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Loving others begins as a process of reaching across the boundaries that separate people and opening yourself to a true oneness of spirit where experience is shared, where you meet kindred souls moving through lives not so different from your own. Once the gateways to all possibilities have opened, your life with be filled with extraordinary shifts and changes. ‘Love and Power’ Lynn V. Andrews

One of the blessings that I have experienced due to Covid restrictions is that I have had to opportunity to meet people from all over the world. Africa, Brazil, Australia, the Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, England, Japan, the Philippines, China, India, Romania, Canada, Kenya, South Africa, El Salvador, Croatia and so many more. Through Zoom meetings and phone calls, the one thing that stands out to me is that no matter where we are in this big wide world called Earth, we are more alike than not.

I’m not well traveled outside of the United States. I have been to Mexico, Tokyo, Japan and Costa Rica. In these countries, I met travelers from other countries as well as the inhabitants of the region. Everywhere I went, I was greeted with only kindness and inclusion, from wonderful people with generosity and love in their hearts who welcomed me into their lives for a short time.

I have received the same kindness and acceptance from the people on all the Zoom meetings over the span of the last two years. Even with the time differences and miles between us, it has been made evident to me that we are so much more alike than not. It doesn’t seem to matter where someone lives, there are certain similarities that are represented across the world. Humans, for the most part, are good people.

This gives me great hope for the future of our home, our Mother Earth. If we could get our governments out of our lives and let us live as we choose, with creator-given freedoms for all, the world would be heaven-like. If we were taught universal laws and not man-made laws, we would know that all life is sacred and has a right to be here.

Unfortunately, fear grips this planet like a small child clings to its mother when it is afraid. Fear causes people to behave in ways that they never would in the absence of fear. It’s a sad state of affairs, to live on a planet that is so beautiful with so amazing inhabitants spread out across it, that is so encumbered by fear. There are many causes of fear in our lives. Some we can change and others we have no control over.

However, we can each make the choice on our own, to overcome the fears we experience. We can choose to stay grounded and centered, to learn to keep our emotions positive and upbeat. We can be beacons of light for those who are blind to all that is good, all that is kind and all that comes from an open, loving heart. We can be the person, who when they walk into a room, brightens everyone’s day with just a smile and a kind word.

We cannot escape our problems, but we can all choose to be nicer as we go about our day. Make your day a happier one by lifting another person up. As we give, so do we also receive.

Many blessings, people of Mother Earth.

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