Lightworker Oracle 8/28/2022

SOUL CHILD: Rebirth is upon you, beautiful child of the Universe. You have prepared for new life, and it is starting right now. The divine moment of rebirth, which occurs after a period of struggle, of intense inner work and physical transformation, has arrived. Enjoy getting to know this new self. It is a new day, a new beginning, a new you. Like an adventurer enjoying the discovery of a brand-new world, take your time to explore the increase of your light, power and love.

You have undergone the death of the old order. Nothing is as it was, nor will it be so again. In so many ways, you have experienced inner death as you have bravely surrendered that which no longer serves your growth this lifetime, even if you once loved it dearly or couldn’t imagine life without it.

Deep inside, through that process, your soul has been gathering energy. It has been drawing it away from old forms of your life and relationships, from your old beliefs about health, finances, work, and from what used to hold meaning for you. It has done so in order to feed the new soul child being carried within your body. This new you is filled with divine light, love and power. Your inner soul child, this newly integrated self, is preparing for birth, now. From that which is no longer, something new is now being born.

You are ready for the next cycle of your life. Even, if like a new-born colt learning to stand steady on shaky legs, you are not sure of your strength, be reassured: The new self you are experiencing will grow strong and powerful soon enough. Let confidence in your new self emerge. Reflect upon how different you are now to a year or even a month ago. Be curious about who you are now. Do not expect the same reactions or experiences you encountered in the past. It is a time of celebration and acknowledgement that a new day, a new you has begun a journey in the physical world. You shall enjoy the divine harvest of all of your growth and effort.

This card can also indicate that a child around you, perhaps one about whom you have been thinking deeply, is particularly gifted or spiritually oriented. This child may have an important mission in this lifetime and need your loving support and spiritual encouragement to thrive into that mission, according to his or her own divine timing.

This card may also be a sign that a new business idea, professional or personal relationship or lifestyle choice is going to support the growth of your spirit in a positive and encouraging way. If this is the case, that new idea or connection will lead to the birth of creative new programs, ideas and structures in your life. On the other hand, if something has been flagging in energy or success, but you are not yet inclined to give it up, this oracle comes as confirmation and encouragement. Rebirth is going to happen. Do not give up – sometimes it is darkest before the dawn.

Invocation: I am a child of the Universe, divinely loved and empowered to grow into a shining, radiant soul of love. May all aspects of my life journey be blessed to grow into their most beautiful and loving form. May all people and ideas that are in need of protection so they may grow into their divine fullness be blessed and supported by unconditional love. Through divine grace, so be it.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

PAST LIFE ACTIVATION: You have talents within that have been developed through many lifetimes already, even if you don’t recall them consciously, helping you evolve and grow into the loving being that you are today. Your desire to grow in consciousness and spiritual power, to assist the divine place unfolding throughout the Universe, is heard and supported by the spiritual worlds in all ways. To this end, past life material is being activated, now for your benefit and the greater good.

Your soul has a history of lifetimes through which it has learned to be wise and developed certain talents. You have learned lessons and acquired skills and abilities. Sometimes these were mastered through very challenging circumstances. You might feel you are obtaining mastery in certain areas again in this lifetime, again through challenging circumstances. The soul can certainly develop through joy, love and happiness but often it is through an experience of conquering a challenge that the real gems are won for the crown of the soul.

The oracle of Past Life Activation comes to you when a power you developed in a past life that would be useful for you to access in your current lifetime. Perhaps this talent or ability will become the seed of a spiritual vocation for you, a skill that expands your career, or brings you personal joy. The ability that surfaces from the depths of your soul will be whatever is of greatest benefit to you now.

Sometimes, whilst a treasure is emerging from the depths of your being into consciousness, it will be coated in the pain of the past. You might notice the outer coating first, the pain of abandonment, rejection, ridicule or shaming that perhaps resulted in the suppression or denial of that soul gift in your past life. This may be the reason you have not incarnated with it fully awakened and at your immediate disposal. You have to allow it to rise up to you, and you need to dig a little, to crack open the coating of a wound and free the treasure that temporarily became trapped in that pain. When you release the pain, you free the treasure once locked within it.

