Beyond Lemuria Oracle 8/17/2022

RADICAL EXPANSION: Living and loving at full capacity, being unapologetically you, self-expression, boldness, having a voice, taking up space, expansion, empowerment, owning your true power, being visible in the world, having fun with your magnificence, letting go of judgement, creative exploration, radical ways of being.

What would it be like to live, love and feel at full capacity? Do you imagine what it would be like? This card is about being truly and unapologetically you. The gifts you think are too bold for this world and those heartfelt experiences you believe you should hold back on, might just light someone up! The physical self-expression that you dull down so you fit in and those dreams that seem too vast could be precisely what the world is waiting for.

Do you feel you have the right to take up space? Our auras can expand manifold, but we often choose to keep them tight to our bodies – maybe for safety! But what is this construct in which we have imprisoned ourselves? Where does this subtle (or not so subtle) shame come from? Why not dance our most beautiful dance, dress in a way that makes us feel magnificent and sing, so our voices are heard?

Considering the paradigm of our judgement in others can help us expand into authentic expression. We may not be aware of the thoughts that were imprinted in us from a young age, through our parents, teachers, society and the media. Separation and limitation begin with your beliefs around what is acceptable and what is not. Connection and possibility come through owning your power and embracing your responsibility to be more visible in the world – not to shy away from life!

It is time for radical ways of being and thinking and you can start by granting yourself the freedom and creativity to be you. Having a voice is essential for power to shift back to individuals and communities outside of prescribed normality. It is time to unleash your inner rainbow dragon and unapologetically claim your heart-based empowerment and radiantly unconventional gifts and have fun with it.

Guidance: It is time for expansion. You can be as big as your energy wants to be. Stop and consider anything that is holding you back. This card is the permission slip that allows you to let go of limiting stories and take up all the space you need. Have fun unleashing who you are. As bold and radical as some of your ideas or offerings might be, who is to say they are not what the world is waiting for, what the world wants! Take note of any judgement of authentic expression, towards yourself or others. Be mindful that creatively exploring unrefined expression may be what is needed right now. Remember to center yourself in your heart and be the masterpiece your soul always wanted you to be.

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STEPPING THROUGH: Follow your heart, dream big, stepping through something that has been holding you back, the threshold, starting new projects, self-belief, it is all possible, the road less traveled, trust.

Step up and step up to all those dreams or projects you have been putting off. Now is the time to start, even if it’s just one small element of the bigger picture. Although ‘just do it’ has been coined by a commercial brand, it is a fundamental mantra. We will always have myriad reason why today isn’t the day but remember: Opportunity dances with those already on the dance floor.

When you start something, talk about it, take consistent steps to actualize it, and you will see it take on a momentum of its own. The right people, places and opportunities will magnetize, and it will start to come together. Don’t be afraid to fail. The success we see around us has come from perseverance. Falling and getting back up again is part of the journey. Focus your energies and commit to seeing your vision become a reality. You are human, so set reasonable expectations, and know that when you apply yourself, you can make amazing things happen. Buidling a dream can seem overwhelming, but if you break it down and make a plan, you will gracefully find a way through.

You might be able to manage most aspects of a project and it is great to have an incentive to learn more skills, but it doesn’t mean you need to do it on your own. Whatever you are aiming to achieve, there are people out there with the tools, skill and energy you may be missing. Look at the bigger picture and delegate. A mentor, people on a similar journey or an accountability buddy can be wonderful supporters and allies.

Following your dreams is fulfilling and empowering, but as it is often a path less traveled, you may need to plot your own course or invent a way through. Also, consider what kind of lifestyle you would like and know this may change and evolve as you do.

Guidance: The time is now. No more excuses or tomorrows. Whatever you have been putting off, the universe is now pushing you to make it happen. You may feel a little outside your comfort zone, but that is where the magic happens. Take a leap! Combine your intuition with a plan of action. Break it down and trust that the puzzle will come together, piece by piece, through the courageous act of making a start.

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ENDLESS OPPORTUNITIES: Decision-making, choice, crossroads, unrealized opportunities, taking the path of least resistance, heart over mind, direction, focused energy, the high road or the low road.

Decisions, decisions, options and opportunities. It’s wonderful that we have the freedom to choose but times of indecision can be so hard and almost suffocating. The more we use our minds to battle the pros and cons, the more we move out of our hearts. Often the best way forward is to step back and do what it takes to get out of your head and into your body so your ‘gut feeling’ can guide the way.

When making a choice, you may consider anything that doesn’t feel like a total yes as a total no. Perhaps none of the apparent options are right? Or, any choice could be the right one, if you wholeheartedly pick a direction and give it your best shot. When faced with a decision, check where your integrity lies. Peel back the layers to see where you are making your choices from. Are you choosing fear-based survival or a place of love?

A choice founded in love can make you feel light, excited, passionate and give you butterflies. It might be a little scary, but in a good way. It might not make sense to your mind. It may seem out of your comfort zone or undermine logic. The low road can look like the safest, easiest path. It may avoid or lessen immediate pain and confrontation, but it will be long, winding and exhausting. The high road might look perturbing, but it will cut through old stories and lead directly to the heart for growth and transformation.

When you choose to step forward boldly, it takes courage, but you will discover a place of trust. Rather than staying small, hiding or running away, you will expand and open yourself to growth. This is where magic happens and synchronicities you could never have imagined land in your lap. But first, you have to step into the unknown and let your heart guide you.

What if everything you wanted was right there in front of you? Make the important decision to let go of outdated limitations. What could be the worst that happens? Reach for what you want and know it is closer than you realize.

Guidance: You have options and opportunities you may not have realized. The Universe wants to give you what you want. It’s all there, so reach out and wholeheartedly choose it. While you sit on the fence, your experiences are diluted or confusing. We live in a time of choices. Sometimes reason and limitation direct are choices, and we feel unfulfilled as a result. Choose life from a place of heart, compassion, and integrity, and you can’t go wrong.

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