Goddess Isis Oracle 9/15/2022

THE LUNAR QUEEN: She of the Celestial Crescent: There is a deep feminine wisdom that recognizes the importance of cycles of rest and replenishment as essential balancing to our actions of power and demonstration. You are asked to allow this replenishment for yourself now, trusting that you are in a cycle of creation that is about to shift into a new phase. Release and enjoy the process without having to control or force it.

Isis as Lunar Queen, understands the cycles of creative power and flow. Sometimes it can be hard to let go of a desire to force, control and make things happen, to exert might and will power to bring what you wish for into being by sheer determination, exertion and force. Yet the vast creative power of the feminine principle is in honoring and flowing with cycles of activity and rest, of releasing force and surrendering into the perfection of what is happening right now, realizing that this actually brings us Divine manifestation and creation more effortlessly and gracefully and to greater effect!

The Celestial Crescent is the Moon is her changing form. This Oracle comes to you at a time when you are shifting from one phase in your spiritual and creative journey into a new phase. This is a time to pay deep attention to the messages of your body and allow them to guide you. Do you need to balance your activity and more rest? Do you need to be actively creating, but from a more relaxed and allowing rather than demanding or forceful mental state? Or is it time for you to spring into action once more? Has the time come to take a step forward?

The quiet times are dark moon energies, the times when you will sense from your inner wisdom, your body wisdom, that you are in need of replenishing and percolation. The other times, when you feel the inner oven timer has rung and it is time to get the delicious meal on the table, your body will urge you to dance, to act, to communicate, to be bold and take steps. These are full moon energies.

Your body will help you know where you are at and what you need. The flow between the dark moon and full moon and all phases in between is constant. In allowing the flow, even several times in a day or an hour, you will maximize your creativity and allow your life to manifest creative project after creative project, should you so choose. You will feel great inner harmony, wellness and connection.

This Oracle is also a reminder that this feminine wisdom is not widely accepted in Western culture as yet, with its distorted view of what constitutes productive behavior. The Lunar Queen is quite radical! You will need to really believe in your own wisdoms and give yourself great support and trust your own body wisdom in as you learn to operate in this more intuitive, flexible, responsive, feminine way. The Oracle tells you that Lady Isis and the spiritual guidance that cares for you completely encourages and supports you in being strong and giving yourself absolute permission to rest when needed.

If you have been wanting to create something or feel frustrated in your creative enterprises, the Lunar Queen Oracle also contains the message for you that something creative is within you and wanting to emerge. It is stirring your unconscious and soon it will be reflected more clearly back to you and you shall be able to act, but for now, have patience. There can be much inner work required before the relatively swift outer work of bringing the creative impulse into form even begins! Such is the natural creative flow at times.

If you are already in the flow and want to know if this is the time to really let go and shine, like the gorgeous full moon, the answer is yes. Trust and know that you are being guided by your own inner wisdoms and supported by She of the Celestial Crescent, the Lunar Queen Lady Isis.

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PAST LIFE PRESENT POWER: The Many Spiritual Faces of You. When the Soul is growing in service to humanity, in service to the Great Feminine and Her call that all beings be healed and free, it gathers internal resources to assist on the path. These resources include powers and gifts from other lifetimes. You are currently integrating past life abilities and you are guided by the Oracle of Past Life Present Power to be open to shifting internally and in your experience of your own levels of power and spiritual ability.

Talents, abilities and powers wish to be restored to you now from past incarnations. This will help your path. You will often be able to recognize this because you will feel some instant fascination or deep interest for a culture, philosophy, heritage or even place on Earth or beyond, which is deeply compelling. This is your intuitive recognition that a part of your Soul, connected with this passionate interest, is being drawn into integration. At such time, there can be emotions, feeling and even phobias or fears that temporarily arise. You may even find your tastes for food and clothing, and your sleep or other habits change quickly and noticeably for a time. These can all be signs that a past life energy is being integrated.

Once is it ‘digested’ into your current incarnation, you will feel more like ‘yourself’ again but in an expanded and more whole way. You will just feel like you are more of yourself, more stable, more full and more at home in your own being. It is a lovely state of being to enjoy, which makes any ups and downs in the integration process more bearable!

