The Comfort of Creator’s Unconditional Love

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I was a little dismayed when I began to search for a picture of what unconditional love might look like. I looked through pictures of ‘love’ but what I was shown to choose from were mostly pictures of couples or a parent with a child. I have nothing against romance or falling in love, but romantic love is some of the most conditional love there is. Even a parent’s love feels very conditional at times to a child, and it doesn’t matter how old you are. When a parent is disappointed with their child, the child interprets the disappointment as having the parent’s love taken away.

Humans often ‘fall’ into love from a place of insecurity, a lack of love in their life or just because another person notices them, finally. These situations in one’s life are not stable or without conditions by which another person is allowed to love the individual. We think or believe that we are not whole until we are loved by someone. We expect them to fill in all the empty places inside us. This places a huge burden on someone because if we are not whole already, no other person can fill the internal holes in our heart.

If you are not already whole when you meet someone and develop feelings for them, that person cannot make you whole. If you have not overcome your personal insecurities, or character flaws, you will eventually create problems in your relationship. You cannot help it.

The kind of love you are seeking does not come from another person. The love you seek has been with you since the moment of your soul’s inception. It will never be taken away. There is nothing you can do that is so bad that will result in losing the love your Creator feels for you.

Each one of us was created in love, designed with love to be a person of love. We were literally loved into being so we could experience a human life on planet Earth. The unconditional love from our Creator never changes or ceases to be. The real problem is that when we awake in our human body as a baby, we forget everything. We forget we were created in love. We forget that we are a divine being created in love. We forget that we are living a human life on Earth to learn and to grow as a spiritual being.

In spite of our forgetfulness, the unconditional love from our Creator is always within us. And that is where we will find it. When we stop seeking fulfillment from another, when we stop wanting someone to solve our problems, and when we realize that we are worthy of love because we are always loved, then we can begin to live in our hearts. And this is a very nice place to be.

Our creator speaks to us through Spirit and Spirit is found in our heart. When you begin to stop focusing on external distractions and look within for all the answers you need, you will find them hidden in your heart, where they have always been, waiting for you. Faith, peace and love all exist in your heart. In moments when your mind is quiet, you will feel them and find comfort there.

May you discover the love you seek within your heart. It awaits you, patiently, knowing that when you are ready, you will go within to seek it out. And when you do, the great love of your creator will fill all the spaces that are empty within you.

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