Sacred Mothers & Goddesses 8/23/2022

WHITE TARA: Life Force, Health and Longevity

Goddess White Tara, the Indo-Tibetan deity whose name means “star”, is one of the twenty-one Taras. She was born from a tear of compassion shed by Avalo-kiteshvara, the male incarnation of the goddess Quan Yin.

White Tara is associated with healing, longevity, and life force (prana, qi, kundalini in other cultures). She purifies body and spirit to help remove obstacles in life. She protects against stress, bad karma, and other negative influences on health.

White Tara’s Message: Life energy is the inner power that connects you to all that is magical and spiritual. It is your own cosmic energy and divine spirit. It is your umbilical cord to your Spirit and your higher self. When it is stagnant your vitality, passion, and manifestations become stuck, affecting your happiness and your path to becoming all you are meant to be.

You have the potential to be empowered in all aspects of your physical and mental wellbeing. If you focus on taking responsibility for your health, you will have the potential for increased life energy and longevity. If you currently have health challenges, White Tara’s presence says you will soon break through them. Nourish your body with rest and healthy food and have faith that they are purifying your body.

Call on White Tara: If you are stressed about a medical condition – yours or a loved one’s; to seek intuitive guidance on healing modalities; for help with anxiety, panic attacks, addictions, post-traumatic stress disorder, or other medical health challenges; to help you create a different story about your physical and mental health; to increase and strengthen your vitality; to help you stay in the flow and connected to your life purpose.

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HECATE: Magick and Crossroads

The Greek goddess Hecate is a protectress against evil spirits and a bringer of the light to guide you through the darkness. She is also a bringer of the dark when needed, as a goddess who will exact vengeance upon those who harm the people she protects. As a friend to Persephone, the Queen of the Underworld, Hecate is allowed to go to and from the Underworld while Persephone spends her months there with Hades. Thus, Hecate acts as a guide to and an intermediary with the Underworld. She rules over dark passages in life, especially those that leave us at transformative crossroads.

Hecate is the keeper of wisdom, teacher of the wise, and guardian of those rejected or abandoned by society. She presides over magick, ritual, prophetic vision, childbirth, death and the secrets of regeneration. She is a triple goddess who is generous with her powerful gifts of maiden energy, motherly guidance and crone wisdom. She holds the powerful energy of the new moon for transition as well as the energy of the full moon for release. She is an independent goddess who, like her cousin Artemis, was unwilling to marry.

Hecate’s Message: Have the courage to step into the new and unknown. Know that you have the power to co-create with me and that all is happening at the prefect time for your journey. Light and clarity will be provided to enable you to take the next step.

Let go of the idea that there are “wrong” or “right” choices or that everything is “black and white.” Trust your choices. You are enough. Do not fear change. Remember that crossroads are a source of constant growth. Develop and use your skills of divination and intuition.

Call on Hecate: If you have been neglected, oppressed, or bullied; to work with magick spells; when you must make difficult decisions; for help communicating with loved ones who have crossed over.

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GAIA: Evolution

In Greek mythology, Gaia is the Mother Goddess – a living being, ever expanding. She presides over the earth and the heavens and is the ancestral mother of all life, including the gods and goddesses themselves. She is both mother and wife of Uranus, Father Sky. She is the creator of the universe. She is the substance of our own bodies, as ours are the substance of hers. She is the ultimate, the beginning and the end.

Gaia’s Message: The universe is in constant evolution, and you are part of a bigger story than you can envision. Be proactive in your life experience. Be inquisitive; look further than the eye can see. You are evolving each day in a process of spiritual expansion.

Learn to use your energy to do what you need to do in the world. Spend time with the earth, the sun, the moon, and the stars. Celebrate each moon cycle and each season. Pay homage to stars and planets that surround you. Pay attention to astrological signs and the weather. Remember, you are one with the universe. Learn to overcome the illusion of limits to truly see that the universe is, at its core, pure energy. You are here to learn how to harness this unlimited supply of energy, to create and grow into eternity.

Use the powerful energy of gratitude to change the energetic environment around you. Surround yourself with energy, people, and objects that attract more of what you’re in alignment with. Always be in motion; don’t stay stagnant in your plans. Work to move steadily but gently in the direction you want to go.

Call on Gaia: For help in harnessing your energy for manifesting; for anything to do with astrology, aliens, sacred geometry, and other mysteries of the universe; when you are struggling to make a choice; when you have something in mind and you are eager to create – commit it to Gaia, and she will help you carry your project to completion.

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