Magic of Unicorns Oracle 8/24/2022

COSMIC SAPPHIRE: Act with honor and integrity. Speak your truth.

This card brings a message of personal empowerment and calls on you to decide what is right for you. Be true to yourself, no matter what. Archangel Michael and your unicorn will merge their energy in order to illuminate you.

While physical sapphires are powerful, cosmic ones hold Archangel Michael’s light at an even higher frequency. They are the palest translucent white-blue and carry the light of higher communication, power and integrity combined with wisdom, knowledge and the ability to take action. They also radiate Source love.

Archangel Michael is in charge of the development of the throat chakras of humanity, so when you visualize a cosmic sapphire in your throat, it expands and illuminates this sensitive spiritual center. Its facets cut away old fears and patterns and allow the highest qualities of your communication center to blossom. The ultimate lessons of this chakra are: “Trust in God” and “Trust in yourself.”

A cosmic sapphire brings you into alignment with your God self, so choose something you wish to say, do or accomplish. Then invoke a cosmic sapphire and sit or stand within it, knowing that it brings you total protection, courage, and the strength to speak your truth. Say what you need to say. Do what you need to do. Truth and integrity have such a high resonance that others will feel your honesty and respond accordingly. You will also have the courage and power to protect those who are vulnerable.

Work with a cosmic sapphire: Breathe in and out of your throat chakra. Ask Archangel Michael to place a cosmic sapphire there. See your unicorn illuminate it with beautiful love. Sense the cosmic sapphire growing bigger until you are inside it. You can speak or act with honor, courage and truth. Visualize yourself doing so. Picture a positive outcome beyond your greatest expectation.

Affirmation: ‘I trust in God and in myself.’

ONENESS: Look for the common humanity. Invoke Lemurian light.

This card is a reminder that we are all part of the divine. In essence we are one huge entity. Source is the ocean of love and we are all droplets of it. Each droplet, even when it is on a journey of individual experiences, remains part of the ocean and seeks ways to return to it.

When this card appears, your unicorn guidance is to look for the common humanity in everyone. Our breath is our connection to Source and all humans and animals breathe. Our hearts all beat. We are all born vulnerable. We all look for love and happiness. Whether rich of poor, boss or worker, healthy or sick, we are all Source energy seeking to learn. Whatever religion, race or culture we are experiencing, we are all droplets on our way back to the ocean of love. Hold this in your heart and be compassionate to all. Seek the divine thread that connects us all.

Reach out to someone today. A smile, a word, any form of connection with a stranger strengthens the bonds. When you have linked with unicorns and they are working through you, the energy of love is even stronger. This accelerates your own journey back to Source.

Lemurians were a high-frequency force that spread love, light and healing wherever it was needed. They worked closely with unicorns and absolutely understood Oneness. Ask Lemurian and unicorn energy to touch your heart with Oneness and see humans worldwide holding hands.

Experience Oneness: Sit or stand in a public place. Ask your unicorn to touch your heart. Feel this special love in your heart. Send a ray of it out to a stranger. Mentally say, ‘We are One.’ See everyone connected in a cosmic web of love.

Affirmation: ‘I am One with everyone.’

REFRESHING OASIS: Nurture yourself. Gather your strength.

This card suggests you need to rest, relax and look after yourself. It is during moments of refreshment and peace that you can re-energize at a cellular level. So, how can you best nurture yourself? Do you need a long soak in a scented bath, a massage, a walk in restorative nature or a good holiday? What food and liquid does your body need? How can you bring yourself into equilibrium?

An oasis is a safe refuge from the outside world. It is a space in which to contemplate and reassess your life and to rest and gather strength for the next part of your trip. So, your guidance now is to take yourself into your inner cave of calm and tranquility.

Whether you allocate an hour or a week to looking after yourself, spend some time fulfilling your physical and emotional needs. Your unicorn is recommend-ing that you decide what is right for you and act on that decision. Treat yourself to something that is good for you or fills you with joy. This card heralds down-time for you. Switch your mind off in the silence.

Then harness the resources you have to help you on your way. Many beings, spiritual or physical, have brought you to this point. It is important to thank them to assist you on the next leg of your journey.

Refresh yourself: Close your eyes and find yourself in a lush oasis. Be aware of the trees, the green grass and the pools of water. Your unicorn pours soothing, healing, refreshing energy over you. Take as long as you need to rest deeply. Consider how you can best nurture yourself. When you open your eyes, schedule time for yourself.

Affirmation: ‘I nurture and refresh myself.’

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