Countdown to 2023

Day 6: Review, Release, Rejoice

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2022 has been a year of finding our way in a world that has vastly changed, including ourselves. Difficult times challenge us to grow and expand, to undergo spiritual growth and to find our way through, in spite of any fear or doubt.

Looking back, we see the times when we have given in to the darkness of emotional instability, lost confidence in our choices and felt alone in our struggle to create a life of fulfillment. Each experience of setback and defeat has been a test to see how well we handle these situations. There is no failure, only the discovery of the deeper truth within us.

When we look at all that did go right for us, the moments when we felt safe and loved, when we succeeded and reached a personal goal, we realize we can get through the dark times and find the light again. Allow these memories to flow through you and fill you with a power that will sustain you through any dark times to come.

Once you have reviewed the past year and have acknowledged the lessons you overcame, there is no need to keep regurgitating the bad times, no need to keep beating yourself up over mistakes you cannot change. One way to release any lower vibrational emotions is to write them down on a piece of paper and then burn the list. Watch the smoke dissipate into nothing, allowing unpleasant memories to go with it.

Rejoice and savor the good times when you overcame a difficult challenge. Really congratulate yourself with thoughts of praise and acknowledge the wisdom gained from the hardship and adversity. Appreciate all that you have come through and the personal power gained over your fears and irrational thoughts. Recognize the mastery gained from staying the course and finding your way through it all.

There is much to celebrate as this year winds down to its conclusion.

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