Passion, Word of the Day 11/7/2022

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PASSION: When a subject so captures our mind and heart, passion ignites within us. The desire to experience all aspects of this new activity propels us forward to learn and become proficient. A special kind of love begins in our heart as we give our all to this one extraordinary attraction. We devote our time and energy to achieve mastery of it.

Our involvement in our passion may seem extreme to some people. They may not understand what drives us forward to ever increasing expertise. As we spend more and more of our time developing our interest, jealousy or fear of change may create tension in our relationships. Our time becomes more valuable to us as we choose to spend more time on expanding our passion. Our relationships with friends and family may undergo adjustments as all involved adapt to the new boundaries we set.

When you are under the influence of a new passion, it feels like a new love affair, which in truth, it is. The joy and excitement you feel is much like the emotions from a new love. Your heart may beat faster when you engage in the activity that envelopes you. Your every thought centers on what you are doing that brings so much pleasure to you. It can’t be helped. You are wrapped in this new energy that brings life back to you and creates a desire to experience more and more of this new pleasure.

Having a passion for something in life affects every aspect of your life. You face each day with an excitement you can’t contain. It bubbles out of you like spring water, flowing with life force. Whatever causes you to feel enlivened is a good thing. And you can’t help but share your passion with others. The expanded energy emerges from your heart and touches all who experience your passion in ways you never expected.

Chase your passions with joy and enthusiasm. You may not know where you are being led but take the journey anyway. You might just end up exactly where you need to be, with people who support you in every way. Allow your passion to open doors to the mysterious and magical world that awaits you. Invite other along for the ride.

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