Dragon Oracle 8/21/2022

ARCHANGEL GABRIEL’S DRAGON: Brings Purification. Self-discipline will speed ascension and bring joy. You can carry Archangel Gabriel’s diamond.

Fifth-dimensional diamond white dragons serve Archangel Gabriel, the mighty pure white angel of clarity, joy and hope. When we are ready to connect more deeply to him, his dragons shine their crystal light into our energy fields and physical body, allowing deep cleansing and purification to take place. They light up our true essence and we become transparent to the spiritual world. This means that all the lower energies that have not been released from our auric field become visible. So it is important to forgive, love and respect ourselves and others so that our aura becomes totally clear. Then the dragons will rejoice, for we are ready to walk the diamond ascension path. They will lead the way, clearing and energizing our sparkling new high-frequency journey, and bring us clarity, hope and joy, so that Archangel Garbriel, with his diamond wings, can over light us.

Guidance: Receiving this card implies you are expected to co-operate with Archangel Gabriel’s diamond-white dragons, using self-examination and self-discipline to accelerate your ascension. The dragons can then illuminate you internally with happiness, clarity and higher expectation. You will become a shining beacon and will automatically radiate light that shows others the way. You will have earned the right to be a walking master. You will carry in your fields the glorious light of Archangel Gabriel’s Cosmic Diamond, which is a life-transforming ascension tool. The diamond-white dragons will swirl and dance around you, ensuring that the glittering, shimmering Cosmic Diamond stays securely in place over your energy fields. It will protect your aura and fill you with joy, purity and bliss.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

GOLDEN ATLANTEAN DRAGON: Helps you remember the wisdom of Golden Atlantis. Awaken. Bring back your knowledge, gifts and talents. Reclaim your mastery.

Seventh-dimensional Golden Atlantean dragons hold the keys and codes of the awesome wisdom of Golden Atlantis. The Golden Era of Atlantis lasted for 1,500 years and during this time the people lived in harmony and happiness at the upper level of the fifth dimension. Human, animals and the land itself radiated a golden aura and everyone enjoyed the Great Crystal held in the temple of Poseidon, which was the power source for the civilization. The awesome spiritual technology of Atlantis was activated by crystals and mind control.

When we are ready to bring back our innate Atlantean knowledge and wisdom, Golden Atlantean dragons will come to us and reactivate the gifts and talents and information held within our DNA.

Guidance: This card invites you to activate your own personal fifth-dimensional blueprint, for it contains the light of the incredible era of Golden Atlantis. The Golden Atlantean dragon who has come to you now worked directly with all the great masters of Atlantis during the halcyon days and remembers exactly who you truly are.

Prepare to reclaim your mastery. You are ready to dissolve the final veils of Amnesia and your dragon will assist you to do so. Ask it to breathe its golden fire into your third eye so that the final clearance and awakening can take place. Your dragon will then remain with you and shine light into you as you prepare to stand in your power as an Atlantean master.

***** ***** ***** ***** ******

SILVER LUNAR DRAGON: Bathes you in divine feminine light. Come into balance and practice peace, harmony and co-operation. Expand your causal chakra.

The moon is a portal through which divine feminine light pours onto Earth. It bathes the planet and more specifically connects to our causal chakra and helps to activate it. Recently, seventh-dimensional silver lunar dragons have been able to access this portal and stream into our dimension, particularly when the moon is full. They carry divine feminine light in their energy fields and their mission is to touch us with it to prepare for the golden future.

For 10,000 years we have been influenced by the masculine. However, in the new Golden Age, the feminine qualities of peace, harmony, equality, co-operation, love, unity, and wisdom must harmonize with the masculine. So silver lunar dragons are very dynamic now, because they are actively bringing about the balance of yin-yang energy on the planet.

As these shimmering dragons touch our causal chakra and enable it to expand, unicorns are able to use the illuminated chakra as a portal to enter the Earth and assist our ascension. In this way, the silver lunar dragons serve us and we serve the planet.

Guidance: This card suggests that you call on the silver lunar dragons to bathe you in their energy and that you practice peace, harmony, equality, co-operation, love, unity and wisdom in your daily life. A lunar dragon will be close by, helping and supporting you. As you are bringing yourself into balance, you are doing your part to bring the planet into equilibrium.

Visualize your causal chakra as your own personal moon. The silver lunar dragons will touch and expand it until the frequency is high enough to allow pure white unicorns to step through it.

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