Surrender, Word of the Day 11/6/2022

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SURRENDER: This word often carries a negative message. It is one of giving up, of submission to a stronger force, an admission of defeat, a laying down of arms. However, in a spiritual sense, it is yielding to a higher power. It is accepting that there is a greater plan for us, one that our Creator helps us to develop for this lifetime. When we cease the struggle and go with the flow of energy, our life is directed in a way that will help us to grow and thrive.

When we agree within ourselves to allow our life to unfold as it should, our daily living become so much easier. When we partner with our Creator, we are working within the bounds of surrendering to our intended life. It doesn’t mean we have given up our innate knowledge and beingness of who we are. It does mean that we are living a truer way, a more authentic manner of bringing forth the truth of us and why we are here.

Some people feel that our lives are predestined and that we cannot change that destiny. When we co-partner with our Creator, we live a preplanned life that is one of allowance and going with the flow. Nothing is set in cement. The plan is flexible and changes with what we need to experience at any given time for our personal soul growth. We are still able to change our mind and hearts to take a slightly different path. We still have choice to make decisions that seem right to us at any time.

When we surrender and decide to partner with our Creator, life becomes an easier, gentler way of experiencing life on planet Earth. There are fewer false starts and more successes that continue to propel us forward. Our days fill up with opportunities to prove our mastery over life lessons and challenges. We learn that we can enhance and improve our choices to create an increasingly remarkable life. Our relationships grow into wonderful connections that bless our lives on a daily basis.

Surrender doesn’t mean giving up our personal power to a higher authority. We don’t need to bow down and give up our free will to do the bidding of anyone who thinks they know better as to how we should live our lives. Surrendering to a life path that we have had a part in planning is simply going with the flow and following that path. We don’t have to strive to do anything. We can relax and make needed adjustments as we go through each day.

We co-create a life that works for us. We co-create with a supreme power that only desires that we learn to live in love. We stop trying to control every minute detail of our life. And we learn that in surrendering, we are freeing ourselves to experience life our way. Our Creator works behind the scenes for our benefit, to do all the things that are difficult to arrange, to bring people together in love, for the benefit of all beings.

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