Harmony, Word of the Day 11/3/2022

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HARMONY: Living in right relationship with each other. What is right relationship? Is it being on good terms with everyone, even those you don’t get along with? In this case, right relationship relates to those people you find abrasive, judgemental, unkind and on a different level of understanding of spiritual knowledge. You can be in right relationship with these people by allowing them to be who they are. You don’t have to be around them or even have them in your life.  It is important to always be in harmony with who you innately are. In right relationship with yourself and your harmony with the world attracts more into your life that you can be in harmony with.

Being in right relationship with our planet is important because everything on it lives in harmony with everything else. It is being conscious of our connection to the natural world and the cycles that control it. Indigenous peoples know this. They live it and honor all that exists around them. They don’t take more than they need. They keep the balance between humans and animals. They also keep the balance between themselves and other humans, somehow knowing that each person is on their own path, with their own lessons to learn and gifts to share.

The nature of things not created by mankind has a balance that is often difficult to see or understand. There are checks and balances that go on behind human wisdom to comprehend. Yet these check and balances keep one species from over-running the planet. They allow for all creatures to have their time and then pass on, making room for the next generations to thrive and grow.

Humans, at the top of the food chain, pretty much have eliminated the checks and balances that once kept them in balance with the natural world. Now, because of the elimination of certain animals who once threatened mankind, the natural world is out of balance. Humans have chosen to live in areas that are prone to natural weather events. They live in areas that have seasons of dramatic weather patterns. Tornados, hurricanes, drought, extreme weather occurrences destroy life and property every year, causing much damage to human lives. But in their ignorance of living in harmony with the earth, they persist in living in these areas.

Humans also have chosen to live in the wild places where animals once roamed freely, in harmony and balance with their surroundings. When humans move into the areas that are still considered wild, they encounter the predators that live there, that have always lived there. The animals don’t move away when the humans move into their territory. Mountain lions, wolves and other predators have been wiped out in the attempt to keep the humans and their livestock and pets safe. This creates an imbalance in the natural world and many animals suffer from this.

Harmony is created when we allow other people, for the most part, to live as they choose, when we cease to try to control nature in all ways, when we do our best to live and let live. And when we experience inner harmony with our selves, that personal harmony becomes a way of life that affects everyone around us in a peace-filled manner. Harmony is living in right relationship with the All.

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