognizing that some things cannot be changed. We can take a stand and demand that people change so that we feel better about them. But people only change when they truly want to for themselves and not for someone else. Some things are meant to be, and others are not. If you desire love from a person who does not feel that way, you cannot force them to love you. You can allow them to feel what they feel and free yourself from further grief over a lack of love from them.

The life we choose to live for ourselves, from our heart center, leads us to a more authentic way of being in the world. We follow our hearts desire and create our version of who we are, not the version our parents or others want us to be. We become who we came here to be, a sovereign being living and growing under the conditions of this planet.

When you allow yourself to genuinely be yourself with all your quirks, good and bad qualities, gifts and talents, you present an accurate representation of yourself to the world. And when you live who you are, it opens space for others to become who they are, through your acceptance of them. Authenticity brings us to a state of joy through the freedom we experience as our genuine self. No more pretending to be someone we’re not. No more worrying that others will notice how fake we are. We free ourselves from the burden of trying to be who we’re not.

Awareness brings acceptance of our authentic self.

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