Perhaps your gift was challenging to a community in a past life, whereas now it would be more readily accepted because that community has matured spiritually over time. Or perhaps you have matured and now will value your gift and be open to divine guidance to show you how to use it for the greatest good this lifetime.

The gift you are receiving is worthwhile. As you cleanse the memories, beliefs or programs that once caused you to subconsciously protect yourself by hiding your talent, you will grow strong enough to process the pain and stand in the truth of your reclaimed gifts.

If you have been considering a new line of work, feeling that you’d like to explore or express different talents, or have the urge to develop an interest and transform it into a vocation, you are very likely already feeling the stirrings of that past life activation now taking place for you. Trust the changes you feel. A part of your divine inheritance is being restored to you.

Invocation: Through divine grace, protection, mercy and empowerment, I call for the activation of all past life gifts and abilities that will serve my greatest and most joyful, inspirational and soul satisfying success this lifetime. I ask for healing assistance from the higher beings that love me unconditionally so I can swiftly release any unhelpful conditioning or resistance to the expression of these talents. I ask for inspiration and guidance to bring them to life in the world in the best possible way this lifetime. May all beings receive their full divine inheritance with mercy and grace. Through my own free will, so be it.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

LIFE PATH: Do you wonder about your divine life path and purpose? You have been enrolled in spiritual training. This training might be obvious, in the form of a course you are undertaking, or hidden, in a life lesson that is currently triggering your healing, learning or growth. Whether it is obvious or not, successfully completing this training will empower you to fulfil your divine purpose this lifetime. Further clarity will be revealed to you; the Universe promises that you shall know what you need, at the perfect time, and in a way that you cannot miss.

You are in spiritual training for a divine mission that serves your soul develop-ment and spiritual growth, whilst simultaneously helping others. It will help you express your spiritual purpose this lifetime. At times, your training may be aligned with study or applying your skills in ways that seem more obviously aligned with a spiritual path. At other times, your spiritual training may be disguised in ordinary life circumstances.

If you are unsure of what you are meant to be learning, of exactly how you are in spiritual training at the moment, look to the situations in your life that are causing you the most struggle. This is where you will find your training taking place. The struggle is the place where holding on is competing with letting go. It is, however, nothing to be ashamed of. A ‘growth edge’, where you are doing the inner work of growing into more peace, trust and love, is a sign that you are certainly growing! It isn’t comfortable. Sometimes it might cause fatigue and even a feeling of defeat. Yet you shall not give up. You shall continue, and in time you shall triumph with a feeling of peace, resolution and wisdom.

If you are feeling stuck – perhaps you’re working on a significant issue or challenge that won’t seem to resolve itself no matter how much effort you apply – then you’re being guided to ask for help from your spiritual team using the invocation below. Call upon your own higher self and soul to take over all aspects of the issue. Use your spiritual practice (for example, meditation, journaling, dance, music, art, yoga, time in nature and prayer) to strengthen you as you move through this training.

If you are uncertain about what is happening in your life now, don’t fret. Sometimes a smaller desire has to be sacrificed for the attainment of the greater vision. Be at peace. Know that all being shine at the right time, and so shall you.

This oracle is also confirmation that a vision of your path on Earth is being shared with you – whether in small daydreams, big dreams at night, in meditation or simply in the feedback you receive repeatedly from different sources. You are being asked to trust in what you see, sense and feel about your vision for your life path and divine purpose. Even if you are not clear, trust that it is coming to you with living divine timing. Be open-minded and listen for what makes your heart sing.

Invocation: I call upon the wise and unconditionally loving ones to assist me now in perceiving, living and manifesting my truest and most joyful life path and divine purpose. Help me know what I need to know, when I need to know it. And with everything else, may I be assisted to feel peace, trust and patience as my beautiful life path unfolds, guided by the loving hand of the Universe. May unconditional love reach into the hearts of all living beings, helping every creature to find true fulfillment of their destiny. So be it.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

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“I work for the Divine as a transformational writer. I take dictation from Spirit, providing information and knowledge for those who seek it. I enjoy this service immensely! It provides a sense of purpose to all that I have experienced in my life as well as beyond that within past lives. It is sacred, holy work and I am appreciative of all the wisdom that comes through from Spirit for the benefit of all beings.” Blessings to each of you!

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