Crystal Angels Oracle 8/31/2022

CALCITE: Busy Times and Multitasking: Take charge of your schedule during this busy time, and honestly assess your underlying reason for being busy.

This card comes to you because you are juggling multiple responsibilities, and you may feel stressed about your schedule. There’s also a possibility that your health has been strained because you are doing everything yourself without help. You may even feel that other people are taking advantage of your kind generosity.

You are being guided to take charge of your schedule. What can you release in order to give yourself more breathing room? Remember to pray for strength in setting boundaries, and say no to inappropriate requests for your time, if you tend to people-please and feel obligated to say yes to others.

This card can also be an indication of drama addiction, when there’s a pattern of stressing yourself needlessly. Signs of this include feeling a rush of adrenaline or a sense of self-importance in response to your hectic schedule, boasting about how busy you are, or affirming a sense of victimhood and powerlessness over your schedule.

In addition, this card is a sign of busy times ahead. In these cases, its’ best to plan your health strategy for dealing with multiple responsibilities while still being responsible to yourself.

About Calcite: One of the most common crystals on the planet, calcite comes in a variety of colors and ranges from opaque to clear. It is renowned for clearing negativity, assisting in grounding and increasing focus.

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TIGER’S EYE: Self-Confidence through God-Confidence. Believe in yourself by believing in God working through you.

Have you been doubting yourself, dear one? Because this card is reassurance that God is working through you. Have confidence in Heaven’s unlimited ability to solve and heal anything and everything (as long as other people’s freewill choices are aligned with God’s will).

Pray that your will be aligned with God’s, and you’ll be an unstoppable force of Divine nature. Shift from worrying about whether “you” can do it, to trusting that God working through you can do anything.

This card is a sign that you’re safe and protected, as you follow your inner guidance to make positive changes. Keep checking in with God every step of the way, and you’ll experience the fast track to deep fulfilment.

About Tiger’s Eye: Named for its coloring and stripes resembling a tiger, this gold-and-brown quartz stone can bring you a feeling of safety and protection. Tiger’s Eye helps you feel like a tiger yourself, filled with courage, confidence, and ferocity.

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AMBER: Give it to God. Take a deep breath, and on the exhale release this situation to God for healing and answers.

You received this card because there’s an issue weighing you down, and this burden could be lifted by you giving it to God. You don’t have to deal with this situation alone, as Divine help is readily available. Perhaps you forgot, or maybe you are unsure how, to let go and let God handle this situation.

As you read this, pause for a moment to pray from your heart, asking for help to let this go, with whatever words are sincere. Hanging on to a problem never resolves it and can actually make it worse.

Amber reminds us that God has always been with us, since the beginning of time and material existence. This reminder is meant to boost our faith that God knows how to solve any problem. However, we first have to give it to God, because our freewill choices are respected.

About Amber: Amber is fossilized tree resin, not technically a mineral. However, it is a light-filled gift from nature, so it is frequently included within the crystal realm. Amber can brighten your mood and fill your senses with Divine light. It also helps you connect with and heal from your past.

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