This Oracle brings specific guidance that some of these past gifts from other incarnations are associated with Ancient Egypt and civilizations connected with Ancient Egypt earthly and beyond, including some Star civilizations such as Sirius and the Pleiades. Look for the symbols, books, crystals or colors that interest you and pay attention to your dreams. If it is helpful to be conscious of any issues around past life skills returning to you now, you will become aware of them so that they can be acknowledged, accepted and released.

Often when integration is occurring, people who have been connected to you in such lifetimes become a more prominent part of your life. It is possible that they will remain thus or that as the integration happens and you continue to grow, some of those relationships will fall away, as you have completed the karmic healing and integration of the energies associated with that past life, distilled the golden gift and are ready to move on.

To enable this Soul healing to occur, purification and time to assimilate the healing is recommended. You can accomplish this through rest, time in nature, prayer that your power be exercised with love and mercy and a willingness to be guided by the Divine Mother Lady Isis who loves you unconditionally.

Also know that as wonderful as it sounds to retrieve past life power and ability, it is not always without challenge. We often need to be willing to be fluid in our understanding and experience of ourselves. We need to be open to reframing our idea of ourselves as more spiritually connected, more powerful and more responsible for our light on this Earth. That can be confronting at times. We often have to let go of any fear or disappointment we suffered in the relevant past life before the gift can be restored to us in a useful way this lifetime.

You can rest assured that anything you need to know in order to heal will come to your awareness. You may or may not see the whole picture and if you do not, then it isn’t necessary for healing. We are always given more than enough to be able to heal. It is just a matter of being attentive and aware of what is happening right before us in our lives and realizing that if we follow any pain, we will find what needs healing. Then the gift hidden within the pain can be released. The Oracle of Past Life Present Power indicates that the gift found in our healing will be past life talents and abilities.

As with all spiritual instruction contained in this Oracle as a whole, the Lady Isis will watch over you and assist with the process once you ask Her, in unconditional love.

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TEMPLE OF BLACK OBSIDIAN: The Dark Healing Chamber. Beloved Initiate, the most challenging task is not to confront an external enemy but to take courage in both hands and journey within, to meet our own dark self and begin the healing task of bringing love, acceptance and light to it. That is the sacred purpose of any enemy, within or without, to bring us more deeply into our own being as we seek to find and heal the darkness within.

The Temple of Black Obsidian is a ruthlessly honest place of raw love and healing, truly profound and lasting. Deep relief and transformation can occur here. Black obsidian is protective and revealing. It will prevent harm from external of internal forces, but it will also reveal that which has been lurking in the shadows of the Self, trying to avoid being brought out into the open for fear of condemnation. The biggest challenge we face in entering the Temple of Black Obsidian is our own unwillingness to love and accept all parts of us.

The Initiate who is invited to enter the Temple of Black Obsidian, enters into his or her own Shadow, the part of us that is hidden from our own awareness and is usually only experienced in relationship to others, quite often as a projection. Lady Isis as the Dark Priestess of the Temple of Black Obsidian invites you now to confront the parts of your own ego that you have denied previously. Why? Because in doing so you will gain more freedom, come to know yourself more wholly and you will find that life experiences, opportunities, relationships and breakthroughs that you have not been able to reach will suddenly become available to you. The Dark Chamber always leads to the Light Chamber, but one cannot avoid the Initiation of the Temple of Black Obsidian on the pathway to more light.

Isis will assist you in preparing for this journey by encouraging you to not allow yourself to become your own worst enemy. Most of the fear we have before the Dark Chamber of Healing is the fear of our own self-criticism and rejection. Isis declares that readiness for the Dark Chamber requires a willingness to exercise non-judgement, compassion and a readiness to accept the self in all expressions.

To safely enter the Dark Chamber and be healed, you must be prepared to give yourself love unconditionally. You must be able to recognize judgements that you hold towards yourself not as truths, but as old patterning. This is why the successful initiation of the Dark Chamber is a truly advanced stage of Soul development. The heart has to become willing to love unconditionally and the Initiate must be able to witness feelings that arise with kindness and acceptance, but not fall into them, overwhelmed, crushed or deflated by any darkness found within. It is worth the challenge because finding peace from pain, self-criticism, self-doubt, fear and self-judgement through healing in this temple is a gift beyond measure. The Dark Healing Chamber is revealed when you find yourself in a dark night of the Soul.

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