Foxfire Kitsune Oracle 9/22/2022

FIND A PLACE TO WITHDRAW TO: There are times when we must retreat from the world as it seems to be, for we are more caught up in its oppressions and illusions than we know, and in time, we can lose that wilder part of our soul. The childlike part that draws nourishment from the natural world is over-whelmed at present, and if we do not attend to this inner wild one’s needs, there will be a high price to pay. So, when this card appears, know that the world in which we are tested again and again against harshness and endurance can only be borne by the finding of its antidote – a hidden place where we can go and replenish the wild child within us, so they can come back to life in our everyday world once again.

You will know of the need to do this when you have not felt happy, truly happy, for some time, or when what we call work dominates the precious moments of your life. It is when our mood sours and curls up, and a quiet hostility and shard of resentment have worked their bitter way into our souls. These are your sign that you need the blessings of retreat, of silence, of solitude, of safety and peace. There is too much in the world that you have felt you must endure – this card asks you to treat yourself with more sensitivity and to gift yourself regular time out from the hammer of the world. Whether this place is within, through meditation or quiet contemplation, or outside, a place where you can go and be for a time without criticism, know that you are not too thin-skinned. You are not weak. You are a delicate being, and you must address the pain within through the finding of a safe space – which the Kitsune realms are full of – to bring the wild one, the strong one back to life so it can take its place at the center of your beautiful existence once again. Let the Kitsune guide you to a safe space. Do not neglect your own soul. Do not forsake your own precious self. You are a treasure, yes, even with all your fragility, and you are loved beyond your dreams.

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THE GARDEN OF THE NIGHT: There are spaces and places within the world of the Kitsune that can be found within the human world, too. One of the most magical places of all is a place where we can connect with moonlight, in a world that is no longer lit brightly, but gleaming with silver, the same as it is during our waking hours, yet entirely different because of the gift of moonlight. When this card comes to you, you are being asked to look at a situation, person, or concern from a very different perspective, and to allow yourself the space to contemplate it at a quiet time, in solitude, under the silver light of the moon.

Within this space there will be imaginative new ways to approach any difficulties, and your inventiveness and ability to dream into being a new approach will be of great help during the daylight hours, which so often belong to the world of work or family, of others. In these in-between times, guarded by moonlight, your will not only be able to solve the problem before you, but will have time alone to rediscover aspects of your soul that cannot seem to be fully expressed at this time during the day. At night, there is another you, another part of your identity which can be explored and in time, allowed to flourish. For you are the gardener of your own soul, and you will tend to what needs to grow within the moonlit hours, and allow it, in time to come forth into the light of day and become more integrated into the everyday aspects of your world. For now, find this space and place, and be illuminated with the silver light of imagination, creativity, dreams and wonder all feed into your waking life’s projects. Let the moonlight and sunlight intertwine and create magic.

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THE NOBLE ONE: This card speaks to you of your own inner nobility, the desire to be not only a good person, but also your wish to be an honorable one, and you are reminded of your own desire to bring good deeds to the world. You will keep calm when all about you fall into patterns that are of no use to any, except the howl of their own inner, wounded child. You will tend to your wounds, get the help you may need, and become a better person when this card comes. You are a part of the new day for the world, and you are to be recognized for your goodness. You have chosen right action and stood by a code of honor, which has led you to offer the world a series of acts of nobility.

Every act of nobility is no act of martyrdom – you continue to speak your truth, but without rancor and bitterness. Instead, you shine with the possibility of what it could be like to be a great being. Through this process, you grow and nurture your own good luck. While you work on your own flaws and challenges, others see you as evidence of goodness within the world. They will seek you out and your services will be sought after, as you have developed a reputation that shines and will remain untarnished. You are soon to be able to open up, share who you are, and welcome more affection and true intimacy into your life because you have done the work your soul required of you, thanks to your sojourn within the realms of the Kitsune. Your own deep self-love has created a field of energy all about you that is attractive, resonant, and full of noble empathy. This could lead to a rise in your influence, even your status. At this time, connect and pray to your own Higher Self, and be reverent of the very simple truth of being alive and awake.

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