Blessing for Your Day 10/6/2022

A BLESSING TO LIFT SADNESS: A blessing to lift the sadness that cloaks you yet retain the wisdom and lesson it has come to teach you.

Sadness is a strange friend, a gloomy mist of feelings that moves through you slowly, softly stilling the growth and dampening the fire within. It can feel like a death, this farewell to joy, yet within its sorrow there await for you great gifts. So, when the time comes for sadness to move on, we ask for this blessing to allow it to slowly, softly lift from you, a diver who has been down deep beneath the oceans, and as you rise, may it be slow enough so you can adjust your breath to become deeper, your smile begin to light up your face again, may your eyes widen and sparkle with the wonder of all that is about you, and may your limbs find joy in movement once again.

May you rise, and with that rising, bring with you the teaching of the sadness you have experienced, yet be free from the heaviness that has weighed you down so far below that you seemed apart from other people. May you re-join others, and find pleasure in company once again, and find solace in the sharing of your experiences. May you not hate the sorrow that came to stay awhile, but know its presence brought you something holy – a lasting compassion for the sufferings of others, and the sure knowledge that as you once went below, you shall surely rise. And if it comes to stay again, you will not fear its permanence, for it is temporary in its companionship, and you will again become a creature of gladness, to balance the time you have spent within the cave of sorrowful knowledge.

Be blessed as the sadness lifts, and when that morning breaks and you feel light, and glad, and laughter bubbles up from within, remember that the wheel turns, and take the joy, and shine it out to the world. Your candle is relit, friend. It is time to brighten all who meet you with the presence of your light.

Blessed Be

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A BLESSING FOR SOLACE AND HOPE: This is a blessing for solace, the comfort that comes in the form of good fortune, strange little moments that bring you back to the sense that the Universe is a place where you are cared for, considered and important, and that this solace brings you hope for the future, and anticipation of the fair things that life will continue to bring you.

Solace is the balm and the antidote to the wounds that life can deliver. It is not personal, for being here is a great gift, and we live in times where, in many ways, we are safer than we have ever been before. But we are fed a diet of hopelessness from our cultures and media sources, until we become overwhelmed with the troubles that seem to surround us. This blessing is for you, to find your way back to sweetness. For the flower in bud to release its sweetness, for you to notice the shimmer of light upon water, the sheer pleasure of movement, the ease of a mind no longer racing over problems to be solved, but soft, intelligent, allowing the calm of life to steal back in to your soul.

This is the solace that keeps our hopes alive, the gift of good fortune that reawakens the candle of optimism that is within us, and the delight in the sheer whimsy of being here and being alive. it is the understanding that there may be little control, but we are no mere pawns in this life – we have our place in the world, and simply with our breathing in and out, we matter, and we are doing enough. To find solace is to find peaceful moments, small connections, to notice the thousand gifts life has conferred upon us, and it is to again invoke the divinity of existence, without the fear of the future.

Let hope give you lightness, draw away the pain, and open you up again to the possibilities, until you begin once again to relish the simple voluptuous truth of being alive.

Blessed Be

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A BLESSING FOR A FRESH START: A blessing for when we must begin a part, or even a great deal, of our lives anew.

A blessing upon you as you strike out from the familiar place which, for all its troubles, was the place you knew. May the uncertainty which surrounds you and the fear of what may come be quelled as you bravely take those first steps and begin to create the new life which was always yours, for destiny would have made this so.

May you find comfort in the ease with which you find yourself embracing the new and may the loneliness you encounter become more akin to solitude, a time of re-knowing your own self, as the world no longer can tell you who you are over and over again. May the breaking free of what tethered you renew your strength, and as you tremble from time to time, wondering if you ought to have stayed within the cage, know you are being watched over, and encouraged by divine ones who wish you all the blessings of the world.

May you embrace the differences, adapt and explore who you are, and know that when you gave yourself this great chance, you offered yourself the great gift of re-creation, of the transformation of self, of the realization of your own personal truth. May this fresh start be a blessing to you, and give you the knowledge, the certain, unquestionable faith that you can break free of winter. That a springtime within your life has come through your own creation, and you have gathered up all the power you had, and struck out, far from the self and the ways you knew, in order to be free, to be wild, to be wholly your own self once again.

A blessing to you, child of the earth, on this fresh start, which will come to you as soft as a flower breaking free of a bud, as strong as a butterfly emerging from the cocoon. There may be a struggle within this shift but know, your every movement towards the new, is divine, is noticed, is energetically supported and the blessing of all the wild world. For the wheel must turn, and every point on that wheel is a blessing.

Blessed Be

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“I work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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