Sacredness, Word of the Day 11/5/2022

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SACREDNESS: This particular word is filled with meaning for me. I was sitting and chatting with some friends yesterday. One of them was an animal communicator and she was sharing some information about animals. Part of the discussion touched on the fact that we are brought up to believe that animals don’t feel pain, don’t have emotions and they don’t have a soul.

Part of my belief system is that all animals do have a soul, as they are sacred and created in love by Great Spirit, just as we, as humans are. I know they feel pain, loss of a loved one and are so much more than we are ever told about. I have experienced animals mourning the loss of a human or an animal companion. I know when they are sick, they experience physical pain. I believe they have a soul because they carry so much love and knowledge that they share with their human companions.

Our companion animals, our furry, beloved friends teach us so much about love and the sacredness of all life if we just take the time to be observant and listen with our hearts to their hearts. How can a sentient being like them bring so much love and compassion into our lives and not be part of the sacredness of life itself?

It is said that a society is judged by how it treats the least among them. For so many years, centuries really, animals were nothing more than beasts of burden, protectors of livestock and service animals, all to the benefit of humans. Little thought was given to their feelings. This is still the case in many parts of the world.

I am happy to say that this practice is slowly becoming a way of the past as humans evolve spiritually. Our furry companions are so much more to us now. They are part of our family, not just beasts to be used as we please. Our relationships with them are symbiotic, cooperative and reciprocal. The love we give them comes from the opening of our heart to them. The love we receive from them cannot be duplicated through any other relationship. They bless our lives and when they pass on to the next great adventure, we continue to carry their simple blessings with us the rest of our life.

As I look back on the animals that have graced my life, I remember them and all the love they gave me. And yes, there is emotional pain in the remembering of them, but it only shows how much I was loved by them and how much I loved them in return. I have had cats and dogs, horses and even a hybrid wolf and each one of them brought a special love into my life. What I learned from them was to open my heart in acceptance of the unconditional love they provided. Sacredness is in everything and from my experience, animals are sacred beings capable of amazing love and caring. They ask for so little in return. Hug your fur babies and hold them close in your heart. You will never find a love like theirs.

My beloved cat, Tigger.

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