Countdown to 2023, Day 4

Past, Present, Predict

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The end of this year is swiftly coming. A review of the year from where you presently stand gives you a sense of just how much you have grown and how far you have come from where you were last January. Take a walk in your mind, stopping in each month to remember the lessons as well as the good times. If you keep a journal, this will help you to go over your actions and recognize what worked and what didn’t.

Reviewing your journal helps you to see the patterns in your life. If you keep repeating patterns that no longer serve your higher purpose and growth, identifying them assists in detaching from them. Patterns often reveal themselves in habitual ways of reacting to certain situations. Detaching from your patterns will be easier if you have a new way of facing uncomfortable conditions.

The present is your point of power, where you can make lasting changes in the ways you deal with life. Change is often resisted as it is difficult to create new ways of being. However, if you are willing to do the work required to effectively change something, the results are well worth the effort. Your personal power becomes stronger as you meet the challenges designed to inhibit your success. When you transform into a new version of yourself, the knowledge gained sustains you in difficult situations.

As you continue to work in the present moment, redesigning your life in your image, the intentions you set create a new you in the future. You can predict what will happen in the next moment or the next week, month or year. The actions you take today determine the future for you. To clarify this, if you are grumpy in the present moment, the following moments will most likely contain more grumpiness. If you are filled with joy, joy will continue as long as you are filled with joy.

You hold your life in your hands. The decisions you made in the past do affect your present. This should allow you to understand how you create your life. Better choices and decisions create a better life. Being aware of how well your life is working for you shows you where you are succeeding or failing to live a happy, wonderful life. Your intentions are your predictions for the future.

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