Lightworker Oracle 10/5/2022

FAMILY OF LIGHT: The limits that much of humanity place upon their love – that they will love their own family, country, religion or community better than they love those on the outside – do not restrain your heart. You are capable of loving humanity, of loving all creation on Earth, as an extended spiritual family. You will love all as your own. You are meant to be a broader family of light.

While some souls have incarnated to learn about ‘us and them’, others have the purpose of teaching unconditional, all-embracing love. You are one of these. You have taken life to love the many, not just the few.

For this life purpose to be anchored, issues in your biological family may keep you from bonding with them in a typical way. Perhaps you were the odd one out in your family, the one whom no one really understood. Perhaps you felt loved but couldn’t live the way your family seemed comfortable to live. Maybe you lost family members through divorce, disease, depression, and death – or through addiction or emotional immaturity that left you disconnected from key family members.

If your father figure was absent, whilst you must do the emotional healing work to process that pain, understand the purpose of that absence: for your own spiritual connection to remain intact, pure and powerful. If your mother figure was absent, whilst you are advised to do the emotional work to process that pain, understand the purpose of the absence: for you to look beyond your immediate family to find your ‘place’ and find yourself belonging to and being devoted to the entire human race.

This pain was part of how you remained unconditioned by the more typical family bonds. Whilst these bonds are necessary for many souls to experience their life lessons, the difficulty you may have experienced regarding them helped push you to become a child of love. You had to seek ‘family’ in expansive ways, remaining open as you searched for love, rather than feeling satisfied by your immediate tribe and closed to those outside it.

You can come through your experience, not as a victim of circumstance, but as an empowered soul. Process it, heal, forgive and step into the spiritual blessings gained through your atypical relations with your biological family. Although you were not meant to belong in a traditional way to your family of origin, you shall not be denied the love you need. You are here to help build a human family joined by more than blood or legal union. it will not just be you loving the world, but the world loving you. The power of your heart to give and receive love shall not be wasted.

So, it is time to gently undo the patterns of attempting to fit in. Instead, trust that you are exactly as you were meant to be. When you do, your magnetism will draw love and friendship from those who vibrate at a similar level of consciousness to you. Leave past hurts and rejection behind. You no longer need them to grow.

Be brave. Pray to connect with your family of light, not only in spirit but also here on Earth. Let them in. Know that you belong here in spirit and in body, to be loved, held, touched, listened to and accepted, just as you are.

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INITIATION BY AIR: You have a strong and powerful mind. The mind can be a great asset. it can bring comfort, peace, and strength, as you take your spiritual journey. It can also be a dark and destructive force, undermining your power, making you doubt your own heart and keeping you trapped in fear. The mind, developed without a loving spiritual practice, can be a frightening weapon rather than a liberating sword. How will you choose to use your mind power?

Your mind can become more spacious and luminous if you practice emptying it on a regular basis. The radiant mind can be a mighty warrior against fear and despair, encouraging you with thoughts of optimism. When not given a chance to empty, however, the mind becomes overwhelmed with unprocessed information. Much of it will be fear-based programming perpetuated by mass media, which is invested in controlling others and manipulating them by fear. This initiation, which liberates and opens the mind, empowers advanced souls to free themselves from manipulation and control.

The hallmark of a dysfunctional society is that the mind is expected to dominate the inclinations of the heart, rather than serve it. The mind can be trained to be a great manager, creator and defender of what has genuine value to the heart. But the power to feel what has meaning for us, what moves us enough to rise above our fears and risk growth, comes from the heart, not the mind. When the mind is given the task to feel, and the heart is told not to feel, paralysis, confusion and discomfort are experienced.

As you enter into this initiation, you will feel the need to step back from what you have been taught and learn to question what you once held to be true. As you disengage from habitual mental patterns, you will begin to observe your thoughts, rather than be swept up in them. Soon, you will experience yourself as the peaceful, steady light of love that you are in truth. Will the mind go through its motions? Yes. However, there is no need to be afraid of this. One step at a time, your spirit shall guide your mind back towards peace. You will change the way you relate to your own mind, becoming more empowered.

As you soften the strident action of the mind, you will see that you can use your mental gifts wisely, rather than allowing them to cause you pain. Those who have strong mental energies can accomplish much in terms of communication, invention and creativity, but they often also suffer from destructive self-talk and mental obsessions. They may even be addicted to thinking, which can wear them out and create cravings for sugar which can lead to depression and illness. Instead, it is much better to regularly take time out from the mind and be in the moment, feeling energized, playful and at peace.

Your mind is a powerful creature! Tame it with persistence, compassion, kindness and strength. Give yourself rest and an opportunity to switch off and empty your mind as regularly as you can. There is no need to judge or despair. This is an advanced initiation and one that is brought to you only when you are ready. Consider it a sign of your spiritual progress. The world will benefit from you as you learn to handle your mental energies more constructively. This oracle is indeed an omen of greater peace and happiness in your imminent future.

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AN INVITATION TO CONNECT: Love exists throughout our Universe. Many loving beings that do not belong to the human race exist in worlds beyond the earthly realm. Among these are those who are aware of the spiritual plight of humanity and are willing and able to help us move forward. Unlike those who close their minds because they fear the unknown, you have an open, receptive heart. Beings from other worlds recognize you as a receptive channel for their unconditionally loving assistance in this world. You will both benefit from this individually and help the planet – so you are being offered an invitation to connect.

There are many dimensions to existence. For those who are developing evolved sensory perception, the senses will not be restricted to being impressed upon by the physical dimension. There are higher dimensions that the psychic or emotional nature can recognize – and even more refined dimensions that the higher mind can recognize. Beyond that, there are dimensions of the mind, even in its most expansive state, cannot grasp, but the spirit knows to be real. The more your sensitivity to subtle energy evolves, the more aware you become of these worlds beyond this world. For some, this will be easy to accept and will inspire interest in learning more. Other may be tentative about exploring connections with non-earthly beings.

Great peace can grow in the heart of those who are unafraid, who are open to the idea of beings that are aware of humanity, but not human themselves who want to help humanity evolve and have the spiritual power to be able to do so. No matter how mixed up and consumed by darkness the world may seem at times, there are so many powers of light working to see the earth and humanity through this most interesting time, to see us into the age of spiritual enlightenment. It is all part of this divine experiment of life – and there are many forces invested in the successful and loving evolution of humanity.

If you have been contemplating life beyond the earth, perhaps talking to the stars or gazing wistfully at other planets – if you have been intrigued by the mysterious codes of light and sound you are sure are embedded in the crop circles, or simply have a feeling that you would like to work with beings who are more spiritually evolved than humanity at present – then you are being given a clear message with this oracle. There are beings in other worlds that are very aware of your open, loving attitude and the work you are doing. They are actively responding to your thoughts and feelings. Since we live in a free-will zone on Earth, we must extend an invitation to receive assistance. Because you are unafraid and resonate from a place of peaceful curiosity and higher-level awareness, you are capable of issuing the needed invitation to those that can assist humanity from a place of unconditional love.

Of course, there are forces in the broader Universe, just as there are forces in the natural world here on Earth that would not be so helpful to the triumph of love on this planet. Therefore, we must issue our invitation to the forces of light with a peaceful heart and a wise mind. Know that you are part of a bridge between humanity and other loving worlds that want to assist life on Earth. They thank you now and offer their blessings to you, and to life on Earth, in all ways possible.

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  1. “Give yourself rest and an opportunity to switch off and empty your mind as regularly as you can.” How to empty the mind? Is it by watching thoughts as you described or something else? Thank you for your beautiful messages of love, hope and light. 🌹💛🌹

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