Precision & Enrichment

Card of the Day, 10/16/2022

PRECISION AND ENRICHMENT: These two words seem at odds with each other and yet, there are many situations that call for precision in the implementation of them. The exact performance of a musical score requires precise playing of the notes that make up the song. The careful blending of colors in a painting allows the artist to create what they see and to recreate it on canvas to be shared with others.

Enrichment occurs when a person hears a beautiful piece of music or views a painting so life-like that they are moved emotionally by it. But precision is not always needed for enrichment to happen. A walk in a natural area that might exhibit a randomness about it, often brings uplifted feelings. Our lives are also enriched by sharing our stories with friends. We discover commonalities and bond through them. If we are too concerned with being precise, we might never bring forth the story that needs to be shared.

There are many situations that require precise movement for enrichment to occur. A chef must follow a recipe with accurate measurements for the food to taste good as well as look appetizing. A ballet dancer must perform each dance step correctly for the next step to be in balance. A person engaging in yoga needs to complete each pose to the best of their ability to receive the personal benefit from yoga. A person who rides a horse highly trained in dressage movements needs to be equal in their riding ability to assist the horse in the precision required to complete each move. In each these situations, each person must go through extensive training to obtain the enrichment from the activity.

Take the time to observe your life. Which situations require you to be precise in the performance of them? Write them down and decide how much each one enriches your life. Also notice what does not require precision for you to feel enrichment from them. A well-balanced life needs both.

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