Lightworker Oracle 9/17/2022

SPIRITUAL SERVICE: Self-doubt can be a habit that is hard to break. It can slow down your spiritual progress and the fulfillment of your life purpose. Ultimately, it won’t stop you, but it can make your progress seem more challenging. It’s easier to fulfil your purpose when you acknowledge your own goodness and talent and do what you love to do to the best of your ability. Realize that you are enough, that your work is good and that you have something of value to offer. It is time to let go of fear of failure, concern about your ability and your right to live a happy and fulfilled life of success. The Universe believes in you.

You are being called to service beyond that which you have accomplished thus far. That is because you are ready, capable and willing to step up to another level of spiritual responsibility and freedom. Your mind, however, may question your ability. You maybe afraid that you cannot perform well enough, that you are not skilled or experienced enough, that you are not as good as others or that you do not have enough value to offer. These are nothing more than wounded beliefs about yourself worth. It is time to recognize this wounding and not empower these beliefs as truth anymore. Be kind to your mind. It will be happier without such beliefs. You can free yourself from the pain they cause and become more realistic about your gifts and your potential. Now it is time for you to trust love more than your wounds.

As you release these old beliefs, you create more space within you to receive impressions of how you can most joyfully serve the greater good. No longer hampered by undermining and draining beliefs in self-doubt, you will have more energy to act on your intuition and guidance.

If at any time you find yourself blocked by fear or performance anxiety, it can be helpful to release these blocks by simply asking yourself how you could best serve the greater good at this time. The answer to this question will never be to shrink back in fear! It will always be to choose belief over doubt. It will be to move ahead. To take the opportunity to offered to you as a vote of confidence from the Universe. This realization will bring you peace of mind so you can resume you progress and share what you have with the world.

If you have been working hard, taking the opportunities that have come to you and are still feeling as though you are not quite where you wish to be in terms of fulfilling your life purpose and divine destiny, you are now asked to acknowledge all that you have attained so far. Acknowledge all the people that you have assisted in your own special way, all the positive influence of love that you have added to the collective human soul through your willingness to take your spiritual journey, open your heart and care about life on Earth. Your spiritual service has been noticed by the spiritual worlds, and you will be empowered to serve in increasingly beautiful ways. Your service is already successful and will only increase in potency, power and peace.

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INITIATION BY WATER: You have a strong and powerful mind. The mind can be a great asset. It can bring comfort, peace and strength, as you take your spiritual journey. It can also be a dark and destructive force, undermining your power, making you doubt your own heart and keeping you trapped in fear. The mind, developed without a loving spiritual practice, can be a frightening weapon rather than a liberating sword, How will you choose to use your mind power?

Your mind can become more spacious and luminous if you practice emptying it on a regular basis. The radiant mind can be a mighty warrior against fear and despair, encouraging you with thoughts of optimism. When not given a chance to empty, however, the mind become overwhelmed with unprocessed information. Much of it will be fear-based programming perpetuated by mass media, which is invested in controlling others and manipulating them by fear. This initiation, which liberates and opens the mind, empowers advanced souls to free themselves from manipulation and control.

The hallmark of a dysfunctional society is that the mind is expected to dominate the inclinations of the heart, rather than serve it. The mind can be trained to be a great manager, creator and defender of what has genuine value to the heart. But the power to feel what has meaning for us, what moves us enough to rise above our fears and risk growth, comes from the heart, not the mind. When the mind is given the task to feel, and the heart is told not to feel, paralysis, confusion and discomfort are experienced.

As you enter into this initiation, you will feel the need to step back from what you have been taught and learn to question what you once held to be true. As you disengage from habitual mental patterns, you will begin to observe your thoughts, rather than be swept up in them. Soon, you will begin to experience yourself as the peaceful, steady light of love that you are in truth. Will the mind go through its motions? Yes. However, there is no need to be afraid of this. One step at a time, your spirit shall guide your mind back towards peace. You will change the way you relate to your own mind, becoming more empowered.

As you soften the strident action of the mind, you will see that you can use your mental gifts wisely, rather than allowing them to cause you pain. Those who have the strongest mental energies can accomplish much in terms of communi- cation, invention and creativity, but they often also suffer from destructive self-talk and mental obsessions. They may even be addicted to thinking, which can wear them out and create cravings for sugar that can lead to depression and illness. Instead, it is much better to regularly take time out from the mind and be in the moment, feeling energized, playful and at peace.

Your mind is a powerful creature! Tame it with persistence, compassion, kindness and strength. Give yourself rest and an opportunity to switch off and empty your mind as regularly as you can. there is no need to judge or despair. This is an advanced initiation and one that is brought to you only when you are ready. Consider it a sign of your spiritual progress. The world will benefit from you as you learn to handle your mental energies more constructively. This oracle is indeed an omen of great peace and happiness in your imminent future.

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COSMIC HEART, COSMIC CHRIST: You are elevating your vibration towards the frequency of limitless supply and unconditional love. Spiritually, you are reaching for a high level of attainment. Past pain and self-defeating behaviors shall no longer have a place in your heart.

Christ consciousness is an expression of divine love that comes straight from the universal heart. It triggers a transmutation, an evolution so absolute that we are irrevocably changed. We increasingly become an embodied expression of pure divine will and an unwavering expression of divine love for all who are in need.

This process takes lifetimes to complete. As you proceed, you will receive countless blessings to support your journey and fulfil your soul purpose of serving love. There will also be tests. These give the spirit a chance to develop mastery.

There will be tests of forgiveness. It is easier to forgive when you don’t harbor resentment at natural limitations – which is like being angry at the sun for not shining at night. Natural laws prevail, so whether we are speaking of the sun, a child, or ourselves as we grow, compassion allows forgiveness to flow more easily.

There will also be tests of power. As you grow, you will become more powerful. You can use that power to help or hinder others – to manipulate them through fear or encourage them with love. You can nurture yourself on your path, or you can relentlessly criticize yourself for your errors. You can claim your power comes from some superiority you possess, or you can see yourself as a surrendered vehicle, animated in purposeful action through the grace of the Divine.

You may feel you need to sacrifice yourself for others, but you are just as much in need of love as any other being on this planet. When you are full and overflowing, what you share with others can enhance you and them. It is not a choice between what nurtures you and what nurtures others, as if though those were competing needs. In the realm of the Christ, what nurtures you is actually nurturing for all.

When you are diminished or drained, you have been pulled out of the higher frequencies of peace and kindness to yourself, become trapped in unforgiveness or power games, or seduced by the lesser truths of another, rather than the truth of your own heart. Christ calls to you now to receive his love for you and to allow your own heart to feel the grace and healing of this.

It can be a challenge to learn to love another in a way that does not harm you. Perhaps you learned that love was about making yourself less in order to help another feel like more. This is not love. Nor is it a consciously chosen sacrifice. It is a heart acting out its scars from the past. Your heart deserves to experience real love. As you gently claim this for yourself, you will find much strength within, much respect for yourself and a willingness to receive much good in your life.

It is time to embrace the higher expression of the Christ love within you. You have as much right to experience love, respect and forgiveness as another. Sharing love in any way brings you closer to your spiritual mission this lifetime. It also attracts prosperity and abundance. Let the love in. You do not have to suffer to grow now, you just need to let love flow.

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“I work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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