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Forgive, Forget, Freedom

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There is no way to get around it. People do and say things that hurt another’s feelings. Most of the time, they don’t even realize that someone was upset as people are so good at covering up how they feel. To do so would show that they are vulnerable. Few people are willing to expose their soft underbelly in many situations, mostly out of fear of further attack. And in actuality, it takes a very strong person, one who stands in the full power of their integrity and inner strength, to come from a place of love in their defense.

Because we are fearful of confronting someone who has hurt our feelings, we carry that pain around with us, unable to let it go. Often we are as mad at ourselves for what we could have, should have said at the time of the incident, as we are with the other person. One excellent way to diffuse and eliminate hurt or angry emotions is through forgiveness.

To forgive takes understanding and realizing that they may or may not know that they have hurt you. But you know and if the hurt you feel will just not dissipate on its own, forgiveness is called for. This is not something you do for the person you perceive as having hurt you. Forgiveness is what you do for yourself so you can release and heal from the incident and move on.

How you feel is the only thing you can control. When you forgive yourself, you will begin to heal. Give yourself some grace for being human, for not always standing up for yourself, for being gullible and believing in someone. There is nothing you can do that you cannot forgive yourself for. Facing the consequences of your actions or lack of them, helps you learn to make changes in how you deal with some situations.

Forgiveness allows you to move forward without continuing to feel hurt inside. If someone has repeatedly hurt you, forgive them and remove them from your life. There is no need to undergo repeated offences. Release them and the need for them in your life. Time will heal you and eventually you will be able to forget the situation and the pain, as well as the person.

Forgive and forget the incident. Much freedom is gained through forgiveness. Negative emotions remaining fade away with the passing of time. The incident now has little power over you. You feel stronger from having the courage to forgive yourself. You have less to worry about or concern yourself with. Your mind clears and can concentrate on much happier things. A quieter mind focused on what is good and beneficial to you, creates better days ahead for you. And that is a very good thing.

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