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Our hearts are for loving but when they are damaged by the trauma of life experiences, when they are broken by heartache and when we build great walls of protection around them, the walls also keep love out. We cannot experience it fully and completely. It becomes harder to give love and even more difficult to receive love.

This self-induced protection might make it possible for us to live our lives and to function daily, but we are not truly living a human life. Humans are designed with love and created to be love. The greatest power of all is that of love. It contains the power to destroy and the power to heal. How we perceive it has to do with our life, what we experience and how we react to it.

Our lack of understanding is a societal product. Many of us are raised in cultures that worship at the altar of material objects, of personal success and in a godless belief system. We are not taught the truth about our creation and of the endless love from our creator for us. We are not shown how truly special we are, each with our individual gifts and talents. We are not allowed to grow into who we came here to be, but instead, are guided to follow our culture’s dictates as to how we should be.

The health of our heart is often tied into physical ailments. A broken heart that does not function as it should, causes parts of our body to be affected. If we do not feel love for ourselves, there can be no optimum health within our body. If we are in emotional pain, that pain affects us physically. A lack of self-love causes our immune system to be weakened. A lack of self-love makes us feel unworthy of love from another.

Inspired and consistent inner work is required to tear down the walls we build. When we understand that we are not meant to live a life of suffering from broken and damaged hearts is the beginning of the healing process. We have to want to live a good life before we can start to make small changes in our perception. Wounds do heal on their own but the scar tissue covering an injury never goes away unless we make a conscious effort to heal completely.

The moment we decide to change our personal opinion accelerates the healing process. We need to invite faith and divine guidance into our lives. We need to review and work on changing our beliefs, many of which come from adults who wanted to control us. An assessment of what we do believe shows us where the beliefs came from. A belief is not set in stone. We can change what we choose to believe for the benefit of our life.

The more we can align our personal beliefs with universal truths, the more we bring healing into our heart and lives. Time spent investigating in what the universal truths are is well-worth the time. These truths are timeless and are not man-made. Their function is to serve as a pathway to spiritual freedom as we live human lives.

Our bodies are self-healing. A cut on your finger will heal just fine on its own. Broken hearts do heal but it is difficult to do this and to remove layers of scar tissue surrounding them. We become used to the pain over time, accepting it as part of life.  Emotional healing requires self-introspection and a great desire to heal. It is a sincere desire to feel better, to once again believe in love that causes us to explore ways to heal our hearts.

The past few years have been hard on us as humans. But the New Year brings new energy that we can use to empower us into healing our hearts. Only we know the truth of why our hearts are in pain. The ability to heal ourselves lies within our hearts, within the pain that resides there. Decide now, accept the fact that you have the strength to do the work. Your desire will show you the way. All you need to do is to follow the guidance that comes from within your heart. You will be shown how to heal yourself.  

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