JOY – Word of the Day 11/2/2022

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JOY: We are Divine Humans and our birthright is Joy. It is who we are by nature. Watch children, even at a very young age, they radiate joy as they explore their world. A new toy, even the box it came in, offer a chance for them to find joy in the newness of the world to them. Perhaps only a child can understand why jumping in a puddle of water makes them giddy with joy. I have to admit, I have jumped in a few puddles of water as an adult and found it satisfying and fun. It always reminds me of the scene in ‘Singing in the Rain’ when Gene Kelly is prancing around in the rain and jumping in the puddles with a look of extreme joy on his face.

As adults, we can lose our joy in living. The challenges of adulting can wipe the joy right off our face and out of our heart. It’s not that we lose the capacity to be joyous. We allow the problems of earning an income, raising children, trying to understand our relationships and so much more, to overcome our innate gift to be in joy.

The natural world brings many moments of joy. Beautiful wildflowers, the song of birds, the shade under a tree on a hot day, animals in their natural space, the breeze bringing the scent of rain on the way, cloud shapes floating across the sky, so many reasons to feel joy when out in natural areas. And as a bonus, being in nature makes us feel better. We relax, tune out and turn within for guidance and advice from our inner self. Even watching YouTube videos with beautiful pictures to accompany the music is a satisfying way to pass the time and allow some joy to come to you.

Joy brings us great feelings of pleasure and happiness in our soul. When we feel joy and share it, we are sharing the awareness of that special feeling in our heart. When we share our joy, it’s a gift we give to others.

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